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personality traits for choosing gifts for scorpio

Scorpio Gift Ideas | The Ultimate Gift Guide To Make A Scorpio Happy

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Scorpio season is here. And if you got a special person in your life born under the Scorpio zodiac sign (October 24 and November 22), this is definitely the ULTIMATE gift guide for you! Read on to find out the perfect gift ideas that resonate the complex nature of the Scorpio.

Warning: this is going to be long since I am super familiar with Scorpio characteristics. Moreover Scorpios and Tauruses get on well, scary excellent!

There’s much to be said about Scorpio personality. But here I’ll focus on those characteristics, that will give you hints  for fresh and thoughtful Scorpio zodiac gift ideas. Because both Scorpio men and women enjoy receiving gifts!

Scorpios are volcano of raging passions. Love, passion, jealousy, affection, greed, rage in one really delicate mixture of highly intense emotions and feelings. As a matter of fact, I’ve always wondered why Scorpio is a water sign. Because if there’s a sign, as passionate as fire, here is it, The Scorpio.


Scorpios nature is one of the most contradictory of the whole Zodiac. The duality in their personality is fascinating. They can be the best and the worst at the same time. But always true to themselves and their intuition; always intense about almost everything in this world and beyond. Scorpio is provocative. You may love them or hate them, but you got an opinion on Scorpio, for sure.

If you know at least one Scorpio well, that means one thing only – this Scorpio is either your best-est friend, or your worst enemy. Even if they seem exactly the same in both situations – cold and uncaring. But under their hard shell surface, they could be extremely loving, loyal and passionate, or furious and ready to hit with their poisonous sting. As you may notice – there’s no in between; there are no shades of gray; the world is black or white. And they are quite enough for the ultimate-in-their-judgments minimalist Scorpios soul. Either… or… Period.

Scorpios are super intuitive, but secretive. Their true feelings run so deep, but they keep their emotions hidden. They are super suspicious and not easily trusting, but love uncovering things under the surface. They hate being told how to speak and act, but love controlling, possessing and manipulating.

Combined with their strong determination, loyalty and painful honesty, Scorpios make great leaders. And the human history proves this. Just check some of the names born under this mysterious and passionate Zodiac sign: Lomonosov, Ludwig XVIII, Voltaire, Marie Curie, Carl Sagan, Pablo Picasso, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Prince Charles, Marie Antoinette, Bill Gates, Indira Ghandi, Martin Luther, Hillary Clinton, etc.


When it comes to gifts, things always turn tricky. You may never be sure if your choice would be a big time hit, or a poor mistake. That’s why knowing Scorpio personality traits will help you keep your relationship in good condition. Because if there’s something in this world that Scorpios adore, this is being given a gift. But not an ordinary one. Hell, no!

This mysterious, deep, attractive, and EXTREMELY sexual sign will appreciate the real gift that goes far beyond the cliché of the ordinary ideas that most often occur around the Christmas holidays, the time of their birthdays. You will impress them with something original, ultimately even extravagant, even pretentious, fully satisfying their own complexity. BUT HOW?


Let’s first get to know better Scorpio zodiac sign personality with the main zodiac traits

Scorpio Planet

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto (which is actually no longer considered a planet), Scorpio always chooses quality over quantity. Pluto is a symbol of both secrets and transformation. However, keep in mind that Scorpios are extremely intuitive and perceptive, so make sure your gift is well thought out and high quality.

Scorpio Motto: “I desire” And they know exactly what they wish for

Scorpio Energy:

According to astrologists, there are two polarities that rule all the Zodiac signs. These are sometimes referred to as female/male, negative/positive, receptive/active. Or also Yin & Yang. Scorpio has Yin energy, known as feminine energy. Understandable.

Scorpio Quality:

For those of you who don’t know much about astrology, the qualities, also called “modalities” of behavior, indicate how people respond to different stimuli. Especially how they act when under tension. There are three qualities: CardinalFixed, and Mutable. Scorpio is a fixed Sign, with quite a passive, yet determined and self-contained activity.

Scorpio Element: 

The element of a zodiac sign reveals the basic temperament of the sign. I relate Scorpio more to fire so I’ve always wondered why Scorpio element is actually the Water. The only logic for me is that Scorpio has an exceptional sensitiveness and the ability to “absorb” energies. Because of their Zodiac element, it is good for Scorpios to pamper themselves with hot bubbly baths, drink plenty of water and even live near water.

