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Quick Tips For The Next Best Bachelorette Party

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Aahh, bachelorette party -  spending one crazy night out, having a lot of fun, making great memories to celebrate the 'last' party of the future bride as a single.

Usually all the bounderies are gone for just a night. Usually there are lots of things to decide and tasks to be done, but it's always great fun and ...great hangover. :)

Speaking of sexy ... if you are prepping for a big bachelorette party, we have some quick tips to share with you, especially if you are the ONE, who is in charge of the party. If you wanna know, keep reading.



Sounds easy. And I know that probably you're struggling with your wish to make a great surprise for the bride-to-be. But trust me - better ask, for the sake of the bride, and you and all the girls around (unless you plan to make it loudly on Ellen's Show - watch the video)  :-)

Every bride-to-be is different, and has a different taste. Some brides want to tour the local bars with their girlfriends and booze all the night away until early morning. While other brides want to spend time at home, doing some crazy girly stuff like make-up photosessions, movie nights, pijama parties, etc. It is your responsibility as the head of the organizational bachelorette party unit to figure out what your bride-to-be wants her bachelorette party to be like. Otherwise the "typical" bash, though what usually comes to mind, is a group of giggling girls dragging the bride from bar to bar and making her blush in public. Maybe she's not expecting this, ah?

Additional advice: Ask your bride-to-be if she wants her bachelorette party to be a traditional ladies night, or if she would like to coordinate a party with her fiance. These days it’s not rare for the couples to celebrate together with their mutual friends.


The bachelorette party is not a typical gift party (as the bridal shower is). So presents are not necessary. However, this is a great opportunity for the guests to give the future bride silly or sexy gifts and gags just to be funny. If you're planning your present, be careful. Just because you think that those super naughty nipple tassels are fun and flirty, it doesn't mean your shy friend will be happy to open such a gift in front of her friends (or family, even the soon-to-be mother in law!) You don't want to embarrass her, don't you? Make her feel comfortable by fitting everything with her personlity.

Additional Advice: If you are still hesitating if kinky gifts would be acceptable, better ask the bride-to-be. Don't afraid that you'll spoil the surprize. All the bachelorettes are actually expecting the party and some spicy accessories are possible to appear. So revealing some general moments of the plot won't do any harm. She will be happy to tell you.

kim kardashian bachelorette party

LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 23: Kim Kardashian celebrates her bachelorette party at TAO Nightclub at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Check what type of bachelorette you might be dealing with...



Being in charge of throwing the bachelorette party, doesn’t mean it is your own responsibility to pay for the entire event! No way, no matter how close you are to the bride-to-be! Ask all the girls  invited to chip in equally. Set your budget early on.

Additional advice: It's easier to collect the money before the party, rather than deviding the expenses after the party is held.  


The truth is simple- spending fortune on decoration and accessories that will be worn and used only for the night isn't the smartest thing. Don't forget that after attending a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and soon the wedding, you have already spent a lot of money. Remember that not everyone can afford to buy that super luxury bra and panty set, and that's just fine! Even if you can afford, don't make the other girls feel embarassed, coz the most important thing is to HAVE FUN TOGETHER - ALL DAY & NIGHT, no matter where and how dressed.

Additional advice: If still willing to spend all your savings on the bride and her bachelorette party (and money doesn't matter for you), better spend them on a super gift for the wedding itself or after-wedding activities.


If you're the ONE, responsible for the bachelorette party, then probably you're a close friend (a BFF?) or a relative (sister?)  to the bride-to-be. So you probably know the bachelorette better than anyone else and you are the ONE to consider if she would be confortable with wearing a penis tiara bachelorette accessory (honestly, I wouldn't...). Or any penis shaped straws will make her laugh. Every bachelorette party should have fun and goofy party favors. But it is up to you to make them fitting for your bride-to-be’s taste. Make the party hilarious (not embarassing). Make the guests leave with a small favor. The main goal of the unforgettable party is for the bride and her guests to just have fun before the wedding!

Additional adice: Decide on the accessories and the dress code for the bachelorette party depending on the budget - wearing funny T-shirts, stickers, wigs, tiaras, necklaces, rings, bracelets, sashes or simply themed party dress code (red for the girsl and white for the bride, 80s, 90s, vintage style, etc.). There are tons of stuff on the market, so looking at some here is always helpful.   



I know, maybe sounds too much, but using this form of communication and coordination helps really much when throwing parties and other celebrations and events. So do it! Because you and the other ladies which are going to be invited (oh, I forgot, ASK TE BRIDE about the invitees!) may all come from different backgrounds but you’re all there for just one reason - to give your friend or sister (the bachelorette) a fabulous unforgettable celebration and to have fun! And no matter that you are the person in charge, you'll have a lot of things to deal together with the others- such as money, gift ideas, bachelorette party theme and dress code, activities, dates availability, photo exchange. Moreover, trust me, all the bachelorettes want for everybody to get along and have a good time, so joining a closed FB group will melt some of the ices ahead and save efforts, money and time on communication.

Additional  advice: If you want to be in a perfect organizational shape, help yourself even more by making a special e-mail (such as amybachelorette2015@gmail.com) to send the e-vites and to communicate with the girls specially those who are not living on FaceBook. Don't forget about all the Google free tools for sharing documents, polls and photo storage. They are always amazingly helpful!


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