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35 gifts for Aquarius acording to personality traits
Aquarius gift guide + brief info

When choosing gifts for Aquarius people, don’t forget about their unique and sparkling personality. Here you have it all – personality traits plus a useful gift guide with awesome suggestions (don’t expect only engraved or stamped mugs)

If you find yourself in a room with strangers and someone stands out of the crowd with a brilliant sense of humor, then chances he’s Aquarius are pretty high. And just in case you know a typical Aquarius, then you know what I mean, for sure.

Getting deeper into Aquarius soul would help us any time when we need to choose a gift, no matter of the occasion – personal or seasonal.  It is good to check the different personality traits of the Aquarian in order to select the best thoughtful gifts for Aquarius. And here you can find all about your Aquarius dazzling nature. Plus a wonderful set of gifts for Aquarius according to these characteristics  – it will definitely help you find the perfect one for your dear Aquarian!

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gifts for aquarius
** This following post contains some affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own true opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my findings with you! For more info, check Disclaimer.

So if the birthday of a dear one (friend or relative) falls anytime between the 20th of January and the 18th of February, you can easily look for an Aquarius-themed zodiac gift (and by ‘themed’ I don’t mean engraved mugs only!)

All About The Aquarius {Brief Information}

  • ELEMENT air
  • PLANET Uranus & Saturn
  • MOTTO “I can” and “I hope
  • KEYWORD independence
  • COLORS –  azure blue, blue-green, sky blue, aquamarine, beige.
  • DAY Saturday
  • GEMSTONES  sapphire blue, amethyst, pearl, and coral
  • METAL  aluminum and platinum
  • LUCKY NUMBERS 4, 8, 9, 10, 11
  • Crucial years – 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, etc. (in 7 years)
  • MARRIAGE  Leo, and Libra. 
  • RELATIONSHIPS: friendly relations with Gemini, get on well with Sagittarius
  • They LOVE freedom, thinking, organization, technology, suspense, challenge, their family, and friends
  • They HATE  lie, routine, selfishness, stubbornness, and stupidity, all that breaks his freedom
  • Advice to Aquarians: consider more before you act

Key Aquarius Characteristics That You Need To Know 

Aquarius gag gifts

1. Funny Forgetful Coffee Mug – find on Amazon  | 2.  Memory Mints Gag Gift – find on Amazon | 3. I’m forgetful Mug – find on Amazon  | 4. Key Finder – find on Amazon


Aquarians are known for being “out there” or honestly forgetful. Don’t get me wrong – they are somehow kind of organized but their chaotic mind would remain not understood by the surrounding people. For instance,  the organizational freak Libra might be really shocked by the Aquarius like an absent-minded professor behavior. Other people honestly think that the Aquarius suffer from a sort of amnesia.

I personally find Aquarians forgetfulness really charming (although it sometimes drives me insane) as it is usually excused with their ironic sense of humor. 


Aquarians are independent; they love freedom and fight for it. That’s it. Trying to tame the untamable Aquarius is as tough as to persuade the stubborn Taurus to do something he doesn’t want. Or make the Scorpio confess a victory. Almost zero success. 

So better accept their free and ambitious nature, because these characteristics help them easily achieve their goals. Their will is strong, although sometimes act thoughtlessly. But that’s only because they are dreamers!

Sociable & Friendly

 Aquarians are easy to get along with and honestly charismatic. They are always surrounded by many friends (and not only). Considered as the social butterflies in the Zodiac, they sort of ‘collect’ different types of friends and acquaintances. Moreover, they actually enjoy the variety of personalities.

Establishing a conversation with a stranger, even more on every kind of topic is fairly easy for them. They communicate with almost everybody,  even with the outsiders. But remember – the first impression counts here! Aquarians build their opinion immediately and it will be hard to be shaken in future. Although they might never demonstrate if don’t like somebody that much. They are simply too polite and extremely friendly!

Spontaneous & Wanderlust

 It’s not a problem to call an Aquarius at midnight when you need some emergency help – he’ll be there for you as soon as possible. Undoubtedly, friends play a big role in Aquarians life. So you can rely on their support and understanding.

There’s no problem to call them for a last-minute trip as well –  you’ll find them in 30 minutes right at your door, with packed luggage, ready to explore new places. Therefore, wanderlust-themed gifts for Aquarius are always a good idea for their adventure souls!

Stubborn Traditionalists

 The Aquarius sign is ruled by two different planets, Saturn and Uranus. And perhaps this is why you may be puzzled by the duality in your fellow Aquarian behavior and visions. Especially when talking about beliefs and perceptions.

Although innovative in their way of thinking, Aquarians can be quite conservative, traditional, deeply loyal, stubborn, and fixated on justice. They have the talent to understand people, instilling confidence, but always fight strongly for their beliefs – elegantly, politely, quietly and not pushy at all. This method has a strong impact on the other people. Oppositely, it’s hard to influence on them. They will never strongly disagree with you, but you will later know it by their actions.


Aquarians love music, reading, art, and history. If you count their lust for gadgets, a new Kindle would be always appreciated.

1. Fancy Faceted Ceramic & Rose Gold 2 In-Ear Headphones – find on Amazon  | 2.Kindle Paperwhite E-reader – find on Amazon  | 3. Art That Changed the World Hardcover book – find on Amazon

In addition, anything mysterious and puzzling is irresistible for them. Any brain-teasers are great for their razor-sharp mind training.

aquarius brain teaser gifts

1. Don’t Break The Bottle Wood Wine Carrier Puzzle – find on Amazon  | 2. Crystal Blue “Powers of 2” BCD & Direct Binary Clock (Silver w/Blue LEDs) – find on Amazon

And last, but the most important of their passions – space! It takes a special place in their hearts. Aquarians just love astronomy. Get them an astronomy reading stars book, a telescope, or some other gadgets that will help them learn about the universe and everything in it. A special night at a Planetarium for two will be a real hit!