Something to cool their emotions down is a piece of art with calm waters, boats and beaches. Or just relaxing in the bath, breathing in the hot smells of scented bath bombs, essential oils or aromatherapy candles.


  • Contemporary Blue Jewel Tone Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen – check HERE
  •  Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Round Box Locker gift for Scorpio HERE
  • Wood Wick Fireside Scented Soy Candle – check HERE
  • 3D Scorpio Essential Oil Night Lamp + Cool Mist Humidifier – check HERE

Scorpio Personality

If you have ever thought that extroverts and introverts’ theory is all about how outgoing or shy we are as personalities, then sure you are wrong. Recent publications talk much about that the main difference between   introversion and extroversion actually relate to where we get our energy from. In other words – how we recharge our brains and powers.

People with introverted tendencies recharge by spending time alone, reading, meditating. On the contrary, they lose energy from being around people. They generally hate large crowds and strangers. On the other hand, extroverts gain power when socializing with other people, and get stuck when spend too much time alone.

Can you guess what kind of people  Scorpios is? Oh, yes!  Scorpios are not known to be social butterflies (like their autumnal siblings Libra and Sagittarius). Many of the Scorpios prefer living alone or at least playing the lone head of the household lead role.

Scorpio gift ideas personality introverted boss

  • I’m the boss – Wall print – check HERE
  • Funny Mug – She who must be obeyed – check HERE
  • Please Go Away I’m Introverting Coffee Mug – check HERE
  • Do Not Disturb Summer Floppy Hat – check HERE

Although sounds like the typical Scorpio, it isn’t all introversion. Because Scorpios love adventures and challenges. It may sound strange to you, but they are travelers at heart. Only prefer small groups of people, or even alone. So if you’re planning to gift them with a getaway weekend, don’t plan to make them part of big tourist group sightseeing tour or bus travels. Scorpio loves independence, comfort and lux, and would prefer to choose their own schedule, destinations, local places, and sightseeing paths. Greek Islands, Hawaii and the exotic islands generally are great options for Scorpios to escape their hectic life. What will make them cheer on is the spectacular Russia. Considering their zodiac element, Mediterranean 1st-class cruises, or exciting yacht travel would be classy enough for the fastidious Scorpio.

Lucky day: Tuesday

Scorpio’s lucky day is Tuesday, probably because this day is ruled by the planet Mars, the second planet that have influence over Scorpios. Tuesday is also symbolic of persistence, healthy aggression and completion. Tuesday zodiac signs are both the Fire Aries and the Water Scorpio. What makes Tuesday lucky for Scorpio is that the day is great to start a new project or finish a hard task, organize or declutter their office or home, start a diet, go to the gym, voice their truth. Make big decision. Or just set a big party.

Scorpio Organizational gifts

  • Eco-Friendly Desktop Organizer for note Iphone, keyboard- check HERE
  • Make Things Notebook – check HERE

Happy numbers:

The happy numbers start with 8 and then jump in period of 9. Meaning 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53 (consider these if your gift incorporates any numbers, such as the number of flowers in the bouquet)

Favorable Partnership with other Zodiac signs

Relationships with Scorpio are always complicated. They are discriminative in friendship. Possessive and jealous, but extremely loyal. There aren’t many Zodiac signs that can tame the wild Scorpio. Another water sign (Cancer, or Pisces), could bravely swim in the Scorpio’s deep waters and share the same oddities. But Scorpio’s opposite sign, the patient Taurus, might have the real key to their inner soul.

Scorpio Gemstone:

Scorpios need gemstones that douse their raging passions. These are topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, turquoise. It is good to be in combination with black opal.

scorpio gifts brith gemstones ideas

The Topaz is the November birthstone. It is associated with constancy, loyalty, faithfulness, friendship, and strength. All these sound like Scorpio. But what makes this gemstone precious for the Scorpio zodiac sign is that topaz helps them releasing the tension and balancing their fighting emotions.

Although aquamarine is considered to be The Pisces Birthstone, it is good for Scorpios, too. The word aquamarine means “sea water” (reflecting the color of the crystal). No wonder this gemstone is often used as a charm by sailors for protection while at sea. Faithfulness, courage and friendship are the symbols behind. Give Scorpios aquamarine to help them solve some awareness and communication problems.

  • Pocket Guardian Angels by Earth Therapy- check HERE
  • Aquamarine Clear Quartz Gemstone Infused Lead-free Bohemian Glass – check  HERE (right corner)

Amethyst is another perfect gemstone for Scorpios. It is a popular, but rare form of quartz.  Its name origins from the Greek word ‘amethysts, meaning non-drunk.  Ancient Greeks made cups from this purple stone and drank from them to prevent intoxicating and addiction. This is a strange connection, having in mind that Scorpios are not likely to get strong addicts and are even not so familiar with alcohol.

Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in human history, the eternal talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. It’s a stone of protection and strength, yet soothing to the touch, healing to the eye.This stone has a unique vibration that resonates with the energy of truth and honesty – two of the most identifying characteristics of every Scorpio.

Black Opal Pendant for Scorpio – check HERE

The opal is said to be “stone of the Gods” with healing powers and helping great achievements. While ancient Romans associated opal with hope and good luck, the black Opal is a stone of sexual attractiveness. Perfectly corresponds to Scorpios sexy and seductive god/goddess nature. Moreover, it is useful in balancing all chakras.

Since girls born under Scorpio sign love jewelry, it makes sense to gift them a pair of earrings  or locket set in their sun stone. (If you want to learn how to choose earrings for  a gift, just read this blog post on the topic here)

Scorpio Flowers:


All vibrant flowers could be associated to the energetic Scorpio. These are especially crimson or dark red roses, red peonies (meaning fortune and prosperity), chrysanthemum (the November birth flower that symbolizes love and deep passion), geraniums. Orchids are also their favorites. Exotics, and pretty poisons may also be of interest for the poisonous Scorpio.

Scorpio Aromas:

Scorpios prefer intense, noticeable, boudoir-inspired fragrances, meant to seduce, tease and stay remembered. Sandalwood, musk, jasmine, magnolia, orchid, vanilla, orange, spices make good choice for Scorpio. Restrain from light flowerish, lemonish and cotton candy smells.

However, the signature scent is the oriental one – warm, sensual, exotic, heavy and memorable. Even scandalous!

scorpio perfumes zodiac gifts for scorpio

It’s true that picking a fragrance could be tricky. But a perfume is always a welcome gift – if you choose it right! Here are some sensual fragrance’ suggestions for the real Scorp ladies: 

For him to try out:

Scorpio Food:

When doing my research, I found out that according to many astrologers, every zodiac sign has certain eating habits, its own specific way of preparing food and different preferences towards a certain type of food. Oh, wow! This explains so much! But what about Scorpios?

You already know that Scorpios are ruled by water. Water can’t absorb oil. Therefore, it sounds logical that all water signs, like Scorpio, should avoid oily food in their eating habits. Generally, Scorpios love intense, bitter or even extreme flavors, including things other won’t eat. They love spicy food and experimenting new dishes is a habit.

BUT the real Scorpio doesn’t really care much about cooking. When they (need to) cook, they do it fast. Not very precisely with following recipes. And not using complicated kitchen gadgets. But their skill to combine different ingredients and spices let them get excellent results and prepare yummy dishes.

scorpio gifts food

Wanderlust Decor Collection- Map of World Different Spices Design with Food Symbols – check HERE  | Spice Everything Spice Kit: 24 Magnetic Jars with Organic Spices – check HERE  | Ferrero Collection – check HERE  | personalized luxury handmade chocolate name or message – check HERE

Being also sweet tooth, they admire those of their fellows who are masters of desserts. You know, the secret of the sweet chef d’oeuvre is in the measurements and the Scorpio is not a fan of such limits. So probably would never feel tempted to try a complex dessert (or dish) or use that cooking robot you’re planning to buy for them. So better don’t. Kitchen stuff, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets won’t make them feel happy at all!

That’s not the case with eating. Scorpios love food, especially delicacies and new tastes. They would appreciate a special dinner at the new fancy restaurant or foreign cuisine dinner place. A set with kitchen herbs of the world would please their passion for spices. If not, a box of luxurious (repeat the keyword L-U-X-U-R-I-O-U-S) chocolate box or even a chocolate fountain are great alternatives. Score points for customized chocolates or marshmallows  like these!

Of all Zodiac sign, alcohol has the worst and most immediate effects on Scorpio’s look and skin. And the effect isn’t good at all. Instead of a bottle of whiskey or wine (except only for very rare and luxury one), get them something that will help them drink the necessary amount of water. This is a crucial issue for their health.Scorpio gifts drink gifts

Scorpio Colors

Dark colors. Intense colors. Fire colors.  Volcano colors. Symbolizing transformation &, giving birth. Being specific, stick to these when considering anything about Scorpio:

  • Rich dark burgundy red or maroon (matching their passionate nature),
  • Black (for their mysterious soul),
  • Turquoise (that correspond to Scorpio as a water sign),
  • Deep royal purple (spiritual color associated with royalty, lux, nature and controversy too)

Scorpio colors

Bright red helps a Scorpio feel powerful, while deep red attracts people to their magnetic aura. All Scorpios look good in black, and they love this color. It resonates with their mystic nature and dark side. All shades of purple (the royal color) are good for Scorpio, but the deep Purple help them stay even more charming and balanced than ever.

