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Check out my Etsy Christmas chocolate lovers gifts guide according to the favorite type of chocolate + a handy guide to reveal the personality traits of the different chocoholics.


The Ultimate CHocolate Lovers Christmas Gift Guide
Why chocolate is the perfect Christmas gift?

Time till Christmas is ticking so fast. Which means only one thing – presents! If you’ve started the Christmas hustle about what gifts to buy, then I have a wonderful idea for you – CHOCOLATE! (The festive mood is even more exciting when there is chocolate around!) Check out these awesome Christmas (and not only!) gift ideas for the chocolate lovers according to their favorite chocolate choice!

the ultimate gift guide for people who love chocolate


gifts for chocoholics

** This following post contains some affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my awesome findings with you!
** This following post contains Etsy affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my awesome findings with you! 

Picking A Piece Out of An Assorted Box of Chocolates – A Delicious Game for The Chocolate Lover 

Super cute gift for the special chocolate girl you know

Chocoholic Felt Hat via Etsy SummerSequinsShop

The truth is very simple – everybody has a sweet tooth! I know people who are not fans of cookies, cakes, waffles and other sweet treats. But honestly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate some good chocolate every once in a while.

Did you notice that when opening a box of assorted chocolates, everybody choose a specific piece at first place?  Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint chocolate, caramel – everybody has a favorite chocolate. According to some serious psychological researches, the chocolate someone’s craving about says a ton about his personality.

Therefore, this is so much helpful to get know someone better and choose the perfect gift that matches his nature of a die-hard chocolate lover according to his favorite choco type.

But first …


(If you are like me, you are already convinced of the power of chocolate. And don’t need any specific reasons to put chocolate #1 on your Christmas Gift List. Then, skip this part. And just go down to check the best chocolate lovers gifts according to the type of chocoholic are you dealing with.)

Okay, maybe some of you may question “Why chocolate? Isn’t it too boring and obvious gift with no surprise?”.

I have tons of reasons to answer (dubious) questions like these. (And no, it is definitely not a boring gift). Here is why:

  • first of all, chocolate makes great Christmas present – since chocolate is almost mandatory for the winter holidays!
  • if all other gift ideas fail for some reason, chocolate does miracles – you can’t be wrong if buy a box of luxury Christmas edition box of chocolate candies
  •  chocolate is the gift that will help you stay on budget this Christmas (hooray!)
  • chocolate is a full of meaning Christmas gift not only for the chocolate lovers but everybody else as well
  • everything chocolate is easy for wrapping (check these gorgeous DIY- wrapping ideas)
  • chocolate puts a grin on everybody’s face (in other words – chocolate makes people happy as it is scientifically proven!)
  • chocolate is really good for health – especially for women’s health; especially dark chocolate (recent studies suggest that chocolate contains chemicals that lower the risk of cancer and heart disease).
  • there is also a huge variety of chocolate inspired gift ideas that will make everyone’s happy (I’ve found unique stuff in my favorite marketplace Etsy ! Check down below )
  • furthermore, chocolate equals LOVE and CUTENESS
  • ….

(the list is almost endless…)

So chocolate is a great gift that obviously may not last long. But it will be enjoyed while it still lasts!

Christmas & Chocolate – The Perfect Combination

chocolate christmasWhat if I tell you that people tend to buy themselves the book they wish for without waiting for a special occasion? But they won’t spend extra money on a fancy chocolate candy box despite their chocolate hunger.

This is it – everyone appreciates something that they aren’t likely to buy themselves.

And the Christmas is the exact time to extra pamper the real chocolate lovers among your peeps with some unique gifts.

Take a few minutes to really think about the person you are buying for. Then pick out chocolate candy according to their taste. And when I say chocolate gifts I don’t mean a bar of a cheap chocolate bar (bought from the local grocery) wrapped AS a gift (yuk!)

Don’t be afraid to spend some more on the chocolate gift. (When it comes to chocolate, there’s one important rule to remember – the price is a reflection of the taste and hell yeah, it’s true!). Simply go for something more exquisite, handmade, personalized, organic, classy chocolate lovers gifts.

Like chocolate candies or chocolate inspired gifts or gifts that match the exact chocolate lover’s personality.

What Does The Chocolate Choice Reveal About Personality?

gift for people who love chocolateI don’t know if I am a #chocoholic, but hey, I simply can’t resist the gentle taste of a white chocolate complemented with precise coffee flavor (yummy!); or the elegant aroma of dark chocolate combined with whiskey or liquor. Or the delicious orangettes (dried orange peels covered with dark chocolate).

Chocolate is not exactly on my mind 24/7, but I’ve found that some of the people around stay firmly on the milky way, others like the extravagant taste of dark mint chocolate or get fancy with added nuts; and a few won’t touch anything that’s less than 80% cocoa.

Here we go:

People Who Love Milk Chocolate…

are mellow, sociable and like to go with the flow. Milk chocolate lovers feel calm and confident, especially when in the limelight. When talking about love relationships, it is great to know that these all-milk-chocolate fans don’t afraid of commitment because of their truly romantic soul.

No wonder that milk chocolate lovers tend to focus on the past emotionally – after all milk chocolate is the exact type of chocolate that we all connect with our childhood. Get prepared to hear lots of “I remember when” stories.

