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Great cool new gadgets – the perfect gift for Christmas 2015!


cool new gadgets

Gadgets are incredible things created. Some cool new gadgets are ridiculous, some are insane, but they always attract attention.

Everybody stick to them thinking that these are revolutionary and each one is the next “must-to-have”. The main idea behind the cool new gadgets is to make life easier. Well, yes, maybe most of them really do. But others only look like smart decisions but actually spent zero efforts.

I personally have a lot of experience with the gadgets on the market. I have so many of them in here that my hubby says that Chinese economy is growing up thanks to people like me. 🙂 Anyway, through the years I’ve learned myself to recognize those gadgets and smart appliances that are brainy, really useful, impressive and interesting enough to stand the test of time. I buy them for me or for presents. And I think they are cool presents, too! I only advise you to spend a little time on reading or watching helpful information given about the geek gadgets. Like this in the following article – I’ve browsed hundreds of gadgets and I’ve chosen 10 that perfectly suits my idea for a popular and fancy gift this Christmas! Everybody agree – gadgets are cool, fancy and I love them all!

Check my 10 trendy Christmas gift gadget pick-ups for kids and adults, for men and women, for teenagers and children. For everyone’s taste and needs.

  1. 3D Printing Pen – Cool New Gadget For 3D Drawing + Arts + Crafts Printing

3d printing pen

Awesome fun, awesome results – with 3Doodler!

It’s the decade of 3D technologies. Everything goes in 3D. It’s already normal, extremely popular and exciting! This mini 3D printing pen lets you create drawings in the air in a quick and easy way. It is a pen like no other, a pen that challenges your skills and brings you to a higher level – right in the air!

Instead of using ink, the 3D printing pen heats up plastic strands which can be manipulated into 3D shapes as you draw them. So the result could be a real masterpiece as long as you have an idea what and know how to draw. What will you create with this 3D Printing Pen? Don’t worry even if you are lacking that bit of inspiration. There are plenty of templates online for you to use and copy while you go into the matter and start thinking of your own plastic works (artwork, decorations, accessories, scrapbooking, etc.)

cool new gadgets

1. 3D Printing Doodle Printer Pen in Yellow – CHECK great DISCOUNT here
2 . 3D Printing Pen with LCD v.2015 – check here
3. The Newest 3Doodler 3D 2.0 Printing pen – check HERE
Captured image by YouTube

Due to the creativity that the 3D Printing Pen prompts, it is a wonderful gift idea for children as long as they are always under full supervision at all times playing with the tool (because the pen can go really hot reaching 200°C ).

On the market, you can find different kinds of 3D printing pens, but I suggest you the best two options – the original 3Doodler and a double cheaper version 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen. The thing is that, as you might guess, the original 3Doodler has more options to work by reason of coming with more filaments (50 strands of ABS plus PLA plastic refills in 10 different colors, with over 50 additional colors to choose from). The cheaper version comes with Sample Black, Red and White filaments starter pack only to get you started and learn how to use the pen. But if you have an idea how to doodle, you can do it for hours with this starting quantity of filament. Anyway, the number of plastic strands in both sets is not quite enough. Fortunately, the extra ABS (and PLA) colors are not that expensive so you can go on with the new hobby without any worries. The tool has 2 speeds (fast and slow), but 3Doodler has extra 2 temperature settings for use with ABS and PLA refills and a quick warm-up time of about approx. 1 min. You can see this guy how actually works with 3Doodler in this video, or just take some inspiration to try and buy this great gadget.

The 3D Printing Pen is one of the cool new gadgets that are so good for a Christmas present (or for yourself)! No matter which of the suggested two versions you choose (the cheaper 3D Printing Pen or the original 3Doodler), your gift will be certainly the main attraction this Christmas. So go for it!

