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Unbelievable Kitchen Gadgets -Seem Silly But Handy

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The market is full of new gadgets, especially those for use in the kitchen. That’s the place where women spent lot of time and that’s the reason to try spent efforts. But are these kitchen gadgets so cool as they are told to be?

In my opinion, some of the kitchen gadgets on the market are quite impressive and original for a gift maybe, but also shocking – and for some of them I can  struggle a lot while think of at least one reason to use them.

What about you? Let me share with you my findings – and my honest advise is to think twice before ordering them. I am not refusing them at all. They are all so charming in their sillyness. But maybe for some of you will be lifesaving. Who knows?

1. The Egg Cuber (that makes the perfect square eggs)

All right, maybe there’s some reasons to make boiled eggs that don’t hang around in the plate. They also might be fun for the kids or your guest when serving perfectly squared eggs. Prepared like this, the simple boiled eggs weird everyone out and probably that’s the best about them.  The price of an egg cuber is not high (around $10 – $15 depending on the size and brand). But the problem is that you’ll need more of them in case you want to prepare more that one egg (which is the common situation). On the market you can find some variations in the shape, which are mostly preffered for the kids.

2. Banana Bunker/ Case

The main idea of the Banana Bunker is to protect bananas from smashing while they’re in your lunchbox or backack. If you’re not embarrassed of carrying it, it’s good to say “no more banana bruises” and happily purchase this product. I personally have no problem with bananas. But for kids it’s a good idea to put one banana in the banana case and give it for the lunch. It’s guaranteed that the banana will survive. The advantage is that it fits bananas of almost all shapes and sizes. I know this thing seems silly, but it really comes in handy. The price is cheap so if you’re banana-lover, go and buy it for yourself or for a small present.

 3. Pizza Clippers
Oh, I love pizza. Bought or home-made just can’t resist the smell of the melting cheese and the tasty look. I serve it on the table and when it comes to slicing – urg, there’s always something wrong with it. I have the special pizza rolling knife, but it’s absolutely forbidden to use it while the hot pizza is still in the shape. So trying to remove it in a plate is like a fight and usually all the ingredients and cheese come anywhere but on the slice. With this clippers slicing pizza can be as simple as clipping coupons. This small kitchen gadget helps to cut and serve pizza slices without efforts and cheese lost. Their sharp serrated stainless steel scissor blades with a built-in wedge-shaped spatula also prevent damage to pans. Thumbs up!
kitchen gadgets

The Pizza Clippers

4.  Motorized Ice Cream Cone (Different Colors) 

It could be so hard moving your head, twisting neck and hand to eat ice cream, and I’m thrilled that someone was  thoughtful enough to fix that problem. Can you imagine that 0.002% of all neck injuries occurr while bending one’s neck to lick ice cream on a “manual” cone. For some people this lifesaving device is absolutely a must. Now, if only someone invent an ice-cream-calories-burner, my life would be perfect.:)

Well, this product is so silly that there’s some charm about it. Really, I think that the kids will love exactly this sillyness. There’s nothing to be said more but to quote a happy customer ( Steve Skidmark) who says: “This product meets a simple, perennial need: “How can I most readily get ice-cream out of a cone and into my mouth without the possibility of minor exertion, repetitive stress injury, or that sinking feeling I get when I fail to use my tongue to find the most melted parts.” The answer is simple: let Hog Wild deliver the ice cream to YOU”.

I hope it’s a joke.

5. Potato Chips Hand

If you’re in love with all Asian things and the bags of chips, that’s perfect for you. I also have to confess : these Japanese single-potato-chip tongs are….brilliant for those who:

– hate the oily feeling left on your hand after finishing the bag of chips

– stuff yourself with a whole bag of chips for no more than 3 to 5 minutes.

I mean it, if you eat the chips one by one (as this is the only chance when using the Potato Chips Hand), you will enjoy much longer your tasty chips. To me, it’s a must for those who try dieting. (If I look on another side, I could use this tool to scratch myself….) and a nice silly gift for your teenager or boyfriend.

6. Le Whif – Aeroshots Breathable Chocolate

What?! Breathing chocolate instead of eating it! Perfect for those chocolate-addicts who try to excape from the hell-circle of the chocolate passion. This device allows you to breathe in the flavor of a food (3 flavors in a pack) without having to, you know,…. eat it. The website proudly proclaims the technology involved, pulverizing chocolate so that it’s “small enough to become airborne but too large to enter the lungs,” so that you can take a puff and have “an experience of flavor without a single calorie.” Well, smart but is it useful? Not to me!

silly kitchen gadgets

Le Whif – a puff of chocolate

7. Corn Kerneler Kitchen Tool

Do you love eating corn? I do, but I’m not fond of eating it off the cob. It goes between my teeth and feel uncortable in a way. When I try cutting the kernels off the cob with a knife, it’s really annoying that the corn kernels fly everywhere. The Corn Kerneler does away with this frustration by easily removing the kernels from the cob in one simple motion, and storing them in a little compartment. You can easily find another model with the same idea behind this kitchen gadget. Well, this is a great idea, but it doesn’t work with all the sizes of cobs and you also have to be quite strong in hands to use it. I recommend you keeping a  cutting board underneath when using it, as it can be quite messy too (kernels sometimes end up on the counter instead of in the tool).

I am giving you 2 options for this kitchen gadget – they both look easy but quite hard at the same time.

8. Pluck (Egg Yolk Separator)

As if I can’t do it by myself! I usually do the separation with my bare hands using some simple techniques. Anyway, if you’re not handy enough and usually spoil the yolk, it’ enough to grab the Pluck and just squeeze the plastic little apparatus. It literally plucks the egg yolk right out of the whites. Easy, ah?

This gadget is an awesome product for someone who:

– has no culinary skills,

– has culinary skills and cooks and want to spent time on egg yolk separating

– who is just impatient and doesn’t care to skillfully separate egg yolks from egg whites.

If you have a kitchen, you need at least one of these separators, even if you don’t cook. That’s the verdict! I am buying it!

9. Banana Slicer

Do you actually need this? It’s up to. Your choice, your taste, your efforts spent. Efforts? About cutting bananas? Well, the idea here is that the cutter makes easily and perfectly sized slices which can be used as decoration or just for the kid’s fun. The banana-slicing is not a problem that will keep me awake at night. But it’s a charming and absolutely useless kitchen gadget, if you collect those. In fact, you can slice not only bananas, but other soft vegetables and fruits with the same shape (or even sausages and frankfurters, why not?). I must say that the “blades” are not sharp enough to cut your fngers while manipulating, but still be carefull with the tool in your kids’ hands (they are very talented about making things dangerous)

10.  Strawberry Huller

To me, that’s the best small kitchen gadget on the list. The Strawberry Stem Remover offers multiple use in the kitchen. You can use it with all kinds of berries, with tomatoes too, really! Simply push the green button (the stem) down to open the claw, insert into the strawberry, release the button, twist and pull the hull out. So simple! Works like a charm, each and every time. It’s something that I could spent my $ 10 bucks on. This is an absolute must have for any strawberry lover. Don’t get panicked anymore when the strawberry season comes again!

Of course that’s not the end of the list. It’s just the beginning since there are tons of kitchen gadgets (some silly, some really useful) on the market.

Which is your favourite kitchen gadget?

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