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Best Non-Toy Baby Gifts I’ve Received (and I still use)

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best non-toy baby gifts
best non-toy baby gifts
best non-toy baby gifts
best non-toy baby gifts

You’ll be amazed to find that some of the best baby gifts are actually non-toys!

When in comes to baby gifts, everything is allowed. The regular choice is a piece of clothing or a toy. But sometimes we want to go further, being more creative or just be different in our choice. Those of you who want to escape from the traditional gifts, but still opting for usefulness, will be happy to find that some of the best baby gifts are actually non-toys. Here are the best non-toy baby gifts that my daughter received (and I still make use of them one way or another). I divided them into 2 main groups – general care and keepsake.

** This following post contains some affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my findings with you! 

General Care Best Non-Toy Baby Gifts:

# 1 Beaba Babycook Food Maker

beaba babycook

Beaba Baby Food Maker – check DISCOUNT HERE

This is ABSOLUTELY A MUST when talking about babies. And if you want a baby eats fresh food. I remember the first time I’ve tried to cook with a collapsible food steamer plate. Oh, it was a nightmare. And the steamed vegetables I’ve tried to cook for my baby sucked. I felt reborn the moment I’ve tested my newly received (as a gift) Beaba Babycooker.

So why cooking with Beaba is so cool (and necessary)?

First of all, it is damn fast. Also, the food tastes yummy. Next, it is clean – no mess around. Finally, it is so easy and anyone can do it. Need more reasons?

Last, but not the least, I still use it when I want to prepare some fast steamed fresh vegetables for my 3-years old kid (potato salad, smashed vegetables, tomato salsa).

As a whole, this babycooker steams the food (in just 15 minutes) and then mixes everything in a puree (in seconds).

Definitely no hesitations at all – this is the very best useful baby gift for every new mom and her baby!

# 2 Digital Baby Thermometer

best digital thermometer

The Best Digital Thermometer – Price & Reviews Here  (plus a discount!)

Every parent knows that getting the child’s temperature is the first step to knowing if it’s time for medicine or for a bigger medical intervention. And every parent knows how important is to have a proper thermometer in hand. Sometimes, getting the temperature is a struggle. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends taking a rectal temperature in infants and children under 3 as being the most accurate measurement. BUT when my daughter got 2 years old, this mission (to use a rectal thermometer) became IMPOSSIBLE (and very unpleasant for her).

I actually use the digital thermometer from the very beginning – the moment my sister-in-law (she is very experienced with child illnesses) gave it to me.

Honestly, I was skeptic. But I must admit – I love it! And I need it! Simply swiping this thermometer across my daughter’s forehead always give me an accurate body temperature reading in just seconds. No struggle, no negotiations, fast, easy, taking temperature even when my pumpkin is sleeping. Definitely another no-hesitation and among the best non-toy baby gifts.

# 3 Wireless Baby Monitor

best non-toy baby gifts

Remote Baby Monitor – click here for Price & Reviews

There are so many product decisions to make when you have a baby. Doing a proper research on baby monitors could be an agonizing task. But a necessary one. Because parents JUST NEED A GOOD BABY MONITOR. Just to feel free and calm.

Every new mom and dad NEED reassurance that the baby is safe and sound in the crib. Using a simple sound monitor could be a trap – each unregular sound makes you rush into the baby’s room, scared to death.

When you can actually SEE what’s going on, you can estimate the situation easily and more objectively and react in the right way. Turning a smartphone or a tablet into a baby monitor is such a relief! I still use it and thank my friend I’ve received it!

Additionally, it helped me raise a kid who is not afraid of staying alone in the room, being confident, falling asleep all alone from her 2nd birthday.

JUST REMEMBER: Make sure you use a  password-protected wi-fi network and always use a password as strongest as possible.

# 4 Baby Sleeping Bag

baby sleeping bag

Bag Sleeping Bag -Price & Reviews HERE

The calm sleep is one of the most important things for the baby. Although blankets and sheets are safe to use, there is a slight risk of babies wriggling under the covers in the night.

