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Gorgeous Photo Frames To Display Your Gorgeous Pictures

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gorgeous photo frames

gorgeous photo frames

gorgeous photo frames1

new home gift idea

 Christmas holidays just ended and there’s nothing left except for the good memories. It’s time now to start printing images projects and displaying them in photo frames around our homes to keep those happy moments alive.

Do you remember those times when the only way to keep our memories alive was to display them – in photo albums or photo frames? Those times when Facebook or Instagram didn’t exist?

We all take so many photos nowadays. Store them on our phones, computers, cameras. Share them on Facebook and Instagram. Thousands and thousand of pictures. It often seems that our most treasured memories never get any further than our 5″ phone screens. Although there’s nothing better than displaying our favorite pictures in gorgeous photo frames around the house.

** This following post contains some affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my findings with you! 

I admit, I’m guilty of it. I always keep planning to print photos. But it’s oh so hard to choose those that are the best. And procrastinate, although I believe there’s nothing more heart-melting than seeing happy faces of our favorite people around the house. Every single day. At least – that’s how it is for me! And since there are lots and lots of great photos (thanks to my smartphone and Fujifilm FinePix Camera), I found the best way to display great selections of my favorite family photos.

 Here are just 12 of the most creative and gorgeous photo frames to display our gorgeous photos (I cannot simply choose which one to buy for this last Christmas memories…)

#1 Sticker Photo Frames

It’s so gorgeous idea to display pictures in a stairwell (of course, if you have stairwell). And if you are on rent and not allowed to put holes in the wall, Sticker Picture photo Frames is just what you need to give any place a little personal touch. It’s easy to apply, remove and reapply. Another advantage is that you could hide some imperfections on the wall. Just mind that any texture to a wall makes them stick less well – I haven’t tried them on fabric cube walls, but I don’t have. The more you rearrange, the more will lose its stickiness.  Anyway, this picture frame is cute with its unique design.

#2 HangIt Photo Display

There are many hang-it photo displays that could be made by yourself (with some simple instructions and materials). I love this  casual, artistic way to display my favorite photos (oh, and my daughter’s artworks). Maybe I will try some DIY projects, but for now, I prefer this Photo Display that comes with 2 wooden supports, 5 twine cords and 40 wooden “clothespin” clips. Quite enough. I am in love with the look of this product! The best part? I can easily change the photos whenever I want to! In addition, the installation seems very easy (moreover, the set includes a paper guide to place your screws on the wall).  You can hang it vertically or horizontally.

# 3 Spending Time With The Family Worth Every Second Wall Display

That’s the way it is. That’s the message behind displaying photos in the shape of a clock, applying a wall decal or simply arranging favorite photos in one of these gorgeous photo frame clocks. When it comes to clocks, it’s always important to me  IF this clock makes a ticking noise? ( I just can’t sleep on such an annoying noise). Luckily, these selected here don’t – they are completely quiet and works as usual with AA batteries. No need to say that the wall decals are even quieter 😉

# 4 Photo Jewelry Box

I love the concept of having all my jewelry in just one place.  I have many earrings that whenever I want to wear a specific pair, I always lose like 5 minutes to find  both the earrings. This photo frame jewelry box is very functional and hangs on the wall like a picture in my bedroom. Opening it and seeing all my jewelry (so so many pieces…) organized and easy to choose from, is simply great. The size is perfect for any room. It makes choosing  jewelry so much easier than and every woman will be excited of having such in her boudoir.

# 5 Artistic Wall Stickers

creative photo frames

Stick – Check here

I love the design. It is so cute for every kiddo’s room. This sticker is inexpensive, especially for the size of 180 cm height x 300 cm width  (approx 118″ x 71″). This decal allows you to create the scene since everything could be arranged on your taste. It’s easy to apply even on textured walls.

# 6 DIY Hanging Paper Photo Frames Set

The Hanging Set is a great way to organize the photos you have laying around. It’s on a string, so you can hang it pretty much anywhere. It is so wonderful! It comes with 10 4″ x 6″ frames, 10 mini multi-color wooden clips, 2 hemp ropes and 6 to 8 sheets of decorative stickers. The Stickers are funny, colorful and actually help to hide some things that took aways from the pictures. Some of the stickers include animal shades, antique looking stamps, pastel pictures of Paris/London, tacky bright color shapes. It is easy to hang it using a bit of washi tape especially if you don’t want to make any holes in the wall.  It is great for college dorm rooms too!