  1. Bear Gryll’s Ultimate Multi-Tool

geek gifts bear gryll's

The Original Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack – check DISCOUNT HERE

This is an easily pocketable tool. Bear Gryll’s multi-tool consists of 12 components, including pliers, wire cutters, a wood saw, a small flathead driver, a bottle opener, scissors, a crosshead driver, a piercer, and more. It’s designed for survival in the most extreme conditions, as shown in the Bear Gryll’s ultimate survival series. That’s why all components are locked safely and the tool is built in a tough rubberized handle that’s perfect for gripping in the elements. The multi-tool has an overall length of 6 inches and a closed length of 4 inches. The compact Tempo flashlight has an anodized aluminum body and a bright white LED light source, all powered by a single AAA battery (included in the tool). It works for up to 4 hours and the LED bulb has a life rating of 100,000 hours. You can even use the fire steel and start a fire. I may say that this gadget is not actually the greatest invention of the year but is much much better and sustainable than most of the cheaper ones available on the market. That’s why it deserves being noticed as one of the cool new gadgets for this year Christmas gift list.

If you decide on going into the deepest wild with nothing but this tool, it’s on your own responsibility- I do not encourage you since I’ve never been jeopardized to be eaten by a bear or in a grave danger to get lost in the jungle. Anyway, the Bear Gryll’s Ultimate Multitool is one of the cool new gadgets recognized as a “must-have” for the rucksack – for camping, fishing, hiking, trekking or for playing survivalist in the backyard or the near wood. Moreover, it’s a perfect gift for every man around for Christmas (even young boys – with some precautions of course). Or may become your next EDC (every day carry) item, who knows! Definitely worth money so bravely buy this multi-tool!

  1. Selfie Shutter

cool new gadgets selfie stick

Bluetooth Selfie Stick –$9.99 only

Okay, I know it’s not a great invention, but it’s definitely one of the coolest gadgets for a Christmas present. It is in the spirit of the recent years when “selfie” actually became not only an international word but won International Word of the Year 2013. The word gained momentum throughout the English-speaking world in 2013, evolving from a social media buzzword and gained even more popularity when Ellen DeGeneres orchestrated the most famous selfie ever at the Oscars (February 2014). All the celebrities go on uploading selfies here and about on their Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or Google+ accounts. Twitter even declares 2014 the year of the ‘selfie’. It became a real fancy obsession.

Well, I must say that I am not a real ‘selfie’-fan. Months after months I was fighting with myself to resist this mania to make selfies all around, avoiding the danger of turning into a selfie-geek. But finally, I gave in and took my first selfie in 2014 (quite late anyway). Now, at the end of the year, I admit that truly don’t know a person who doesn’t have at least one selfie (except for those stays out of the social networks).

selfie stick

Useful accessory for travelers – easy to use, easy to pair – wireless selfie stick

Ellen said on her Twitter “If only Bradley’s arm was longer…”. The picture could be even more awesome and fantastic and better focused! Probably. If only Ellen had this incredibly smart gadget –Wireless Bluetooth Remote Camera Shooting Shutter Monopod! It costs almost nothing, but it is in a great usage every time you want to make a picture of yourself and your gang or beloved without asking strangers to make it. It works as an extendable stick as long as 105cm, with an adjustable holder that allows random rotation of shooting angle, adjustable phone adapters that fit all phones width between 5.6-7.5 cm, wireless Bluetooth remote control. It works so easy – 1-2-3-smile! Just don’ forget to charge the Monopod. Then slip the phone to the clamp →focus yourself →push the button and the Monopod takes a picture. It’s compatible with IOS 4.0 and Android 3.0 system or above. Perfectly attaches your iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, Samsung S3 S4, Blackberry, HTC, Sony, LG, etc. The holder is strong enough so don’t worry that it may loose and drop down your precious cellphone.

Wireless Bluetooth Remote Camera Monopod is not an ordinary Christmas gift, but one of the most desired cool new gadgets this year! It is suitable for every selfie-type of person, or travelers – from the youngest to the oldest friends and relatives. Guaranteed!

Step forward and check next 3 cool new gadgets for Christmas gifts that will absolutely surprise everybody.

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