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year of the rooster guide

What does it mean that 2017 is the year of the Rooster? And why this New Year is considered to be one of awakening, new possibilities, and new beginnings? Keep reading to get the point and learn the lucky tips for a happy and peaceful year of the Rooster.

The New Chinese Year is coming on January 28th. And 2017 it is the year of the Rooster. Moreover, the Fire Rooster. We all know it’s good to keep a Rooster item around but do we know why is that and what’s the hidden message of the rooster?

Rooster object also makes a great gift for someone born in the Rooster year, or just as a small, meaningful totem New Year gift for a dear friend or for yourself. Understanding the symbolic meaning of this sacred animal will lead to better living as there are some important tips to follow.

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everything you need to know about the year of the rooster

Fire Roster and the Chinese Zodiac

Chinese zodiac signs are represented by 12 animals whose traits can also be seen in people born under them. Each year is related to one of these animals according to the 12-year-cycle of the Chinese calendar, as well as to one of the 5 driving elements   (Wood (木 ), Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 ), Metal (金 jīn), and Water (水 shuǐ). The Rooster is the 10th Chinese zodiac sign that gives the Rooster year some specific traits that we are all good to know (if you believe in the Chinese Zodiac …or JUST IN CASE)

The Symbolic Meaning of The Rooster

year of the roster gifts

Blank Rooster Diary – find on Amazon

The Rooster gives the year of 2017 some of the symbolic characteristics of the bird rooster (or cock as it is also called). The symbolic meanings of the Rooster are as vibrant and varied as the rooster’s plumage.

Let’s play a game – what are the first 3 words you think of ‘rooster’? I don’t know which are yours but mine are – colorful, flashy, persistent. Well, I am not far from the truth. The year of the Rooster is promising to be vivid, full of emotions and personal changes (hopefully in a positive way) as long as we are working hard, consistent and punctual (like the Rooster crowing at a dawn).

Remember – Rooster year is all about fanning out with brilliance and showing the rest of the world your shining personality. Some of the Rooster symbolic meanings are pride, honesty, vigilance, strength, flamboyance, ambition, punctuality, passion and desire to be admired and loved. Roosters are also related to eccentricity and uniqueness, lack of fear, curiosity, sexuality,  new beginnings, and energy.

The Rooster’s associated sun sign is Virgo. Virgos tend to be practical in their thinking and enjoy order and tidiness. These personality traits are very similar to those of the Roosters, as they are naturally clean and tidy birds that habitually bathe themselves and tidy up their roosts.

Rooster in The Cultures

In many cultures it is believed that by crowing at a dawn, the Rooster Spirit chases away evil spirits – this is the general understanding of the Rooster symbol. This Spirit Animal help you cleanse negativity.

The ancient Greeks considered the Rooster as a solar emblem as it hails the sun every morning with a cry, symbolizing victory over night. The Rooster is part of the Christianity as crowing three times after Peter denied Christ. Therefore, it became a symbol of vigilance against evil, and resurrection as well. According to the Chinese zodiac, The Rooster is a symbol of honesty, physical and moral bravery. Roosters are also sacred symbols in Japan. It is curious that roosters are permitted to run freely around the Shinto temples, partially due to the belief that the Rooster morning crowing gathers all Shinto followers for the morning prayer. Native Americans designate Rooster as a symbol of the sun, resurrection, and fertility, especially for men.  In meditations, the Rooster teaches self-protection and vigilance. (for more about Rooster symbolism in mythology visit this website)

Rooster Symbolic Meaning in Dreams

funny rooster

Fighting roosters | Image Heaps of Fun

Generally, Rooster in your dream means that you’ll receive significant news. And hearing a Rooster’s crowing may indicate you need a wake-up call and urge to pay attention to some issues, especially in your private life (betrayals, cheating). If you are chasing a Rooster in your dreams, then you are wasting your efforts in real life – just consider on what exactly.  Seeing a plucked Rooster indicates it is high time to reveal more of your inner space and talents and let others discover your true personality. Sick or slaughtered rooster is a sign of failures – in work, marriage. Analyzing objectively is important. Roosters fighting in a dream represent angry rivals.

The Symbol of The Fire Element

The year of the Fire Rooster is the birth year for those born in 1957 and 2017 (the step of repeatedly is 60 years which stands for 12 animals multiplied by 5 elements or 12*5=60). People born in a Fire year are born leaders. They are confident and boldly make decisions without hesitating at all. Sometimes they are overambitious and ready to pass through a fire and act aggressively just to achieve their goals. And the obstacles defy don’t scare them.

