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babys 1st christmas“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” Winnie The Pooh

Babys 1st Christmas how to get prepared
Baby's first Christmas gift ideas

One member of the family more this Christmas. Sounds familiar? I remember clearly my baby 1st Christmas few years ago. The euphoria about the upcoming holiday has captured me. And all my family, too.  If you’ve been already through, you’ll know. If not, then you’ll feel it for sure.

*Edit: 2017
** This following post contains some affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my findings with you! 

Should you assign such an importance to a baby 1st Christmas? Is the baby participation so important? Read on to get the answers.

Why baby 1st Christmas is really important?

Newly parents always worry about their baby first Christmas. They try to make it special and memorable to the maximum. This fuss is inevitable. Because we are all naturally born to wish only the best and unique for our babies and for ourselves. The celebration itself is important because we build traditions and customs through it. Baking cookies, decorating the Christmas tree, listening  to Christmas carols all day long, watching Christmas movies – these are all parts of our families’ history and traditions, which are quite unique for each family. During the preparation for the holidays, the baby learns to recognize many of these Christmas time traditions, to meet Christmas characters from the books (Santa, Rudolph, etc.)

That’s why Children’s Christmas Songs and Christmas books (especially those recordable stories and 1st Christmas memory books) are a great way to create and educate the  festive mood and positive emotions.
Moreover, the holiday gives a chance for more relatives to spend time around the baby so that baby can get to know them and get used to their presence. The  first baby Christmas  is part of all the baby’s  “first” memories, although only captured on pictures.

One of the best to give a baby is a soft covered photo album. I know that this Christmas the photo album won’t be that much appreciated from the newborn (for sure), but I promise – soon after 4-6 months the baby will be thrilled while turning the photo album pages and pointing at the pictures and probably saying his first “Mama” or “Dadda”. 🙂

Why baby 1st Christmas is not so important?

Some psychologists believe that the baby 1st Christmas  is not really as important as parents think. There are several reasons. On the one hand, the child is still too young to remember OR understand anything about how they spent this first ever Christmas holiday. It is said that a baby could only notice the commotion, the shiny objects, the lights, the a difference in his life routine as a whole. But the word Christmas is still too new and unfamiliar.

On the other hand, the festive euphoria can seriously harm the baby’s mood. Noisy gatherings with family, friends, invited or unexpected guests, the stress about Christmas preparation (cooking, cleaning, rearranging, decorating could be really exhausted, especially for a new mom who doesn’t know what a silent night is…) – they all reflect more negatively on the child than you think.

Furthermore, moms think that a baby will stand still and quiet while dressing the baby the Christmas outfit. (Talking about this, better choose new and simple onesies that will be comfortable enough for the cute little bundle.)

No matter of what psychologists say, my personal bits of advice to new moms are:

  •  just do not overdo anything!
  • keep calm – nobody expects from you  the perfect Christmas party!
  • do not deprive yourself of the holiday joy!
  • get a keepsake to memorize your baby 1st ever Christmas!

There are 8 great suggestions which could be also great baby 1st Christmas gifts:

# 1 Fantasy Ornaments

1st christmas baby ornaments

1. Lenox 2015 Baby’s 1st Christmas Carriage Ornament – check HERE 
2. Baby’s First Christmas Rattle Carlton Ornament – check HERE 
3. Baby’s 1st Carousel 2015 Christmas Ornament – check HERE 
4. Lenox 2015 Disney’s Winnie the Pooh – check HERE 
5. Hallmark Disney Minnie Mouse Baby’s First Christmas 2015 Ornament – check HERE 
6. Disney Winnie the Pooh Collection Baby’s First Christmas – check HERE
7. Sophie The Giraffe Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Ball – check HERE

# 2 Cute Photo Frame Ornament

1st christms baby hanging photo frame

Hallmark Baby’s First Christmas Photo Frame Christmas Tree Ornament –  check here 
Baby’s First Christmas Photo Frame Double-Sided Ceramic Round Christmas Ornament – check here

# 3 Soft Photo Albums

1st baby christmas soft book album

1. Gund Baby’s First Christmas Photo Album – check HERE 
2. Baby’s First Christmas Photo Album and Bear Gift Set – check HERE 
3. Pop Up Brag Book, Baby’s 1st Christmas – check HERE 
4. Baby’s First Christmas Soft Photo Album – check HERE

# 4 Personalized Baby 1st Christmas Ornaments

1st christmas personalized ornaments

1.Baby’s First Christmas Ornament, Handmade Crystal Holiday Ornaments – check Here 
2.Baby’s First Christmas Ornament 2015 – Girl/Boy – FREE Personalization HERE 
3.Personalized New Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Boy – check HERE 
4.Personalized New Baby’s First Christmas Ornament – check HERE for baby girl 

# 5 Christmas Onesies

1st christmas baby onesies

1. check Baby’s Keep Calm Onesie
2. check  First Reindeer Christmas 
3. check Unisex Baby Long-sleeve Christmas Bodysuit 
4. check Christmas 2-Piece Bodysuit & Pant Set 
5. check Baby Dress Santa Claus Red Bodysuit Polka Dots Tutu Set  
6. check Baby Gift Onesie Christmas Funny Bodysuit 
7. check Don’t Stop Believing Santa Infant Creeper

# 6 Funny Christmas Onesies

1st baby christmas funny onesies

1. “All Mom Wants” check HERE  
2. Merry Christmas Diaper’s Full Baby Long Sleeve Onesie – check HERE 
3. Dear Santa Silent Night: Infant Rabbit Skins Creeper- check HERE  
4. Morning Person Baby – check HERE
5. “Santa Freaks Me Out” Red Bodysuit – check HERE 
6. “Two Front Teeth“ – check HERE 
7. “Party at My Crib”  – check HERE

# 7 Christmas Baby Stockings

# 8 1st Christmas Baby Book

1st baby christmas books

1. Hallmark’s A Very Merry Baby’s First Christmas Recordable Memory Book 
2.The Night Before Christmas Recordable Story (Hallmark) 
3. Hallmark Personalized Baby Books: Very First Christmas

See, each of these is gorgeous and matches the family new life situation. Not only a great baby 1st Christmas gift is part of an unforgettable and full of joy Christmas celebration. Paying attention to 2 more details is much more than compulsory:

  • Keep the Christmas tree high – colorful and shiny toys attract children’s curiosity, so if the tree is low, the baby can push it and get hurt.
  • Beware of flowers around Christmas – some of the potted plants are poisonous, so if you get a flower as a gift for the holidays, you better put it away from the baby.

Have an amazing, safety and a relaxing baby 1st Christmas!

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