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Unique Christmas Gifts for Everyone – 5 Simple, but Thoughtful

Christmas Gift Ideas That Might Surprise Youunique christmas gifts

Time is ticking. Christmas is coming. New Year too. Now is exactly the right time to look back at  the passing year and start thinking of future 2016. What would it be? Better? Successful? Well, I don’t really know, but what I know is that If you haven’t bought presents yet, NOW is time to do this cheerful task (oh yeah, it could be full of joy, really!). Read on to get 5 last-minute unique Christmas gifts.

It’s true that the gift is not the most important thing for Christmas, but think of the happy smile, coming directly from the heart of a close friend or loving relative. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know you are a reason for that?

Here you can find some fast and some of the unique Christmas gifts – not because of their nature, but the way they are presented – with a special message to the recipient.

# 1. Actually Love Movies – Christmas Time

unique chritmas gifts

Christmas Movies + Popcorn = Classic!- click HERE to explore the Christmas selection

Imagine you are at home. Outside is snowing (or just freezing enough to skip the outside walking). Sitting on the soft comfy couch. Drinking hot chocolate & eating popcorns (Christmas is strongly recommended not a time for diets!). Yummy! And watching a lovely Christmas movie. A classic situation that makes me dream. Most of the girls do love it. And have at least 3 favorite winter movies. Which are yours? My favorite  Christmas movie  is Love Actually – I watch it every single Christmas, still laughing and crying on the same scenes. Always!

Now think of your BFF, or girlfriend, or sister, or mom, or daughter, or other close family members. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make this touching gift for Christmas – a set of the best ever Christmas movies, a dozen of hot chocolate boxes and popcorn packs, everything wrapped in a cute Christmas box. You can add themed mugs (unleashing the Christmas spirit) and now you have a truly heart-melting Christmas gift.

Check out my suggestions based on IMBD ranks.

An extra tip: You can do it even better if you choose 12 romantic & favorite movies with the promise to get together with the gift-receiver every single month on a “movie night” with hot chocolate and popcorns.

# 2  A Year to Remember – Picture Diary

The year of 2015 is passing and most of the people start estimating the last 12 months. Did I do my best at work, shouldn’t I have done this, shame I didn’t do that? Or just remembering the past experience, the places they went, the people they met, holidays that celebrated, emotions they felt. Now, focus on the positive. And surprise your close friend with a touchy picture diary as one of the unique Christmas gifts ever received (guaranteed!) – a summary of the passing year, composed of paper photos (oh yes, they still exist! and still as heartwarming as before!). You only need a beautiful Christmas photo album and patience to select photos of your friend (or relative, or partner) of which he is the main actor or the picture actually means something to him/her. The catch here is that if you don’t have many photos on a reachable camera or don’t have enough paper photos (a common situation nowadays with the million digit photos), you’ll have to rake about interesting findings in his/her Facebook or Twitter profile. Choose proper ones, at least, 3-4 per an uploaded album from the year duration. The good point is that when posted on the net, you won’t be in a death danger if pick up wrong pictures. Please, don’t select photos only with yourself pictured together with your friend – it looks kinda weird and too obsessive.

The goal is to fill the whole album with printed memories. You can add a pathetic message and funny tags and voila! I promise that your friend will be moved to the bottom of his/her soul.

An extra tip: An option is to do Year Video Diary, which has actually almost the same meaning, but it allows you to include favorite songs, flashy animations and slide effects. But costs more – time and money. I have done this before, for both Christmas and anniversary. It had the wow-effect.

# 3. A Bunch of Socks

Yes, that’s right. The well-known boring gift idea for a man – socks. But believe me, if you put a sense of humor, nobody would get disappointed. According to a research, each month average 2 pairs of socks mysteriously vanish in the washing machine or on the way to the clothesline. This should be subscribed as one of the world mysteries. And nobody still knows how this happens to the poor housewives or the socks-owners despite the washing bags and the careful sorting. So if you buy, let’s say at least 2 dozen pairs of socks (depending on your budget, but I will choose 52 pairs as more sensible), put them in a socks organizer, then in a beautiful box and wrap in Christmas paper, you’ll have a simple, but high-spirited and original gift for a man. You don’t even need to feel guilty anymore in the coming 2015 year when your beloved stress on the fact that another sock is missing “AGAIN”.

