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Revealing Coffee Drinkers Personality Traits

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coffee drink personality
coffee drink personality
coffee drink personality
coffee drink personality
coffee drink personality
coffee drink personality
coffee drink personality

I am one of the most passionate coffee drinkers. I love the taste. I love the smell. No wonder that my day starts with a big cup of this amazing drink. Sounds like you? Or someone close to you?

“At some point, all of us start wondering how much coffee we can drink before our hearts explode.” – Phil Broughton, Funranium Labs’ Black Blood of the Earth

** This following post contains some affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my findings with you!

Most people are addicted to coffee. Some prefer it stronger, others with milk. Certain type of people like certain types of coffee. According to the book "The You Code: What Your Habits Say About You", people who like the same kind of coffee are similar in nature. But is it really?

Do you know that the way someone drinks his coffee gives you a lot information about his personality? A recent study by the University of Innsbruck shows that there is a straight connection between coffee taste preferences and the personality. Black coffee or latte or Frappuccino fan - just check out below to figure out what type of coffee drinker you are dealing with:

  • The Espresso Drinker - Always On the Go

coffee drinkers

Check this out - click here

Espresso (not eXpresso!) is the most popular coffee drink. It is made easy and fast. A few shots will be drunk until lunchtime by the real espresso fan. He (the espresso drinker) is a real hardworker and born leader. No time for gossips. Just a few quick sips. Like Shiva with multiple arms, these coffee drinkers are dealing with many tasks at the same time, going with the flow, in their charismatic & energetic way. Elijah Wood for instance doesn’t fool around with his caffeine. According to Babble.com, Frodo takes 4 shots of espresso over ice at his local Starbucks. So what? Well, he is probably dizzily productive until 2-3 p.m. After that, he is experiencing a deep crash unless he takes another caffeine dose. All this logically leads to espresso-addicts biggest vice - moodiness. Being sometimes jumpy, sarcastic, critical or even aggressive doesn't make them bad companion. On the contrary, these people are usually the life of the party.  No doubt, espresso drinkers tend to know how to get what they want  - one way or another.

  • The Black Coffee Drinker - Not That Straight Laced

Coffee & Patrick Dempsey?My morning is complete! - Check this awsome mug here

Coffee & Patrick Dempsey?My morning is complete! - Check this awsome mug here

 Black coffee drinkers are quiet and moody, usually the no-nonsense types. They are meticulous, well organized and tend to avoid drama in their personal lives. Black coffee drinkers are straightforward, keep things simple & could be quite resistant to making changes. Since they don’t take sugar in their coffee, they tend to avoid "sugar-coated" words as well. These coffee drinkers are dealing great with money. Many of the successful people worldwide prefer black coffee (like Klaus Ortlieb, hotel magnat). A hilarious mug could be found on their desk - to show everyone that they are not that totally straight laced. For the same reason - crazy spotted socks beneath the freshly pressed black suit. Priceless! 

  • The Latte Drinker - Comfort Seeker

latte coffee drinkers

Marilyn Monroe Latte Art - via Pixable

These are people who desire being loved and liked. Just like softening the bitterness of the coffee, the like to soften the bitterness of life. Sounds logically. They enjoy being with friends and relatives. And love the home comfort. On the cauch. With a childish mug or t-shirt. With comfortable slipppers. With a cat in their lap. What did I just say? C-O-M-F-O-R-T!

latte coffee mug

Latte Coffee Mug - check here

And everything that treatens this comfort is generating a big stress. Just like decision-making.  Latte drinkers are laid-back types who love to spend time pondering the meaning of life. However, when it comes to making decisions, latte lovers are often indecisive and would be much happier if they had someone to tell them what to do. They avoid direct conflicts and dirty jobs. In spite of their indecisiveness, these coffee drinkers are calm and extremely supportive in their personal relationships.  Family comes first!

  • The Cappuccino Drinker - The Sociable 

cappuccino coffee drinkers

 Much like the cappuccino itself, these coffee drinkers are identified with their frothy and "bubbly" personalities. They are usually loving and caring, and people are often drawn to their warmth and passion. These coffee drinkers are creative, honest and motivated. They make excellent friends, but not with everyone - only those who share their imaginative attitude. Gossiping on the phone for hours is one of the favorite activities. They are addicted to Facebook, socializing with many people, tagging from different coffee shops, posting pictures of themselves and their personal creations (depending on their hobby or work).  The more FB likes , the better mood. 

