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5 ways to transform your your home into st particks day party spot
easy st patricks day party decoration
how to decorate for st patricks day party

Having the right St. Patrick’s day decorations make it amazingly simple to set the scene for your party!

If the idea of going out to a crowded pub for St.Patrick’s Day does not sound like you, then you can always throw your own tiny Irish themed party! So do you have your decorations ready to be placed? Not yet? Well, then read on for some fresh ideas and tips on themed party accessories and St. Patrick’s day decorations to purchase at the best prices.

For a St. Patty’s day party you can go with a couple of different options. You can buy holiday decorations and party stuff such as banners and balloons, plates, napkins and cups and whatever else you need. As you probably guess, all the items state “St. Patrick’s Day” or include images of leprechauns, shamrocks, green color or whatever associated with the holiday. (link to my previous article)

There are some basic things that will make organizing your St. Patrick’s Day party and one of them are the right themed decoration. And now, after being already familiar with the St.Partick’s drinks and food, here are some amazing St. Patrick’s day decorations

#1 Pre-Made St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

An easy way to decorate for your celebration is to buy decorations that are made especially for St. Patrick’s Day. There is a great supply of products that you can find for bringing your home or party that Irish spirit. You can buy banners, wall hangings, centerpieces, towels, posters, balloons, table cloths, napkins, pillow cases, sheets… there are plenty of options on the market. Here you can see only some of the selected ideas:

If you’re throwing a themed party you can get all the St. Patrick’s Day decorations and party supplies you need –  plastic or paper plates, cups, straws, napkins pre-printed and ready to be used straight away.

#2 Homemade DIY projects and crafts St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

Maybe you enjoy more the do-it-yourself way of doing things? Or just prefer to have St. Patrick’s Day Decorations which are uncommon and personalized to your own taste? Then use your imagination and create your own banners, wall hangings and more with some simple guidelines you can find online. Or just steal the idea from our Pinterest pick-ups or right from these pictures:

st.patrick's day DIY decorations

via Down Lopez – free printables

st.patrick's day decoration diy

via MarryThis + free printables

st.particks day diy decorations printables

via Kami from NoBiggie + free printables

St.Pats Table

St.Pats Table

A really charming idea (and one of my favorite) is to fill a jar with some green jelly beans or chocolate coated pieces or rainbow colored candies (like Skittles). I simply love these “Rainbow Seeds” – great for the kids around!

Another idea is to use a large vase or clear jar and give everyone pieces of green and white paper. Have them write various St. Patrick’s Day jokes on each one, then fold the papers and place them in the jar. At each meal have someone take out and read one joke.

# 3 50 Shades of Green

If you want to buy pre-made items but do not want to see any more leprechauns, shamrocks or “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” labels, you can simply buy items in various shades of green to accomplish the same feel. If this is too boring for you, then include touches of orange and white (which along with the green are the colors of the Irish flag!) and you will have that Irish touch on your party.

#4 Decorate Outdoors

Just like for Christmas and Halloween, there are plenty of St. Patrick’s Day outdoor decorations available to boost the holiday spirit and let your neighbors know you are in the party mood. It’s really funny to decorate the outside of your home. It will make the people around happy to see a festive house in the area. You can start with some shamrock’s shaped wreaths. Then maybe continue with your mailbox -just pick up a mailbox cover which you can place over it and take it off in a few weeks when changing it for Easer, you know?). You can also decorate your front door knocker, the door mat, and hand up some green lights. You can even find little shamrock lights to hang up around your porch. As a final touch use a festive holiday flag – it will look nice hanging on the house!

#5 Use St. Patrick’s Day Accessories

If you wish, you can always pay tribute to leprechauns and shamrocks on this special day as part of the St. Patrick’s day party decorations! There are different style hats, aprons, socks, glasses, gloves, tiaras – almost everything that could be put on your body. Although all the pieces have quite a goofy look, one of the most preferable is the hat. Of course, all the fun pieces of wear are generally green and will often include a buckle or a shamrock.

Do you want to wear a big green beer mug as a hat? That is just one of your options. Or maybe prefer beard and pointy ears? Well, it depends on how far you want to go with having the leprechaun look. If you want to stick with something that is definitely a hat – then could try a hat that lights up.

Jazzing up for St. Patty’s Day can be a very simple process full of joy! You only need a party mood and a few key items for your St. Patrick’s Day Decorations. Then you are ready to transform your home or garden into a real and lovely St. Paddy’s day party spot. Stay tuned for our Irish themed party music ideas and playlist.

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