# 7 Photo Collage

There’s not much to be said about these adorable photo frames sets that allow displaying about 10 photos. I can choose amongst tons of designs – some themed (Family, Love, Memories), other just arranged in gorgeous ways. Recently I’ve picked up these 6 collage photo frames:

photo frames collage

1/ Metal Stamped Leaf Collage Frame – check it HERE 
2/ White Wood Collage 12 Picture Frame – check it HERE
3/ The Love of a Family 8 Opening Dimensional Collage Black Picture Frame – check it HERE  
4/ “Family” Wall Hanging Collage Picture – check it HERE 
5/ Oval Collage Frame Wall Décor – check it HERE
6/ Decorative White Wood “Love” Wall Hanging Collage Picture – check it HERE 

# 8 Magnetic Collage Picture Frame  for Refrigerator

magnetic frame

Magnetic Frame – Check Here

The most difficult part here is to choose the 5 pictures for your collage. Otherwise, it’s easy as 1-2-3! There’s one “Super Strong” magnetic sheet that must be stick onto the fridge first. Then insert 5 of your favorite 4×6 photos into the easy, front loading pockets. And that’s it, you’re done! You’ve created a beautiful collage in less than a minute. SIt’s nice to keep the mess in the refrigerator organizes. Plus – your favorite photos are protected!

# 9 Hanging From the Ceiling

The concept of this mobile-clipped photos is great. Especially for nursery room, instead of the ordinary baby mobiles, babies would soon outgrow. It’s true that after only a month or two babies got bored with the expensive mobiles. So the Wee Gallery Mobile is the perfect solution since it’s great for hanging art cards, postcards, pictures of family, origami, tissue paper pom poms, ribbons. I love that I can find an endless supply of things to create and hang from this mobile. And when my  baby outgrows this, I’ll simply hang pictures for my own joy.

# 10 Anti-gravity Photo Picture Frame with LED Light

It is actually a high tech gadget that everyone finds cool and stylish. This Glovion DIY Magnetic Levitation Photo Frame is a perfect gift idea for people of all ages, especially for men. Although the photo space is quite small (4×6), this gadget still attracts lots of attention due to the LED lights and the fact that it floats itself! This Anti-gravity photo frame levitates with electromagnetic technology, levitating in mid-air!

# 11 Gridlock Photo Display

gridlock photo display

Gridlock Photo Display on Sale Now – click to check the price

I love this frame for a collage of sixteen Instagram prints. It is made of wood and looks so natural hung on the wall. Great quality. It’s a little tricky to get all the photos sized and positioned correctly.Walgreens allows you to create an album directly from Instagram which is so cool – you can upload pictures and have them printed in the desired  5×5 format. If no, my advice for positioning your photos is to use the sheet with sample images that come in the frame to layout and then using double stick tape or glue adhere your photos. Stylish!

# 12 DIY Display Travel Photo Frame

creative picture display

1. View Image on Instagram
2. Via CutCraftCreate + tutorial

It’s so wonderful idea of having pinned significant locations on a map and adding photos from different places you’ve been with family and friends! The concept is definitely one of my most favorite for DIY projects that wait on the key to start this year. But I would do it in a more stylish way – with wooden picture frames and a beautifully designed wall decal.

If you consider these wooden photo frames too expensive, you can use as substitutes washi tape or Photo Frame Removable Wall Stickers. So if you have a travel-family, never lose your tracks with such a project. It’s worth having it in your living room.

I must admit that I am taking a lot more photos than I used to when I only had regular cameras to rely on. Especially when my baby being born. Every smile, every grumpy face, each strange napping positions…. Selfies, ability to snap anything, anytime, anywhere really is a blessing as you can immortalize special moments which, when you look at them, have the power to bring back all the wonderful emotions. Instead of simply uploading them all to social media, why not brighten up your home with these incredible memories that you’ve captured on time? Photo frames are just the right way! (still!) Moreover – great gift ideas for every kind of person and for every occasion!



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