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There are many ideas which can be exploited to make homemade valentines gifts. Since the lovers day is OMG tomorrow (!), there’s a risk you are not ready with your gift yet.

But there is a way which you can use to make it both affordable and original, by making unique DIY gifts at home; you will be adding more love to the life of your valentine. There are several gifts ideas which are easy to follow; homemade valentines gifts can be easily crafted just with locally available materials to save money. Here are some unique ideas and directions to follow in order to make memorable gifts for her or to him.

1. Easy and Quick Love Note in a Bottle (Unisex)

homemade valentines gifts

Put your message in a bottle – simple, easy, thoughtful

This is one of the last minute homemade valentines gifts which can be easily made at home without a second thought. You need to have the following essentials. And then you are just good to go;
a) An oblong transparent bottle
b) A bottle cock.
c) Paper
d) Fake rose petals
e) Scissors
f) A pen.
Take a pen and write your valentine message to the person you love, then stick the white paper on the red manila paper and coil it. Stuff the red petals inside the bottle and insert the piece of paper in a stylish way inside. Close it with the bottle cork. Then wrap your purple ribbon around the bottle and you are ready to go now.

If you lack words, why not try with a valentines day love poems ? Another option is to “steal” some words from the most powerful love quotes here.


2. Easy Valentine Card (for her)

easy homemade valentine card

DIY Valentine card – charming!

Take a piece of a red or maroon manila paper and then cut it into a square foldable shape, fold it into two. Take another cream checked paper and cut it slightly smaller than the former, stick it with glue on top leaving just space at the edges. Take another white piece of paper and stick it with red mark the shape of a heart from a stamp, stick it on top to look lovely and adorable then take a purple ribbon and tie across nicely. After the whole process, you can write any valentine message to the one you love inside the card.

The lack of any ready love stamps (or stampin’ pad) is not an excuse for not making this  charming and easy valentine card – see how easy you can make your own love stamps by …. potatoes! I love how smart is this! (since I am a mom, I use this technique in my everyday activities with my daughter.)

3. Wine Carrier (Unisex Gift)

last minute homemade valentines day gifts
Use very colorful decorations mostly depicting valentine colors of red and some nice purple, decorate the carrier by wrapping the colorful red cardboard with some white ribbons. This is one of the simplest fast homemade valentines gifts you can make, the cardboard cylinder should be encased with a scrapbook paper after that attach a beautiful tag at the handle let it have a heart symbol and a beautiful message of love.

4. Melting Heart Slime (For her)

a) Two cups of Red glitter glue.
b) Warm water ( 1 and 1/2 cup).
c) Red Glitter for extra sparkle.
d) Three to five drops of Rose Oil.


Mix all the ingredients and stir well to a perfect mixture. The melting heart slime will be ready as soon everything is absorbed good. The result of Rose oil scenting will look like the below image attached here;
homemade valentines day gift ideas

This idea is not one of the most useful ones, but it could help you impress your “Valentine”.

5. Chocolate Bouquet (Gift for her):

last minute handmade valentines gifts

The charm of chocolate – a classic choice in an unclassic way

Really simple and impressing last minute handmade valentines gift – just go quickly to the local supermarket, buy whatever candies and chocolates and choco bars you see, some wrapping paper, BBQ sticks and watch how to make it.


a) A wine glass (okay, sacrifice one of your own or buy a new one..)
b) Several small sticks (BBQ wooden sticks I mean).
c) Heart stickers, red, white…
d) Chocolates, gift wrapper, red ribbons. And cardboard.
e)Sticks of rose flowers.

Simply start by sticking heart-shaped stickers on the sticks with a glue, fill the wine glass or a glass vase with pieces of red, purple or white petals. Stick with sell tape chocolates on some sticks, make your transparent gift wrapper and funnel it over the glass vase then start sticking your chocolates and sticks on top. Keep sticking even roses one by one around and make it look adorable as you crown it with a tag of a lovely message.

6. Pop Up Card: (Unisex)

I admit that this idea is the hardest one for implementation. But with some few tries, you will do it successfully. The thing is that you need to be precise with the scissors and the glue. So…

fast hand made valentines gifts

Pop-up Valentine Card

Take a red hard manila paper and cut it into the rectangular pieces, pick another lighter white paper and stick on top of the former pieces.
Then draw some two heart shape in circular lines resembling flowers. Take a sharp penknife and cut along the lines, remove the white papers. Pick the heart shape red papers and stick then into another cream manila paper which is already cut into sizes in a spiral shape. After that, you can write your valentine message beautifully to your love.


There are many homemade valentines gifts which can be made in a very easy way, they save both time and money and also make sure that you have revived your love life in real time. The above are just some few samples which will give you tips on how to make your forthcoming valentine be memorable.

For more love inspiration on handmade valentines gifts, check these love quotes.

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