Fire people are born adventurers, who admire any kind of innovations. These people are dynamic, full of energy and always enthusiastic.

They tend to act dominantly in their relationships. This usually scares or simply make people surrender themselves and let be loved and protected by the leading Fire person.

Those born in the Year of the Fire have to work on their selfishness and ability to accept others’ opinions.

If you expect a child in 2017, be prepared to meet a proud and extravagant personality with a lot of energy that needs to find the right direction to improve their potential.

Rooster According To The Chinese Zodiac – What It Means Being a Rooster?

If someone is born in 1945,1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 & 2017, then he is a Rooster according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Those born under the sign of the Rooster are observant. They are ambitious and work hard to achieve their goals. No boundaries would stop them.  Roosters are always confident about their potential and strength.

Those born under the sign of the Rooster are active people, energetic and usually in good health. You’ll often see them engaged in more than one activity. They love being part of large groups, having fun. With their colorful nature (as colorful as the Rooster’s feathers) they will stand out of the crowd,  getting noticed with their uniqueness. Definitely, charismatic personalities and they know it! And cleverly take advantage of it!

The dark side of the those born in the year of the Rooster reveals their addiction to people’s attention and they always expect to be in the spotlight, seeking for approval and admiration. If the focus isn’t on their personality, achievements, interests, or problems, they would feel deeply affected. Luckily, whining isn’t typical for the Rooster.

2017 is the year of the Fire rooster in the Chinese horoscope. It is a symbol of new beginnings, courage, and justice, but the year is going to be tough.

 What Should A Rooster Take Into Account?

Unfortunately, the year of the Rooster for all the Roosters is going to be tough, despite all the positive expectation of the new beginnings that are on the way. It was strange to reveal it, but according to Chinese astrology, the year of one’s birth sign is the most unlucky year in the 12-year cycle. That means in the year of your sign, a fortune in all aspects of your life will not be that satisfying. Therefore, Roosters should be more careful in 2017 and stick to all Do’s and Dont’s.

*DO’s, or the Luckiest Things for the year of the Rooster sound like this:

  • Lucky numbers:5, 7, and 8, as well as numbers, consisted of them => 57, 58, 87, 85, 578, etc.
  • Lucky days: the 4th and 26th of any Chinese lunar month
  • Lucky colors: gold, brown, brownish yellow, yellow, green, especially in a powerful combination
  • Lucky flowers: gladiolus, cockscomb (tseloziya)
  • Lucky directions: south, southeast
  • Lucky months: the 2nd, 5th, and 11th Chinese lunar months.
  • Lucky season: fall
  • Lucky hours: 17:00- 19:00

*DONTs or the Things That Should Be Avoid in the Year of the Rooster

  • Unlucky color: red (Fire); white (Metal)
  • Unlucky numbers:1, 3, and 9 and numbers, consisted of them => 13, 19, 31, etc.
  • Unlucky direction: east
  • Unlucky months: the 3rd, 9th, and 12th Chinese lunar months
rooster year dos and donts

Rooster Year DOs & DONTs | Image ChinaHighights

How To Be Happy And Lucky in The Year Of The Rooster

Here are some tips on how to be happy and lucky in the year of the Fire Rooster:

  • Choose earthy colors for home interior and office to balance the energy flow. This way you’ll be more stable emotionally and pacified, too. For example, bravely choose decorations and objects in terracotta, ochre, yellow, brown, sienna colors and lace them around you.
year of the rooster in bedroom

1. American Quilt, Shams, 3 Decorative Pillows find HERE | 2. Blush Pink and Rust Golden Brown Woven Decorative Throw Pillow find HERE  | 3. Shining Solid Color Glitter Sequins Throw Pillow find HERE

  • Choose wearing gold as this is the Rooster year metal. Avoid red gemstones jewelry, such as red topaz, red ruby, Rhodochrosite – they are just too fireish for the Fire year of the Rooster.
  • Soft pastel and earth tones are best for your clothing – brown, gold and yellow awake your luck. It’s time to forget about your “Lady In Red” style. Avoid red and white – these will bring clutter, chaos and would make you feel anxious. Leopard or tiger prints, as well as animalistic shoes and accessories, are not suitable.
  • Anyway, if you are addicted to color red, there’s still a solution according to Feng- when you use red (Fire) and white (Metal), always remember to add a touch of color representing Earth (yellowocherbrown) in order to harmonize the energy.
  • Flowers that bring luck in 2017 are gladiolus and tseloziya (cockscomb), a beautiful flower, which can be planted in your garden.