 It is claimed that baby sleeping bags can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by preventing overheating. As the baby gets older, the main benefit is that the sleeping bag prevents baby from kicking off the covers in the night.

Choosing the right baby sleeping bag depends on the age measurements and the season. Everything you need to know about baby sleeping bags you can read here . But in just few word (from my personal experience) –  stick to quality material, right size, comfortably placed zippers, easy to put on, no sleeves, hood or other additional ornaments. The baby will be just happy to fall asleep in such coziness, trust me.  Aand a happy baby means a happy mom, remember?

# 5 Comfy Bedding Set

best baby gifts

Cute Bedding Set is ALWAYS necessary – CLICK HERE for review and price

You can never be wrong if you choose a cute soft pure cotton baby bedding. Which makes it one of the best non-toy baby gifts. If you lack time for thinking and rethinking what gift to choose, why not order a comfy cotton baby bedding set ? In addition, pack it cute and be sure it will be appreciated for the next almost 3-5  (or more) years. There is an enormous variety of bedding patterns, but what the important thing is sticking to quality (100% cotton)  instead of coloring.

# 6 Baby Towel

most useful baby gift ideas

Lovely, soft and safety baby towel – check Price & Reviews HERE

The baby towel is one of the most practical baby gift ideas that comes to my mind. Since there is a great variety of towels, sometimes the choice isn’t so easy as it sounds.

Of course, not experienced people always stick to colorful towels with cute decoration. Let’s say, the truth is that the focus should be on different things because the cutest, the most beautiful and the most expensive isn’t always the best.

Baby’s skin is oh, so gentle and susceptible to irritation. Therefore, it would be better to choose antibacterial and absorbent cotton material, soft, fluffy, elastic, no odor. Be careful with the colors-  bright colors are sustainable and more likely not to fade after the first washing machine.

I personally recommend bamboo baby towels (check Ha&Da Baby bamboo towels) since they are soft and luxury. Which means great for gifts. Organic cotton is another well-known material that guarantees the best for the little bundle bath time. Also, don’t forget the hood – it is very useful part of the best baby towels.

# 7 Baby Blanket

baby gift blanket

Bigger than usual – click for price & reviews

Just like the baby towel gift idea – the baby blankets are never enough. One more is always welcome. Useful.

# 8 Toy Box Organizer

best non-toy gifts for new baby

Kids’ Store-All Unit (in the right side) – click HERE
Giantex Wooden Toy Bin Organizer – click HERE
Mickey Mouse Storage Containers – click HERE

As a new mom, I’ve never imagined that there would be so much baby stuff all around the house. And the worst thing is that the toys were getting more and more. Until I received a set of toy organizers. I confess – it was one of the weirdest baby gifts (my mother gave it to me) but very useful one (she knows, huh?).

My kid loves the toy boxes because of the colors, funny design, but mostly due to the privilege to choose alone which toys to play with. I love the toy organizer, too. Understandable. Because of the way all the toys and all the small (painful when stepping over) puzzle parts just disappeared from the floor. They stay hidden and I keep the clutter down and organization up. And if that’s not enough…I don’t know what could be….

# 9 Eating-Time Set

best baby gift ideas for practical moms

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon – check HERE  Cute Sayings Bibs – click HERE 
Winnie The Pooh Baby Bibs – click HERE

Every baby needs these. And uses a LOT of these. Almost a piece per meal. So these essentials are never redundant. It is nice to buy a set of 7 or 12 bibs. For example, for every day of the week or for each month of baby’s first year. Anyway, I love the cute bibs with funny sayings, different colors or cartoon prints.

The truth about bibs sounds like  this : smart moms rely on quality bibs rather than expensive outfits. Because newborn .. well, you know, eats, spits, vomits, drools. Especially when teething. As a conclusion,  selecting a cool set of bibs in combination with a set of baby spoons (like Munchkin) is smart of you. So go for it!