Scorpio love transformations (it’s ruled by Pluto), thus modernistic art with flowing colors would inspire them and feed their aesthetics. Moreover, Scorpios love any form of art!

Scorpio Color gift ideas

Scorpio Season: Fall/Autumn

I know that Libra light the path into autumn, but Scorpio is the one that perfectly defines this season. It’s no wonder Halloween falls during Scorpio zodiac.

Just like the graceful fall, that symbolizes change, mystery, comfort and protection, Scorpio is all about transformation. No wonder Scorpios are interested (and sometimes even obsessed) with topics like death, reproduction, regeneration, reincarnation, human mind and psyche. Continue reading for more on this topic.

Scorpio Clothing

The Scorpio would appreciate everything fashion. Just remember that Scorpios have their own style.

The real Scorp has a fascination for dark and passionate colors like all shades of red, black, dark green. The only exception is the turquoise color in summer. No need to say that their wardrobe reflects their taste. Bear this in mind if you wonder what colors to pick for your piece of clothing present.

Also, remember that the Scorpio woman is a femme fatale. She loves sex and erotica. Meaning any sex toys and erotic lingerie would be powerful gifts for seduction. But be careful how deep are your relationship when opting for lingerie. It must be classy as much as your Scorpio lady vamp is, sexy and better lacy. Her color choice varies, but think of the Scorpio colors and search for dark red, dark purple, shades of black, and even nude.  If you can’t make a decision, then gift her a lingerie gift card and let her make her own choice. Scorpio ladies tend to spend a good amount of money on lingerie so a gift like this would help her fill her collection of sexy or at least luxury bras and tongs with another classy piece.

Scorpio gifts fashion Clothes

In accordance with their minimalist taste, Scorpios wear basics most of the time, but they love adding a little wow effect with something out of the box. Here you can find more useful info ….

Another significance of their personal clothing style are all animal prints. Best preferred are leopard print and snakeskin pattern, but only as exotic touches (as embroideries, or accessories like bag, scarf or hat).

Scorpio Accessories

Scorpios search for outfits to enhance their personality. Talking about brands, Scorpio is not a blind follower. But a fashionable handbag by Chanel or a genuine Italian umbrella would be received with grace.

Since they love gifts that convey power and personality, a fine leather briefcase, wallet, purse, passport holder, clutch or shoulder bag will be enough to make them feel authority.

Though Scorpio is represented by the scorpion, they are also closely associated with snakes. For that reason, Scorpio will love a subtle snakeskin bag. Like this one.

Buy your Scorpio a dark scarf or wrap. Scorpio loves being hugged and slightly hidden from the world.

Maintaining the mystery topic, let your Scorpio hide beneath a dark wide-brimmed floppy hat.

Dark sunglasses are the ultimate way for the secretive Scorpios to feel covered up. Black frames in a quirky silhouette would add that flavor to their unique dressing style.

Scorpio accessories gift ideas


  • Handmade Designer Laptop Bag for Scorpio Women – check HERE
  • RED Snakeskin Clutch – check HERE
  • Wool Floppy Hat – check HERE
  • Women Soft Cashmere Wool Wrap – check HERE for the black one
  • Kate Spade Polarized Rectangular Sunnies – check HERE
  • DAVID JONES Black Cross Body Bag – check HERE
  • Kate Spade New York “Rain Check” Umbrella – check HERE

Scorpio Jewelry

Just have in mind that what will keep a Scorpio happy is not the material worth of a gift, but the quality. Meaning – don’t buy cheap and shoddy items – they will only irritate the aesthetic nature of the Scorpio

A personalized Scorpio locket pendant may be your first choice. Because Scorpio loves all things secretive. They’ll love stashing something that no one else will know.

jewelry gifts for Scorpio

  • Simple Rose Gold Scorpio Cuff Bracelet with Birthstone Birthday Gift for Women – check HERE 
  • Scorpio necklace –check HERE
  • kate spade new york November Topaz Pendant Necklace – check HERE 

Scorpio Make Up

I guess there’s no need to say that the best for Scorpio is a deep red or plum lipstick. Scorpio women love the vamp look, so even a trendy black lipstick would be good for their mysterious look. Due to their Zodiac sign season, incorporating fall season colors is the best, so they wear dark smoky eye makeup, black eyeliner, peach rouge and fall color palette eye make up.


