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Hello there !

Thanks for stopping by at our spot, dear people! I ’d like to give you a warm welcome to BestGiftIdea gift blog/store which aims to gather the best of everything related to making  unique, extremely  personalized (not only by putting names on the items!) and thoughtful gifts to all the special  people around.

I am Annie.  And I have a passion for making gifts to special people, shopping, creating memorable presents, sourcing unique and quality items. So the idea for the blog/store came naturally a few months ago. And now I launched it!

Many years long I had the same problem again and again – choosing a proper gifts for my family, for the special men, for friends and other people, that match perfectly their personalities and needs. It was a kind of struggle to escape from the boring and conventional solutions, and to turn even the simplest gift into something memorable just only by putting some personal touch – following the nature of the recipient, and secondly – my personal touch.

After some small thinking and decision making, I came up with a lovely range of products to show you – gift solutions for special occasions & best gift ideas for special people.

And tips that worked for me and my friends …and those that didn’t ….plus stuff I so wish I had known before and stuff that I want to share with you right now!

Enjoy browsing BestGiftIdea.net website, shopping for your family and friends, even only getting some valuable ideas and inspiration. If you have any questions (or only want to make some suggestions), please get in touch with me because:

♥   I value your feedback.

♥  I am always happy to help.

♥  I am always here to assist you.

This site will give your some great resources on gift ideas, sorted by occasions, by recipients, by types of producs. If you would like to contact me You May Do So Here.

As I have many friends, quite different as personalities and status, I can provide you many valuable advices, opinions and guides from different points of view.

Happy reading & shopping!



p.s. If you’d like to learn more about me, click here. 🙂

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