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Find the Best Valentines Gift Ideas For Him – Tips You Must Know to Find the Right Gift For Your Man! [part1]

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It can be hard to find the perfect valentines gift ideas for HIM – your significant one and the only man (at least right at this moment and this coming Valentine’s Day).

I truly believe you, girls, want to think of something that is both practical yet creative at the same time. When it comes to finding a unique gift for your loved one, you will have to think outside of the box. Men’s Valentine’s Day presents can definitely be difficult to come across, but you can make things easier by brainstorming for unique Valentine’s gifts for him that he will surely be proud of. There are so many products out there, that it’s difficult to find the right one that could make your valentine’s day even more special. Here are some tips I want to share with you on how to find the right present for him.



Well, Yes and No.

NO, because – if you know your man you can find the perfect valentine gift; even if your relationship is young you can pick up certain qualities that can help you to figure out great valentine gift ideas for guys.

And (since I realize that the above answer is far from satisfying) YES, generally because – men and women are so different in so many ways! Especially on their attitude towards this romantic day once in a year. You want to find him a gift that is so unique and romantic and cute and astonishing – something that says (with no doubts) how much you care and love him. He, on the other side, would like something that he can use (and maybe even use with you!), practical, matching his hobby or interests.

Keep reading to ease the difficult choice of purchase for your boyfriend or husband and understand the strange reasons why you should not act hysterical, if he gives you an iron for the holiday …

The key here is just ….UNDERSTANDING THE MEN’S NATURE while browsing valentines day gift ideas for him!

valentines gift ideas for him

The gift that matches his nature will make him truly happy

First of all, we (as women) are (naturally) more sensitive and romantic creatures when it comes to such an event like valentines day. Men, on the other hand, don’t care much about this celebration. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that your man doesn’t love you. It is just the men’s nature. Of course, there are some exceptions, mentioned down below (in the next post). But generally, THE RIGHT GIFT IS RARELY THE VERY ORIGINAL ONE.

The first step here is to give respect to the nature and temperament of your beloved one. Then, trying to recognize which type of man you are dealing with. You have to consider the interests and hobbies, and anything that you think is necessary. Do not look for something super mega original gift – it only has to be chosen correctly and to fit him.

THE FORMULA for suitable valentines gift ideas for him (and not only on Valentines day!) is something that:

– will surprise & delight him,

– is practical and can be used for a long time,

– will remind him of you.

BUT LET’S GO DEEPLY in the men’s nature to easily discover what you can give him on that special day. You will have lots of fun at the pleasure of cupid when you surprise your lovely guy with these truly personal valentine gifts from the heart.

There are 17 recognizable men types and we’ll reveal parts of them every single day. Just stay in tuned – for each of the types, you can find our ready-to-use suggestions that perfectly matches your valentines day man.

# 1 The Crafty Guy

crafty man

He is not afraid to get his hands dirty. From changing oil of his car thru plumbing repair, a new doghouse – he knows “how to” almost about everything. Favorite accessory of this type of man is his tool belt. If your boyfriend or husband is the crafty sort of guy, why not consider something he can use? Little tool kits can be just the thing for him. If you want to truly personalize it, you can have someone engrave his initials on the tools. They can be easily stashed away at their desk, the glove compartment, and even part of an emergency kit. Your guy will definitely appreciate something he could use and he ‘d consider it to be one of the most creative Valentine’s gifts he’s ever received.Other appropriate suggestions are related to all kind of tool – drills, screwdrivers, saws or great “do it yourself” sets.

Check these 20 suggestions by BestGiftIdea:


The Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver – check the price

tool box

Multi-Purpose Steel Tool Box – check the price

screwdriver set

DIY Series 10 Piece Screwdriver Set – check the price

crafty set

Craftsman 17-piece Screwdriver Set with Lifetime Replacement Warranty – check the price

men tool set

Swiss+Tech ST20023 Gift Box Set of Key Ring Multi-Function Tools, Set of 3 – check the price

tool carrier

Custom LeatherCraft 1539 18 Multi-Compartment Tool Carrier – check the price

DIY beer kit

Home Made Beer – check the price

wine kit

Home Made Wine -check the price

classic swiss pocket knife

The Classic Swiss Army Knife – Lifetime Warranty – check the price

brewing beer at home

Home Made Beer – gift set of 6, ½ Liter plastic PET bottles, caps, and labels – check the amazing price

gift set for men

Men At Work Gift Set -check the price

wine making

Delixe Wine Making Kit – All-In-One & Easy-To-Use – check the price

pocket tool kit

Swiss Tech Palm Grip Pocket Tool – check the price – for only …

bear gryll multitool

Just Like Bear Gryll – The Original Ultimate Multitool + flashlight+firestarter – check the discount

key box holder

DIY Key Box Holder – check the price

brain teaser

Brain Teaser for Your Man- check the price ( 6 in a package)

ship in a bottle

For the child in your beloved man – DIY a ship in a bottle set – check the price

diy manual

Everything that your crafty man should know – check the price

diy music kit

Building a Ukulele – check the price

diy camera

DIY Camera – check the price

diy radio

DIY Antique Radio


It is great to have a relationship with a Crafty. He is always there to fix the pipe or change the bulb, proud to help you. But this is just one of the types. Reveal more about your lovely man …soon 🙂

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