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Things To Do On Valentines Day | Tips on How To Express Love

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Since Valentine’s day is just knocking on the door, we all must agree that we are expecting some extra-special treatment from the dearest one; plus interesting things to happen.

If you are stuck with ideas, here are some (24 to be precise) cool things to do on Valentine’s day. Coz it’s not about the gifts, but for expressing the love and affection all day long.

If you lack ideas on the small details for the coming day, don’t panic. Here I suggest 24 things to do on Valentine’s day. And other days from the year,  by the way. Especially your anniversaries.

It’s told that this celebration is kind of “womanish”, but I am sure all human beings love receiving special treatment and being loved (even the most “unromantic” ones). Why not spend the day with some of these simple, easy, not that cheap, and quick things to do on Valentine’s day together with your sweetheart, friends or maybe with the best companion – YOURself.

** This following post contains affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my awesome findings with you! 

1. Dancing Together (or other common hobbies)

things to do on valantines day common hobby

Book in advance a dancing class lesson and take it on Valentine’s day (or evening).

As an absolute latin dance freak, I would always encourage couples to give a try on latin dances. They are passionate, beautiful and enjoyable. You could even meet new pleasant people and become friends. I could tell you much about the benefits of Latin dances  (soon in another post, I promise!), but for now remember this thing – 2-hour private lessons in salsa (for fun), rumba (for sensuality),  tango (for passion), samba (for energizing)  for couples may do a magic! And lit the sparkle (if you need this).

The chances to continue dancing lessons as a shared hobby after V-day are pretty good. And it’s proven that those kinds of ‘spent-time-together’ hobbies are healthy and refreshing for every relationship. And not only on Valentine’s day.

Why not go further? You won’t regret if you choose a Latin-themed Valentines day, I guarantee!

For example, book a tango class and make a reservation in a fancy Spanish restaurant. Or combine rumba lesson with a hot Cuban bar after that. Or after your dance lesson, take your sweetheart at home, serve a homemade cocktail (Cuba Libre is an absolute winner for its name and the caffeine that will keep you fresh and in the mood) and watch together Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

Of course, if you are 100% sure dances are not a good idea, you can always switch to something else. Like carting for example. Painting art classes. Whatever. I know you get the idea.

Because identifying same interests you share could be really really helpful and fun!

2. IOU Coupons

things to do on valentines day IOY

Present your Valentine with IOU (meaning I OWE YOU) coupons: I will make dinner; I will do the laundry; I will take care of the kids one day a month for the next year; I will clean the kitchen for a week; I will serve you breakfast in bed; I will take you out on the shopping spree; I will take you on a moonlight walk; I will… whatever make you happy. And even more, things to do together, getting more and more romantic.

Just don’t push yourself and don’t include things that would make you unhappy or uncomfortable (I don’t believe you could be such a masochist but, anyway, I am just saying…)

 3. SPA Valentine’s Day

things to do on valentines day.png pampering spa

Plan an AT-HOME spa day for your mate and share the time and joy – play some relaxing music, light up some scented candles, give each other long-lingering back rubs, make a head-to-toe body massage (apricot kernel oil is great because it is so good absorbed and don’t leave greasy areas on the skin), serve champagne and a plate of “love” food (seafood makes wonderful aphrodisiac, otherwise the classic plate includes juicy strawberries, cream, and chocolate…), invest in luxurious oils.

You can find gorgeous SPA gift baskets full with spa-treasures for an insatiable love night (or simply combine some products together).

4. Say it with music

things to do on valentines day.png say it with music

Create a playlist of songs that remind you of your sweetheart. Meaning a CD/DVD with songs that make you think of your lover.

Wrap the CD/DVD in a fancy paper or upload the playlist to his/her MP3 player. Which reminds me that a brand new Mp3 player full with all your couple’s favorite songs makes a great gift! It will be definitely appreciated. And used!

You can pick up only songs that are significant for your relationship (such as the song that was playing when you met; the first dance; the first kiss; the first …you-know-what). Also, songs with lyrics that make you think of him/her; romantic love songs you think he/she’ll love. Or maybe a selection of her/his favorite songs (upload them on a memory stick for her/his car). Why not make a wild love night selection for your hottest moment at home ( I mean, in bed)?

You see – music is generous. It always gives zillion of options. A great combination is to pick a specific song and print the lyrics as a printed art – on a mug, white tee, canvas, a photo of you two, even pillows (this is a hot trend now).

If you need some extra help with the songs selection, take ideas which songs to include in your love music playlist here or take the super cool quiz to reveal which love song best describes your relationship here.

5. A-Z Love Certificate

things to do on Valentines day a to z certificate

Create a romantic gift certificate. This kind of gift will please your partner, and they don’t need to cost anything to you. That means it is a great option if you don’t have a great budget.

