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Celebrities Christmas Tree Decorations

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Did you  decorate your Christmas tree already?

How is it looking like this year? Did you pick up specific colors or made your Christmas tree decoration quite traditional?

If still planning to decorate (and not yet actually did it), here are some ideas on how celebrities’ Christmas trees look like. Feel free to get an idea or two. And don’t feel bad that you can’t afford all this luxury – rich and famous celebrities are known for going over the top when it comes to dropping money on life’s little conceits.

Just be inspired by the celebrities’ Christmas tree style and maybe bring some glam into your home.

# 1 Red & Pink Christmas Tree

O-M-G! Love the girlie look! This pink sparkly Christmas tree took my breath away ever since I saw it on I Should Be So Jazzii Blog ! Kylie explained that she’d decorated this tree herself as part of a charity initiative for ITV’s Text Santa.

christmas tree celebrities

1. Check Sparkling Pink Artificial Christmas Tree – Pink Lights
2. Check Christmas Ball Ornament Set – 24 Pieces 
3 Check Red Christmas Balls
4. Check Red Glass Miniature Christmas Trim Sets

# 2 Gold &on  Red Christmas Tree

Ok, I admit – if I was a man, I would probably first ever notice Alessandra’s endless legs. BUT I’m a woman in the Christmas mood. 🙂 And can’t  be more stunned by this (approx) 10′ gorgeous fresh tree. The Victoria’s Secret Angel knows exactly how making her LA home ready for Santa Claus!

christmas tree decoration

1/ Check 24 Christmas Balls 
2/ Check Gold Sequin Star Christmas Tree Topper 
Alessandra’s images source:fullhdpictures.com; instagram.com

# 3 Purple Christmas Tree

celebrities christmas trees

1/Check Decorative Christmas Lights  over 80% OFF
2/ Check 14 Inch  PURPLE Glitter Bow Tree Topper 
3/ Check All Green Christmas Tree Ornaments 

# 4 Snowy White

# 5 Gold, Gold, Gold

  1. # 6 Icicles Decoration

ashley tisdale christmas tree

Image source:hotbirthdays.com
1. Check LED Water Drop Solar String Lights 
2. Check 5-1/4-Inch Glass Glow-in-the-Dark Icicle Ornament Set of 24

# 7 Colorful Christmas Tree

reese witherspoon christmas

image source blogs.babycenter.com
36pcs Christmas Tree Xmas Balls Decoration Baubles 

# 8 Shiny Colors

kourtney kardashian christmas

1  Check 50 LED 16.4ft RGB Ball Lights,
2. Check Multicolor Pendant Balls Christmas Tree
 Image source: viralmozo.com

# 9 Balls & Ribbons

kevin hart christmas

Image source:knicknacker.com
1. Check 20″ x 15″ Lighted Glittery Gold Christmas Bow Decoration 
2. Check 12 Pcs Mini Christmas Ribbon Decorations
3. Check 60ct Shiny Red Christmas Ball Ornaments

# 10  Turquoise Ocean Spirit

holly madison christmas

Image source:celebrityphotos.sheknows.com
1.Check Under the Sea Tropical Teal Blue Seahorse Glass Christmas Ornament 
2.Check 10″ Turquoise Springy Star 
3.Check Vickerman 100 Count Light Set with White Wire, Mini, Teal

# 11  Gold & Turquoise Christmas

I love everything about this Christmas tree picture! Beyonce posted this heartwarming Instagram snap of her sweatie pie Blue Ivy staring at the decorated tree. The pic dated back some years ago (2014 to be precise), but this  is one of the most beautiful Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. Yes, Beyonce is known for her classy aesthetics. And her big heart around holidays too.beyonce christmas tree

1/Check 24k Gold Elephant Ornament – Clear Swarovski Crystal
2/ Check 12-pc Gold 4 inch Snowflake Christmas Ornaments
3/ Check 26 Holiday Time 2-1/4″ Christmas Bulb Ornaments (Turquoise)
4/ Check 40PC Gold Christmas Ornament Set

# 12 Fairy Pink Christmas

ariana grande christmas

1/Check Pink Chandelier Crystal Christmas Decoration 38mm, Pack of 20 (Pink) 
2/Check 100 Fairy Pink  String  Lights – 32ft

# 13 Luxury Christmas Ornaments of A Luxury Woman

celebrity christmas trees

Image source:www.tumblr.com
1. Check Swarovski Christmas Ball Ornament 
2. Check “Transparent White Swirl” Christmas Ball Ornaments/Decorations 
3. Check Glitter Snowflake

For my Christmas tree this year (2017)I picked only shiny balls this year. And a real pine. I am so thrilled! I have a ritual – I buy a new glass Christmas ornament every Christmas as I know that bringing something new for the Christmas decoration brings luck too. (according to Feng Shui and my own intuition – read more on Feng Shui Lucky objects here) Have a great Christmas (and glamorous tree)!

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