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valentines day gift of love gift ideas

Valentines Day Gift – Sharing Gifts of Love

by Annie@BestGiftIdea
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Valentines day is coming soon. It’s time for sharing gifts of love. It’s a good idea to start thinking of what valentines day gift your significant one deserves. Or you could leave it for last minute?  I definitely don’t recommend that. Read the following article to get some ideas and be prepared on time. How about the usual candies, flowers or valentines day arrangements? Or maybe look for some other cool gift that will be just as appreciated by your loved one. But FIRST, BEFORE ALL, I want to say: DEAR MEN, when preparing for Valentines day, and whatever you’re […]
cool gifts and kitchen gadgets for the kitchen lover

Unbelievable Kitchen Gadgets -Seem Silly But Handy

by Annie@BestGiftIdea
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The market is full of new gadgets, especially those for use in the kitchen. That’s the place where women spent lot of time and that’s the reason to try spent efforts. But are these kitchen gadgets so cool as they are told to be? In my opinion, some of the kitchen gadgets on the market are quite impressive and original for a gift maybe, but also shocking – and for some of them I can  struggle a lot while think of at least one reason to use them. What about you? Let me share with you my findings – and […]
thank you for being a friend or how to be a great friend

Thank You for Being a Friend

by Annie@BestGiftIdea
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Thank You for Being a Friend – that’s what I needed to say today, after having a nice coffee afternoon with my friends, exchanging heart-warming gifts and promises for the new 2015 year. But that was not all – we spent 4 hours in chatting about the last 2014 year, remembering how hard it was for every one of us, but still having some nice experience and good memories about the time spent together. We did also make plans for the future together, for the summer, for the next NewYearEve, wishing all the best for all of us. Thank you […]