Vintage items fit perfectly their calm, tender  and nostalgic soul. Milk chocolate inspired gifts plus a personalized present (best if related with happy past moments) or a charming vintage item all make great Christmas chocolate lovers gifts.

People Who Love White Chocolate …

are definitely creative introverts who are happy with their own companionship. But that’s not because they are grumpy or haughty; they just get inspired when being alone at home, probably reading a book in their cozy bed; they are simply self-sufficient and all the freedom and privacy they fight for make them feel empowered.

White chocolate lovers are daydreamers who believe they control their life and power to change the world through their perspectives. Some people could find them “flaky” as a first impression. Procrastinators. Lazy person. But knowing them better would change this into free-spirited artistic (sometimes chaotic) souls. And ….the life of the party (although they have only a small tribe of real friends to share everything with!).

The white chocolate lovers are very honest and fair people who don’t need much to feel happy and content ( probably a huge white chocolate bar, a pajama and a good book).

For Christmas, their favorite white chocolate could be accompanied by an inspirational quote wall art (to keep them always motivated and inspired) or a lovely daily planner 2017 (to help them keep organized all their creative and world-changing ideas).

 People Who Like Dark Chocolate …

are considered to be focused on the future rather than the past. The dark chocolate lovers are sophisticated, magnetic, classy and …sort of mysterious. When it comes to opinions, they stand on their ground and play highly opinionated (any drama queens around?).

No wonder that the rich in cocoa chocolate lovers are also energetic, strong, and serious people; just like their relationships; just like the bittersweet dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is the healthiest candy. So the smarties who love the 80+% cocoa taste tend to be health conscious. You’ll often find them arguing on healthy eating topics, convincing people passionately about the dark chocolate or red wine health benefits in comparison with all other types of candies. I guess between practicing yoga or saving the Earth, these healthy-living enthusiasts fix their sugar rates through an organic chocolate bar.

The alternative dark chocolate lovers gifts are any kind of sophisticated and classy gadgets. Or anything close to 100% organic dark chocolate.

 People Who Love Mint Chocolate …

are very independent goal-and-success-chasers who don’t afraid to stray off the beaten path. They know what they want, why they want it and how to get it! Boom!

Mint chocolate is a very special kind of chocolate. It even has its own special “Chocolate Mint Day“. Mint choco lovers are definitely special people, too.

When you first taste the extravagant mixture of fine dark chocolate and delicate peppermint flavor, you fall in love immediately. Or you hate it forever ever (like me!).

Fans of peppermint chocolate have their own vision of things and don’t just follow what other people are doing or thinking. It is curious that the mint chocolate lovers respect and even secretly admire traditions  (and being also part of them). But it’s more likely they won’t follow them strictly; won’t be the initiators. Seems like they will simply suggest 10 other ways of doing a Christmas tradition differently. (‘why not try this different….?‘ )

The mint chocolate lover would love revealing new tastes so if you wonder who would like to taste that DIY bacon-covered bar recipe you’ve just discovered on Pinterest, this is your man!

 People Who Love Caramel-Filled Chocolate …

are happy and impulsive thrill-seekers. These adrenaline junkies are typically easy-going, polite and kind. On the opposite (and surprisingly) to their adventurous and rebellious soul, they are born masters of etiquette. Understandably, this makes them the desired guest for the Christmas dinner (or any other occasion).

Caramel chocolate lovers are easily satisfied, too. So whatever fits their personality will make them feel happy (hint: C-A-R-A-M-E-L!).

If you wonder about the caramel-filled chocolate lovers gifts this Christmas, then choose a surprising set of 12 pre-made night dates pack or a handy guide on how to master new skills (better related to chocolate).

 People Who Love Nutty Chocolate…

are those who are quite old-fashioned when talking about the life virtues and perspectives. In addition, they are introspective and often too critical of themselves. Nut-chocolate lovers are likely being introverts; they have only a small circle of close friends. It’s probably because they definitely like quality over quantity (leading rule!). Which means relationships are important to them. They sometimes judge those around them too harshly.

Best quality chocolate with nuts and ‘nuts about chocolate’ gifts would be the best to satisfy their nutty personality.

People Who Love Truffles and Crème-Filled Chocolate…

are honest about their thoughts and feelings. They easily open their hearts. That’s why other people are quickly drawn to these filled-chocolate lovers. Their personality, as smooth and light as the crème which fills this kind of treats, is like a magnet for people. Especially with their fine and sometimes quirky sense of humor.

You can find a traditional assorted box of crème-filled chocolates in an original design or limited Christmas edition. A  funny gag gift would fit perfectly their nature and complete your Christmas gift for a chocolate love like this one.


The chocolate lovers around you will appreciate the time and creativity you put into finding the best chocolate gift just for them. That’s for sure! Look at specialty candy shops. There is a huge variety of handmade chocolate candies and chocolate inspired jewelry, clothing, beauty & home products, too. No matter what you choose, just don’t be afraid to spend money on the chocolate candy gift.

(Quality over quantity, remember?)

After all, the price is always a reflection of the taste and quality when it comes to chocolate lovers gifts. So don’t settle for something-less-than-the-best when you are giving it to someone you love!

(Another thing to remember!)

Happy holidays!

p.s. if you’re still on the edge, no decision yet, why not visit Etsy Editors’ Pick’s page for more zillion great gift ideas?

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