This type of gift doesn’t require much effort. Can be either cheap (if you buy some simple sport socks) or more luxurious (filling the box with 100% bamboo cotton socks or even silky ones), or you can even add a sense of Christmas (if you opt for themed socks with Christmas trees, reindeer and Santas sleigh on a snow covered roof, snowflakes, etc.). But no matter which version you choose, your man will receive one of the unique Christmas gifts, which not expected. Honestly, you’ll receive a huge smile for this smart and not extravagant decision to buy the gift-tabu called socks.

An extra tip: have in mind that men are not fond of all these Christmas “cute” style. AND if the recipient is actually YOUR Beloved, make the gift even spicy – include stockings and pair them with the socks. One for you, one for him. It’s proven that men are those who practically love stockings. Make him happy twice.

# 4 It’s High About Time

For someone to do something. Last Christmas I made a gift to a friend of mine that meant exactly this. And “this” was cooking – in her case. So I put dry ingredients for Christmas cookies (flour, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, decoration dust, etc.) in a beautiful jar, wrote the recipe for the cookies (step by step cookies for dummies plus pictures of the desired result), rolled it with an eye-catching ribbon, tied for the jar, and some small devices that my friend need to make the recipe (I knew her kitchen lack of everything concerning cooking…) –cookie-shapes, stirrer, sieve. The result was so charming and honored among the unique Christmas gifts – beautifully colored layers, ribbon, an almost hand-made gift that my friend even didn’t want to spoil, but finally managed to create the goal.

Anyway, you can try to think of a specific thing that your close friend says about “I would never do that!”. Challenge her/him! That’s also friends are what for – to challenge us and make us improve ourselves. Sometimes someone just needs a little push and courage. Packed in such a simple, elegant, fine way this Christmas. Just think for the person with your own mind. You can do it!

An extra tip: You can try with a favorite magazine year subscription, or dancing classes’ season ticket, or prepaid driving course, or easy-growing plant, or huge puzzle, or E-voucher for that interesting Internet Marketing webinar….endless options, if you know the person very well. OR better – use our service on customizable gifts – just fill in the questionnaire.

hobby christmas giftssaving money on christmas gifts

# 5 Half Written Is Half Done –Christmas Promise

There’s a quotation that “Well begun is half done” by Aristotle. And I would add – the written task is half-done. It’s true, believe me. A long time ago I was an extremely disorganized person who had so many tasks to do, that actually forgot most of them during the day or couldn’t fall asleep coz thinking of all those small gigs overwhelming my entire life. Then I came up with the right solution – to write down everything in a daily organizer. Simple, ah? It had a huge influence on me. But what this has in common with Christmas? The New Eve is the time of the big planning. It’s an obsession – just like the promise to start a diet on Monday (we never specify which Monday, and it never comes true in the 99.99 % of the cases).If you say you never promised yourself to begin some activity from 1st January, then probably you’re not quite honest with me.

We start promising things that we already know they’re extremely difficult to us, or even impossible – like stop being late at work, or quit cigarettes (come on!), or stop spending so much money or new shoes, or start jogging, or set up that idea for online business, or whatever. An endless list of few important things, some reckless or ridiculous nonsense, some truly impossible challenges. But if you try writing them down as a list of “to-do” day by day, week by week, month by month you will notice that things are getting better on their places. And that’s only because you write in a diary (organizer) – ideas, tasks, goals, appointments.

Do a kindness to a lovely person who need a small impetus – gift him/her with a beautiful and practical daily journal. And to make a good start and create one of the unique Christmas gifts – write down the wishes that you might be happy to see done in your friend’s life on the first page. While doing this be realistic, be positive, not pushy, start with simple wishes (like make cookies for my birthday 🙂 ) Because it’s proven that every single task done lights up the hidden impulse to complete more and more and more actions. So be the kick-off.

An extra tip: You can put tags or small notes on all important dates through the whole coming year – birthdays of close relatives and friends, anniversaries, celebrations, etc. Of course, this will be more time-consuming, but the efforts worth.

These unique Christmas gifts are suitable for almost everyone – just take the main idea and personalized it. Sometimes the good present is not the complicated one, or the most fashionable, or the expensive one. Sometimes the meaning of the gift and the way is presented is everything that matters. Especially for the closest persons we have. But if you still think that you might take advantage of the new small inventions this year, check out 10 cool new gadgets that must see.    

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