  •  Swarovski Aura By Swarovski Lipstick (Limited Edition) – Crystal Burgundy color for Scorpio – check HERE
  • Real Flower Lipstick Barbie Pink Mood Color Changing Lipstick – check HERE
  • Beauty Smokey Makeup Eyeliner Stickies  (64 pair) – check HERE
  • Maybelline New York Smoky Eye Makeup Gift Set – check HERE
  • Cat Line Smoky Eyeshadow Applicators Template – check HERE
  • L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Washable Mascara FOR DRAMATIC Scorpio Look – check HERE

Scorpio Beauty


Scorpio beauty gifts

  • Crystal Compact Round Mirror – check HERE
  • Majestic Pure 24K Gold Body and Facial Scrub – check HERE
  • Stephanie Johnson Scorpio Flat Pouch– check HERE
  • Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Plus Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Crème – check HERE
  • tweexy The Original Wearable Nail Polish Holder – check HERE

Scorpio Books

Scorpio is a good reader. Thrillers and detective fiction would be a good gifting option. But to empower your gift, always search for special editions, autographed books, best sellers. Even a membership to a library may fulfill their reading hunger. Read on for more on their favorite topics.

book gifts for scorpio

{first row}

  • Bloodline (Sigma Force) by James Rollins check HERE
  • The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Own Dreams and What They Mean to You by K.O.Morgan  – check HERE
  • God’s Formula: A Novel of Ian Fleming, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Nazi Germany by James LePore – check HERE
  • Agatha Christie Collection 9 Book Set (Hercule Poirot Classic Mysteries) – check HERE

{second row}

Scorpio Bedroom 

If there’s a favorite place at home for the Scorpio people, that’s their bedrooms. This resonates to their nature –  they love sex, they love reading, they are sort of introverts, they love intimacy, they love lux. In other words – the real Scorpio is a homey who desperately needs the warmth and coziness of their own bedroom.  If lingerie isn’t the best choice for your Scorpio, then comforters make the perfect gift for all winter time occasions.

Scorpio Gifts for Bedroom

Fine goose down comforter or warm and soft throw blankets to cuddle up with, luxury satin sheets,  bamboo satin bedsheets set, fluffy pillows, satin pajama, boudoir styled night gown, stylish eyemask,  slippers – all of these matches the taste of the real Scorpio.

  • Coventry Creations Blessed Herbal – Loves Enchantment Candle – check HERE
  • Alexander Del Rossa Womens Satin Pajamas, Long Button-Down Pj Set and Mask – check HERE
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Luxurious Goose Down Comforter – check HERE
  • Cecil Joule Autumn Home Fluffy Women Slippers Soft Warm Anti Slip Flip – check HERE
  • 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set Solid Burgundy – check HERE
  • Indian Sandalwood Scented Reed Sticks Oil Diffuser Fragrances with Patchouli & Ylang-Ylang  –check HERE
  • Cotton Linen Home Decorative Throw Pillow Case  – check HERE
  • Anti Aging Sleep Mask with Copper Ion Technology by Sleep Fountaincheck HERE

Scorpio Gadgets

Along with their mysterious nature and love for secrets, Scorpio is highly interested in spy gadgets. Not all Scorpio are techie people, but a smart watch will make them feel out of the crowd and satisfy their hunger for

Stay away from kitchen gadgets and devices that Scorpio would consider as unnecessary complications – Scorpios are not lazy people and would prefer doing something on their own with a little more effort, instead of putting extra energy to get to know how a complex gadget is actually working.

A dark but glamorous Scorpio phone case would be just fine.

Scorpio Gift Cards

Scorpios are known for making money, saving money, controlling money. Why not let them be in control of their gift with a gift card. This way you’ll please their hunger for independence and freedom of choice. They can spend it whenever they like, the way they like, at their favorite store. If you add a personalized greeting card and a


Therefore the best Scorpio gift ideas are the ones that actively play into their special mystic and magnetic personality. For this reason Scoprio will enjoy gifts that stimulate the mind and arouse their senses. The topic isn’t over, so continue reading the next post to discover even more  Scorpio zodiac gift ideas for the holiday season!

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