The idea is to come up with characteristics and values, typical for your sweetheart’s personality. Starting from A to Z. Write them down and name the certificate The best lover in the entire world, or other best thing to being honored.

How To

Such an A-Z Love Certificate look something like this (I’ve created it for Mother’s day), but the idea remains the same.

I recommend Canva.com to create wonderful certificates and whatever you want and need. You can edit photos, add text, use fancy special effects, change backgrounds, add layers, create collages or use free layouts. And after finishing your project, you can download it in *pdf or *jpg format. Cool!

6. Love Calendar

things to do on valentines day love calender

Create a year-long calendar with photos of just the two of you. 12 photos (or themed collages) for 12 months. What’s also important is to highlight ALL THE SIGNIFICANT DAYS that you are celebrating together (and don’t want your honey to forget about!). Such as Valentine’s day, your big and small anniversaries, your birthdays, your name days, your professional holidays, all the official holidays that you can spend extra time together.

Having such a calendar would be a huge relief for him since men are not likely to remember all the dates they should!  It is even easier if you buy a big wall calendar, stick some photos in the upper part and start writing the tags)

7. Love Letter

things to do on valentines day love leter

You are going to another level with this idea for V-day. Any woman (and even man) would be thrilled to receive a sincere love letter written especially for her/him.

Simply write down all the things you love about your honey, or confide in more about the moment you fell in love with her/him. What did you think of her/him when you first met? What was your first impression? When did it cross your mind that you are in love?… How do you imagine the future? What’s hers/his cutest habit? Things like this. So you don’t need to be too serious. Or to use too pompous words.

This is an adorable thing to do for a woman on Valentine’s day. And give as a sincere gift or instead of Valentine card. We (women) tend to love reading/hearing such stuff. Knowing details. Getting deeper into someone’s soul. Just don’t be so darn honest. Stay focused on the positive things. We all know our negative sides or even if not, Valentine’s day is just not the right moment to be acknowledged of them, right?


If writing isn’t among your best skills, don’t worry – she’ll care more about the thoughts you express than your grammar and spelling. Anyway, use an online editor like Grammarly or Hemingway to proofread the text and help you get rid of all annoying spelling and grammar mistakes (you don’t want to look like a bad student, right?).  It is a good idea just before giving the letter, to ask for help a trusted friend with getting the context of your letter (except only if it’s too intimate…). What the important thing is that the idea must be clear. Especially with a love letter for a woman. Misunderstandings are always possible since we, women love to read between the lines. But misunderstandings may lead to bad sequences. So if you are not so self-confident of your letter content and word-expression skills, politely ask your bestie or sister to have a look and make sure you’re saying what you really want to say.

 [I could help you (2 friendly women on the board ) by sending the draft to main@bestgiftidea.net.

Extra tip: anyway, if you just C-A-N-T take this love letter challenge, simply rewrite a love poem – here are some great Valentine’s love poems  (or download for free the love poem print arts in this post)

8. Surprises all day (and night) long

things to do on valentines day small surprises all day

Make the entire day full of his favorite things to do: the breakfast of his dreams, the dinner of his dreams, favorite movie, his music, etc. Don’t say anything about it, surprise him all day long on Valentine’s day. And pretend you didn’t plan it.

9. Give HIM fantasies

things to do on valetines day fantasies

Place three pairs of sexy undies on the bed on Valentine’s Day morning. Don’t forget – sexy. Let him pick out which one you should wear. He will be thinking of you all Valentine’s day long, fantasizing about the things he will do to you. You know, the men’s imagination is one of your best friends 🙂

 10. It’s going to be a wonderful day!

Leave a note on your lover’s pillow expressing how special you think he/she is. Place a couple of candies, chocolates on the pillow or a single rose… all to be discovered at bedtime.

As a sequel of the above, in the morning, tuck a love note in his/ her pocket or wallet or another certain-to-be-found spot. The location must be conspicuous in order to be easily discovered during the day.

Use a bar of soap to draft a love note on your bathroom mirror. Or, if you shower first, write a love note to your sweetheart in the steam on the mirror.

11. Reasons I Love You

Write a “Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You” list and decorate it – either with a proper photo of you both or cute hearts, fruits and other stuff paper shapes (use your magazines, there are always appropriate images that you could cut off).

 12. Good food and love

things to do on valetines day food love

Skip the crowded restaurant this year. Make your own cozy Valentine’s Day dinner at home. You know they saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”. It’s true for women, too.