# 10 Sophie La Girafe

best non-toy baby gifts

Sophie in a box – click HERE

Sophie & Friends Gift Box – click HERE
Sophie & Book Set –  click HERE

At the time you are reading this, somewhere a baby is coating the sweet French giraffe with a thick layer of drool, chewing its neck and twisting its limbs. That’s Sophie’s destiny since 1961.

 Sophie was designed with babies in mind—there are copious places (legs, face, horns) for an infant to nibble, and the long neck is easy for a wee hand to grip. And it is one of the cutest teethers I (and millions of other parents) have ever seen.

What makes Sophie so unique? The fact that it stimulates each of the baby senses from 3 months age – hearing, touch, vision, smell, taste. Made of 100% natural rubber and natural paint (used for food), it is completely safe for chewing. Not a toy – it is a teether treasure! My practical tip: for best results in soothing the gums during teething, put Sophie in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes before giving it to the baby.

Keepsakes Best Non-Toy Baby Gifts:

# 11 Baby Journal

baby gift ideas

Gorgeous Baby Journal – click HERE for price discount & reviews

The baby journal will save the most important memories of the early days of the baby. Every mom needs this. And if you think – how the hell a mom could forget her baby firsties, trust me – she will! It is known that new moms live with…sort of amnesia (starting from the pregnancy period). S so a baby journal will do a great work. These books should be properly filled in. They actually look like DIY craft projects. There are blank spaces with corners for photos, texts gaps to be filled, stickers for dates, family tree gaps,  … There are wonderful suggestions on the market!  And you know what?  It is damn hard to pick the sweetest baby diary. Just try by clicking here ! 😉

# 12 Foot/Hand Print Display

useful baby gifts

Charming Frame Kit – click HERE for discount & reviews

The baby won’t stay tiny little bundle forever. The babies grow so quickly. Soon after the first steps, you will be stunned how quickly they change.

 Capturing the moment of transformation from infant to toddler is one of the most magical moments in parenthood. Giving the parents a charming baby hand & footprint kit will help them keep the treasured memory forever after. The baby keepsake kit features soft, pliable, air-drying, non-toxic and no-baking clay plus places for pictures and clay impression.

When I got my present almost 3 years ago, I was really excited, but I thought it would be difficult (and almost impossible) to take any prints.

The day Adriana made her first steps alone and standing, my hubby and I took out the kit. It was funny and easy DIY project that became a gorgeous-looking memento display.

# 13 Name Wire Jewel

original baby gift

Customized to any name + optional date and year – click HERE to check Price & Reviews

The name wire is an extravagant present for a girl baby. It is sort of jewelry which is rather sentimental than practical. Well, I’ve put it on my list for the best non-toy baby gifts because it can be actually used when the baby grows to a little Miss – as her first own piece of jewelry.

I’ve put Adriana’s one on the wall in her room as a nice detail of the nursery decoration. And I was surprised that she loves it! Moreover, she learned what is her name; she spells it very correctly now.

Since the name wire it made of wire (of course), never leave the kid alone with it. I assure you it is very very gentle for the baby’s hands.

# 14 Baby / Family Photo Session

best non-toy gift for newbaby

Image Credit: Megan Paige Photography – find best newborn photographers sorted by states HERE

Every young family would appreciate the professional photo session with the little bundle. If one of the parents is not a professional or amateur photographer, the chances of getting proper, artsy and beautiful capture are very low. Almost zero.

I am a proud owner of thousands of pictures since the very first moments with Adriana being just born. The pictures with the three of us (baby, dad and me) which are not blurred, ruined or bad, are no more that 100 for the 3 years of parenthood. I do really really appreciate the gift voucher we’ve received as a present. And every parent will do, too. So find the right photographer and arrange as soon as possible (preferably – no time-framing).

The gift for a new baby should be definitely nice, unique, desired, useful. But as we all know, the best gift should be a gift from the heart. With thoughts for the baby’s needs. And parents’ needs, too. If you have difficulties in selecting the (most) perfect gift for the lovely baby, you can always trust the ideas that I’ve listed here. Knowing that you will never go wrong with them. Because these are definitely the best non-toy baby gifts. You will see!

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