  • The Mocha Drinker - Fun-Loving & Creative

Mocha is something in between both coffee and hot chocolate. It's controversial, but mocha lovers actually "hate the taste of coffee". Bitter drinks and bitter attitudes are just not Mocha lovers' thing. And hey, when has chocolate ever hurt anyone? So when in need for some coffein injection, they simply "improvise". Mocha has a sweet and bitter chocolaty flavor and people who identify mocha as their favorite coffee also like the mixture of sweet and bitter in their lives. Mocha coffee drinkers are perfectionists and spontaneous. The Mocha people are affectionate, understanding and wise. And true romantics who have constant need to be in love. Therefore, reasonably or not, they are considered to have a difficulties when committing to relationships. Which make them generally unreliable partner. 

mocha coffee drinkers

Via http://campus1602.rssing.com/

  • The Frappuccino Drinker - Stylish Trendsetter

frappuccino coffee drinkers

Ariana Grande: Via http://www.jobsnhire.com/

 The frappuccino drinker is extremely fashionable and doesn’t like anything if it is more than 10 minutes old. They are adventurous, spontaneous and always looking for new challenges and trying something new. These coffee drinkers are always on the move. It's hard to see frappuccino lover in a coffee shop. On the street, walking with fast pace, with a Starbucks huge cup and eyes glued on the phone - yes, this is our Frappuccino-ist.  

As you probably suspect, they are having an easy time making friends. In just one word - typical extroverts. Sometimes they need someone to be there for a healthy reality check.  Seriously. As answers.com reports, Ariana Grande opts for a venti vanilla bean Frappuccino, in keeping with her mega-cute pop persona.

  •  Instant coffee - Just Relaaaaaax

instant coffee drinkersJust like the coffee that is dissolving fast in the hot water, a person who prefer instant coffee is always direct and saying what he thinks. Quiet and calm personality. Many people might consider them as superficial, with no ambition. Which is not true. Instant coffee drinkers were found to be the most laid-back people. Their dark side is procrastination and bad organizational skills. Too laid back who take life as it comes. In fact, half of the world already prefer instant coffee. So who exactly is drinking all this instant coffee (34 % of all the retail brewed coffee arounf the whole world) ? Well, a very specific type of people: amateur coffee drinkers. 

  • The Decaf Soy Milk Drinker (or just Very specifically ordered coffee) - Sophisticated Person

Image source: http://www.socialitelife.com/

Image source: Socialitelife

 This type of coffee driker is a complicated person. Much like the effort put into placing their drink order (like Renee Zellweger who likely enjoy the fancy factor of having a nine-word Starbucks order with a triple grande, nonfat, extra hot, no foam latte), a lot of effort is needed from other people to get along with them. They like being in control, which makes them picky to a fault and uneasy about trying new things. Others view these coffee drinkers as selfish, obsessive and very aware of their health – which is usually a pretty accurate description of their personality type. The key word here is 'health'.

  •   The Non-Coffee Drinker

non coffee drinkers Those who are frightened by coffee (for some reason, usually related to health issues) are frightened by life. The non-coffee drinker is unadventurous, boring and childlike, as only children are intended to abstain from the wonderful world of coffee. However, there is a light of hope for these lost souls, because according to a research, only 3 weeks is all you need to convert a non-coffee drinker into a coffee believer!

gccoffee2Next time you are in the mood for coffee, just stop and think for a second  – you love that specific coffee because of its taste or your preference are just a result of your unique personality? Here are some of the most popular reasons which people describes:
33% drink coffee because they like being with friends "on a cup of coffee". ("How about a nice big hot steaming cup of ...coffee?")
14% drink coffee just to warm their hands (?!)
14% drink coffee because they are addicted to it. (yes, coffee is addictive)
11% drink coffee, because it helps them concentrate better. (what were we talking about?)

coffee mug

Hell, yeah! - check this mug here

My own specific reason? Have no idea. I only know that there's something really intimate in these few seconds when taking slowly the very first sip of my morning coffee, with all my hopes that it will awake me fast and get me ready for a new great day to come.

One of the most popular coffee drinkers freak David Lynch has famously featured the beverage in his movies and TV show, Twin Peaks. He also chronicled his coffee obsession in a Huffington Post blog. He even launched his own David Lynch Signature Organic line of organic coffee.


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