Guys … If you want to cook dinner, remember, she doesn’t care what you make, as long as you prepare with your bare hands. Forget about catering. Be imaginative and set a special table. Romantic tableware, rose, candles, appetizers…

That’s not all. Remember when going to fancy events, you receive a “dinner menu” put on each plate describing the dishes that are going to be served. So “steal” the idea, and do something similar. When you make that special dinner write on a card your menu (such as “Love Spaghetti Carbonara made with passion for being with you”, or  “Passion Cesar Salad a la….”). Don’t forget to give your “event” or “restaurant” a name at the top of the menu.


When you make that special dinner write on a card your menu (such as “Love Spaghetti Carbonara made with passion for being with you”, or  “Passion Cesar Salad a la….”). Don’t forget to give your special “event” or “restaurant” a name at the top of the menu. You can find thousands of ideas for Valentine’s dinner menu (I like the menus on Martha Stewart website), but have in mind the following tips:

  • Keep it simple: because the more complex the menu is, the more room there is for mistakes, right? To make your life really easy, you can roast some vegetables, or prepare pasta. Simple. And handmade.
  • Prepare a yummy dessert the day before: It’s less pressure if you do so since the Valentine dessert is quite an important stage of your dinner (you don’t want to ruin the good whole night impression and taste with a bad ending, right? Also, the feeling that it’s ready to go will make you feel calmer and more confident. Even if something got wrong with the rest of your menu, you know that the gorgeous dessert will fix everything. Smart!
  • Start early: Give your best to have everything (or at least most of the stuff) prepared before your sweetheart arrives at the door. This will give you a chance to take a shower and take on your glam look. When you open the door, you will be ready and the smell of the roast will be hanging deliciously in the air―and not on your clothes and hair.

13. Taking care of everything

things to do on valantines day get ready

Make the dinner even more special  – simply light candles or scatter rose petals from the front door to the dinner place composing a path (watch Serendipity movie – the scene with Sarah coming home to find her boyfriend Lars Hammond proposing to her). If you are not living together yet, why not surprise her at her place? And don’t forget to get dressed appropriately.

Dress up for the occasion in a special, decent, nice clothes as a real gentleman- as if you are in a 5star restaurant! Secretly pick up one of her lovely sexy dresses you’ve recently wished to see her in (you could go further and pick up the lingerie – only if you are sure she won’t get mad that you rake in her closet) and set it on the bed. When she comes in, surprised by your presence and the smell of homemade food, send her in the bedroom in order to get dressed for the special evening.

So mind the clothes. Even if you know you are at home and you won’t need them later.

14. Spicy {Just-Watching} Shopping

things to do on valetines day crazy shopping

Together on Valentine’s day, go “shopping” at a sex-toy store without spending any money. It’ll give you ideas and get you “in the mood”. Of course, if you have some extra bucks, buy something small and spicy stuff, like love-cuffs or nice erotic slings.

15. The Second First Date

What did you do on your very first date? Repeat it all. STEP BY STEP.

 16. Snuggling on the couch movie Valentine Day

things to do on valantines day snuggling on the couch

Spend a home-movie night – it maybe sounds boring, but for people who would like to cool down from the “out” nights and parties, this snuggling on the couch moments could be a treasure option. Especially when you know how this night will ends.

Why not even choose a little bit of spicy erotic movie? (not necessary 50 Shades of Grey, of course!) Or you could stick to a romantic (but not too much) comedy. Anything that you’ll both enjoy much. But still sensual. The point is to keep you awake. Coz falling asleep is the greatest threat for your wild sexy night to be ruined. Also, don’t eat too much (that’s important!). Some popcorn, soft drinks and candies  – enough and yummy enough. It’s sure to be more romantic than an evening out at the movie theater.

Also, don’t eat too much (that’s important!). Some popcorn, soft drinks, and candies  – enough as quantity and yumminess. It’s sure to be more romantic than an evening out at the movie theater.

17. Love Potion

things to do on valetines day love potion

Yep, I mentioned soft drinks above. Why not create a favorite drink together? Mix some light alcohols with a non-alcohol beverage. Just be sure to record the ingredients, so you can make the “your own love potion” drink again on Valentine’s Day year after year. What’s important for this idea? Don’t search for cocktail recipes (I know, there are thousands of such in Google). CREATE your own. By the way, everything based on champagne is elegant enough. Just try not mixing more than 3 tough spirits together with sweet liquor in order to end the night properly (and actually avoid the hangover).

18. Celebrate sparkingly

Buy two champagne flutes to purposely use on Valentine’s Day and only to annually toast your love. You could put some labels and text to personalize them even more. Th good thing is that they will remain for years, reminding you of these special moments you had on V-Day. Keep them in a visible location as a year-round reminder of how special you are to each other. (Oh, I almost forgot – drinking your Love Potion drink in your personalized flutes is a nice tradition, don’t you so?)

19. Home Picnic

things to do on valantines day home picnic

This is easy. Try to make it as cozy as possible.

