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Upcycled DIY Gift Wrap Using Things from Around The House

by Annie@BestGiftIdea
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e recycled If you are not so talented to create awesome DIY Christmas gifts, then why not try something else to add that little personal sparkle that makes your gifts extra special? Upcycled DIY gift wrap is just an opportunity, but it is perfect for those of you who want to try something cool, easy and savvy this season, using collectibles and items from around the house. Today I am super excited to share with you exactly what kind of items and leftovers I collect. This habit helped me create some of the most charming gift wrappings and greeting cards […]
creative easy gift wrapping idea with walnut inspired by nature

Creative Gift Wrapping Using A Walnut – Simply Adorable

by Annie@BestGiftIdea
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The creative gift wrapping, especially when handmade, is a simple but elegant way to  show respect, love and affection. Making your wrapping as special as the gift itself calls for more than some astonishing wrapping paper and a ribbon. Here is one of the most adorable ideas I’ve recently tried – using a simple walnut. Wow! We all know how delicious the walnut is! We all know how good it is for the health. In fact, do you know that the Greeks called walnuts “karyon”, meaning “head,” because the shell resembles a human skull and the walnut kernel itself looks […]
10 handmade gift wrapping ideas even if not skilled

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas – Easy To Make Even If Not Skilled

by Annie@BestGiftIdea
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Gift wrapping ideas are usually spread only on big occasions like Christmas and St.Valentine. But the truth is that we all love receiving beautifully gift-wrapped boxes on every single occasion, and almost as much as we appreciate the gift itself. In a matter of fact, and according to the Gift Etiquette, the gift wrapping is as much important as the gift itself. It’s really common these days to use gift bags, bought from the local store or stationary to put the gift in. Yes, there are many of them, in different designs, for different occasions, with different messages, in various […]