    year of the rooster home

    1. Duvet Cover for Queen find HERE | 2. Hand-painted Wood Framed Oil Wall Art Blooms – find HERE | 3. Canvas Print 5 Panels Wall Art Painting Wet Gladiolus – find HERE | 4. Real Nature Leaves Handmade Night Lamp – find HERE

  • Be careful about the impressions you make; pay special attention to your appearance and manners. you have to look through the eyes of others. Your image will play a great role this year of the Rooster.
  • Clean off the house and finally get rid of all unnecessary items and clothes that are overtaking the space and energy in your home.
  • Bringing more fire in your home is crucial – decorate with beautiful candles in earthy colors and kindle them more often.
year of the rooster candleholders

1. Candle on Rope Hibiscus Tea –find HERE  | 2. Gold Crystal Tea Light Candle – find HERE  | 3. Hand-blown glass candle holders – find HERE  | 4. Himalayan Salt Crystal Decorative Lamp – find HERE  | 5. Natural Beeswax Rooster Candle – find HERE

  • Green is the color that will contribute to the warmth, harmony and good relations in the family, so put some greeny objects here and there in your house.
  • Pay special attention to how you behave with your family, friends, and colleagues; the way you speak with them. Otherwise, problems may arouse. Be more diplomatic and make compromises
  • Shades of purple bring luck this year according to Feng Shui. Amethyst and topaz are the gemstones that are considered lead to success in career.
year of the rooster lucky gemstones

1. Natural Crystals Polished Amethyst Table Lamp with Wood Base find HERE  | 2. Amethyst Glass Rooster Candy Dish find HERE  | 3. Amethyst Money Tree Bonsai Lucky Fengshui find HERE

  • It is important to rethink every move in your love relationship and not to indulge into impulsive decisions. Act more logically than emotionally.
  • Bet on dates 5, 7 and 8 when planning major events in 2017. These are also the numbers that bring more lucky chances.
  • Keep a Rooster Totem near when starting on a new task, particularly one that seems problematic. Because it only takes one Rooster to fertilize an entire barnyard of hens, Rooster spirit draws good luck, prosperity and overall health to both you and your situation or projects.
year of the rooster totem items

1. Copper Rooster Ring Holder – find HERE  | 2. Key Chain with Beige Opal Rhinestones –find HERE  | 3.24K Gold Plated Crystal Studded Gold Rooster – find HERE  | 4. Rooster with Treasure Bag for Wealth and Career Luck – find HERE  | 5. Swarovski Rooster – find HERE  | 6. Metal Sculpture Carved Iron Rooster – find HERE

  • Finally, Rooster as a Totem Animal helps you to be a potent protector who is adept at keeping negative energies and evil away with your the solar light which burns brightly in your aura.

The Great 3 Gift Tips for The Year of the Rooster To Send Luck, Success, and Happiness

#1 Give Rooster totem as a gift for almost any occasion and every person in 2017 – it will bring success and well-being to the person.

# 2  Give gold jewelry, especially when engraved with the 2017’s gemstones – agate, crystal mountain quartz and citrine. And green jade, too. This way the positive effect is even bigger because when in contact with your skin, the metal empowers your energy.

year of the rooster jewelry

1.14k Yellow Gold Green Jade Teardrop Earrings – find HERE  | 2. Square Glass Wishing Bottle Pendant Healing Crystal – find HERE  | 3. Amethyst Citrine Birthstone Jewelry Terrarium – find HERE  | 4. Clear Crystal Heart Pendant – find HERE  | 5. Crystal Wire Bangle Agate Ivory and Yellow Stones – find HERE  | 6. Green Jade and Peridot Bracelet – find HERE

# 3 Give small kitchen Rooster objects – Roosters are also considered symbols of good fortune and prosperity. It is believed that the luckiest place for a rooster to reside is in the kitchen, which is why ceramic rooster knickknacks are a popular housewarming gift.

rooster year house gifts

1. Rooster Glass Bottle Stopper –find HERE  | 2. Tea Kettle –find HERE  | 3. Hanging Rooster Plates Wall Décor – find HERE  | 4. Rooster Apron –find HERE  | 5.Chinese Zodiac Coffee – find HERE 

Roosters are the timekeepers of our world. If you are finding it challenging to keep your life in order and on track, call upon Rooster. He can help you keep your own place organized and peaceful. Especially in the Chinese Zodiac year of the Rooster.

Also, you can read your full horoscope for the year of the Rooster at TheChineseZodiac.

Other Resources: http://www.thechinesezodiac.org/http://www.whats-your-sign.comhttp://pik.bg


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