 Although stuck in some outdated beliefs, Aquarians look to the future with all of the curiosity and wonder lust. They admire history. But at the same time, they look forward to the future, with all of the new technologies. Their inventive thinking helps them find different solutions to existing problems and that’s always a challenge they just can’t resist. In addition,  they love to be unique so owning the newest technology gadget is definitely one of their interests.

aquarius gift ideas

1. 3Doodler Create3D Pen – find on Amazon  | 2. Virtual Reality Glasses – find on Amazon  | 3.
Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone – find on Amazon  | 4. Bluetooth GPS Navigator – find on Amazon 


Aquarians have a razor-sharp mind. They are analytical, highly opinionated and very acute in their estimations. As an air astrological sign, they tend to be idealists, but here there comes their duality again – yet they are reasonable realists. 


 Many people find them lazy, but they are not. Actually, they are quite energetic, but they act calm, slowly, in their own rhythm and vibes. And only when they decide. But when ready to do a task, they finish it really fast.

gifts for aquarius

Image http://ukrreal.info/


Aquarians are born philanthropists; the visionaries and the dreamers of the Zodiac. Drawn to everything that will make the world a better place to live in. They believe that there’s a place for everyone under the sun. No wonder many famous reformers and progressive thinkers are Aquarius. No wonder Aquarius are great for writing rules, procedures, laws, and instructions. And opposite to their free nature, they prefer to follow such, because they respect them if believe they are fair and serve for equity.


 Aquarius have a great sense of humor and love telling stories, which always puts them in the spotlight.

As a whole, the most important still remains their independence and the fact that they love people as they are. And love being loved.  

Seducing An Aquarius  – Some Additional Traits You Must Know

Aquarians can’t stand liars, so do not even think of telling a lie. The best ways to seduce (and later keep) an Aquarius, are:

  • being honest and not playing tricky games,
  • respecting the personal space and freedom ( do not significantly tie the Aquarian down too much)
  • being a good communicator.

Of course, there are differences from person to person, and between women and men. When talking about gifts, be sure to please an Aquarian with an unexpected and original items or experiences, presented with a sense of humor. Or a sentimental one. Or the fanciest new gadget.

Gifts for Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man on your gift list is quite easy. Books and experience gifts will do a great work. Actually, anything one-of-a-kind and thoughtful will please him. Aquarius love the idea that you’ve put some effort for the gift. Try to make an impression with something special (forget about the perfumes, socks, and all predictable and conventional staff).

Try to make an impression with something special (forget about the perfumes, socks, and all predictable and conventional staff).

Aquarius is a very practical sign too so a handy tech gadget will be a hit, especially if corresponding to their lust for traveling.

aquarius gifts

1. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack – find on Amazon  | Hamilton Beach Breakfast  Maker – find on Amazon  | 3. Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron – find on Amazon

Aquarian men are also crazy about technologies, so you can trust on some cool gadgets and gizmos. They’ll be glad all about connected with technique – iPhones, notepad, digital camera, mobile phone, tablet, Kindle reader, or the Prynt case. (find more about this pretty awesome printing videos technology in this post)

game gifts for Aquarius

An Enchanted Evening – romantic game for couples on Amazon

Aquarius men also appreciate art and music. Thus, they would prefer gifts like paintings and sketches, music CDs, or classic literature as well.

Aquarius men are great lovers and very romantic gentlemen. At least it is said so.A romantic game for two is a good choice for Aquarius man. Moreover, Valentines’s Day is just around the corner….

And lastly, Aquarians love beauty and as I said above, the first impression is a big deal for them. So don’t forget to wrap the gift in a beautiful and stylish way (more points for you if it’s handmade)

 Gifts for Aquarius Women

Aquarius women are likely to appreciate gifts that are unique, thoughtful and vintage.

Individuality is the keyword when it comes to choosing gifts for Aquarius women. Unique looking clutches, ancient scarfs, an artistic jewelry or music box or simply a zodiac coffee mug are likely to find favor with Aquarian ladies. And never forget to add flowers (orchids plays best as they are the Zodiac sign flower).

Aquarius women do care much about how they look and love lux. You should be careful with beauty products and perfumes, but I recommend any of these 3 gifts for Aquarius women as they may please their aromatherapy passion:

As a whole, keep in mind the personality traits of an Aquarian to choose the perfect gifts for Aquarius man or woman. And get prepared for the next Zodiac sign on – Pisces and how to tempt them.

Did you like these Aquarius-inspired gifts? Follow me for more gift guides and zodiac goodies!

P.S. Wanna See Some of Your Favorite Aquarius?

aquarius celebrity women

Shakira, Feb 2, 1977 | Image Tumblr

Female Aquarius celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Oprah, Shakira, Geena Davis, Bridget Fonda.

aquarius celebrity man

Justin Timberlake Jan 31, 1981 | Image Playbuzz

Male Aquarius celebrities: Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, John Travolta, Elijah Wood, Axl Rose, Bob Marley, Rob Thomas, James Dean, Phil Collins.

 astrological sources:http://psychicbloggers.com, www.astrology-zodiac-signs.com

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