Choose specialty foods, such as wine, cheese, fresh bread/dessert from a favorite bakery. Put everything in a picnic basket. Place a soft blanket on the floor (it would be great to have a warm, toasty fireplace around).

Turn off the lights and let only candles and the fire from the fireplace slightly and romantically light your faces.

Also turn off your mobile phone sound. Turn on some soft music (no lyrics or only sensual music like Barry White or Sade for example). Eat on the floor.

If you have a starry night projector, now’s the perfect moment to use it (oh, by the way, this is a super cool gift!) Make love on the floor. Enjoy your moment!

20. Balloon Galore

things to do on valantines day balloon galore

Write “I love you because …” notes and insert them into balloons. Blow up the balloons, and spread them throughout your bedroom for your Valentine to pop and capture each message. The balloons can be used to decorate all around the special dinner table, too! (from 12). And later popping them in the bedroom.

21. Capturing the moment

things to do on valantines day capturing moment

Do you love photography? Or just being pictured? Or taking pictures? Let your sweetheart knows he/she is your super top erotic model. Then give her/him the camera and let her/him take sexy pictures of you and maybe do some wild love selfies. Either way, this fun sexy photography session surely to lead to more. Make vows about the (unknown) future of the pictures. Delete them either lock them in a secret hidden file on one’s computer to which only you both have an access. For your own security, don’t go porn, you never know…

22. Love Kissing Session

Have a 20-minute kissing session and try some new ways and (the most important ) places to kiss.

23. Updating Promises

Write new “updated” wedding vows or relationship promises, both serious and humorous. Share them with each other over a glass of wine in a candlelit room. (or drinking champagne from your new own celebration champagne flutes – see 18).

In addition, you can both write your promises on small pieces of paper (split the number of the promises into halves- for you and your sweetheart). Then put the pieces (meaning promises) into balloons. Now you have the balloon galore from idea #20. Pop-up balloons during the whole night at home and read them aloud on a voice recorder turned on. Now you’ll have real proves whenever one of you complain about the promises taken.  Just remember to play this game fun and write down only hilarious and easy-to-do promises that will make you feel if not comfortable and wonderful, ok at least.

24. Get Married (or at least propose)

things to do on valantines day proposal

I won’t be pushy for this idea, but if you feel like ready for this natural next step, why not take it on Valentine’s day?

There are many ways to be creative and surprise your lover with a romantic proposal (balloon galore is a great idea to hide your big question). Or make a very special chocolate ball dessert with a ring hidden inside. Maybe place the ring at the bottom of your new flutes full of love potion drink.  And end your first date recreation asking the big question.

So propose if you are certain about your intention and your partner’s mood on this topic. Otherwise, you risk all the night to be ruined. And no matter how you choose to do it, avoid big crowds (sometimes THIS seems pushy, leaving no space for proper decision).

My own tip for Valentine’s day

Don’t nag about any of his/her personality traits that drive you crazy and any of the things he/she did for you the entire Valentine’s day! Try to extend the no-nagging effort to every day of the year as you probably know you’ll never change him/her with nagging and murmuring.

My own extra tip for Valentine’s day

Turn off your phone notifications, especially when having dinner. There’s nothing more annoying than a quick glimpse on the phone while eating (not even mentioning other activities such as chatting). Not only it is against any etiquette rules, but it’s even disrespectful and far from the romantic effect we are chasing on Valentine’s day.

Okay, I know you want to share with the rest of the world how you are spending the celebration with your honey. But who does really need this? Your social media aficionado friends (they will be probably doing exactly the same…), your ‘out-of-web’ fellows (they won’t see your posts anyway), your parents (c’mon…), your single friends (they might get upset somehow being alone at this ‘love’-day. It’s controversial but still, please don’t become obsessed with posting photos of each stage of your Valentine’s day celebration. Just stick to a few photos – maybe before-the-event wishes and preparations and how-was-yesterday photos on the next day, too. Enjoy your moment together, that’s important. I’ll quit on this topic now. I hope you get my point.

The Success

So you can see there are plenty of things to do on Valentine’ss day that costs not so much. Actually, time and effort can be even more effective than money in showing your loved one that you …love!

One simple but really thoughtful gift or experience could make miracles for your relationship. Only if you wish, you will succeed. But when succeed, you know how good things are coming. The Day is in just a few days starting from today and if you haven’t prepared yet, you have time enough to do at least one of these gorgeous and super romantic ideas on what things to do on Valentine’s day and how to express your love in an easy way.

This article is an inspiration by the coffee-table book Everlasting Matrimony: Pearls of Wisdom from Couples Married 50 Years or More” (by Sheryl Kurland)- a perfect Valentine’s Day, wedding, engagement or anniversary gift. This is an affiliate link.

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