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How to Say Thank You | Best Thank-You Gift

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The Christmas celebrations passed. The Christmas fuss is now over! Happy New Year!

How to say thank you and why?

how to say thank you

While December is the biggest gift-giving month of the year around the world, somehow logically comes that the first month of the New Year is pronounced to be National Thank you month. There are endless reasons to give gifts throughout the year. But no doubt – on Christmas everyone opens his heart and tries to do his best to bring joy, to reveal respect or love or goodwill; or to make closer friendship. And the least you can do is to say “Thank you”.

Why should I thank?

Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Being thankful can actually make you feel better – it’s fact proven! When you have a pleasurable experience you are experiencing a dopamine rush, this is the chemical that is linked with enjoyable experiences. This chemical reinforces behaviors that make us feel good so that we will want to engage in that behavior again. And again. And again. It’s addictive. And damn so good!
  2. Gratitude (or saying “Thank You”) has been called one of the 3 most important virtues (along with compassion and forgiveness). It is one of the first things that parents learn their children: “-What will you say?” “-Thank you!”. Remember? Sometimes as we get older and as life typhoon sweep us away, we all do forget to be polite and acknowledge people for the kind small things that they do for us (daily or one-time-only)
  3. Sending a Thank-you note is the smallest thing to be done for those generous people who spent their time to search for, select, purchase, and send gifts to us. These people in our lives deserve a little something in return. Whether you like the gifts you get or not, be a gracious recipient. And keep the communication open free between you and that person.
  4. It deals with the good manners. And the good manners tell more for us than you think – they tell who you are, how you were brought up, what kind of family you have, what kind of person you are, what your interests are, what is your education and status; tell more about the level of self-control, the way you handle conflict, what is it like to live with you and so on. “Thank you” is a simple way of showing gratitude towards someone who has done something kind for you.
  5. It is a matter of the Gift Etiquette. No matter you liked or not the gift, the etiquette requires saying a simple thank you. But if you respect the gift-giver and his /her choice, appreciate it as sending back a small gift, or a card, or some other not engaging items.

 But how to say Thank you ?

There are plenty of ways with different variations. And here are my top 10 ways to do that:

  • A simple handwritten note how to say thank you handwritten note

A thank-you note written promptly and sincerely is much more effective and appreciated than a phone call or electronic message. Although email is a great way of communication, it is not meant to replace everything. Thank-you notes are appropriate for receiving a gift, special occasions, and invitations to parties, favors, and even job interviews. They should be sent within a few days after receiving a gift but no longer than a week. An exception (up to a month to respond) would be a large event (wedding, anniversary) Writing a thank-you note is not a big deal. The most important thing is to be honest, just to be you. But if you are lacking of words, try this sample thank you letter  link– these samples might be useful (I hope so)

  • A simple phone call how to say thank you by phone

It is often overlooked, but one of the best ways to say “thank you”. That’s easy, huh? I promise that your call will be definitely appreciated. Even if you can spent only a couple of minutes for a chat or have to leave a quick message on the voice mail.

  • E-mail Thank you how to say thank you by email

Whether ‘thanking’ on e-mail is appropriate or not depends on whom you’re sending it to. No matter that, it’s better so send thanks via email rather not sending at all! If the recipient is someone who lives on the Internet, the email thank you is your right choice. You can also opt to send an animated thank-you card. But if the person is not that web-person, according to the Gift Etiquette, an email can convey the feeling that you didn’t find his/her gift worth the effort to sending a personal handwritten note. Therefore, the best way to show sincere gratitude is the old-fashioned way – by purchasing a card that says everything, write some more personal words, address it, stick a stamp on it and mail it.

  • Thank You Printables

Thank You Cards are essential for any occasion or situation as a gesture of appreciation. Thank you cards can help you express your gratitude to someone who makes a difference in your life and brought some warmth in your heart. No matter whom you want to thank – a relative, or a close friend, or a teacher, or your boss, or a colleague, or a doctor – the printables are quite suitable. So if you wonder how to say thank you and you are not exactly the person that always knows what to say and how to say it, printables are always a ready-to-use decision that tells everything you want but make it looks wise, elegant, honest. I guarantee you will make the day of those lucky guys who received printable “Thank” from you.

  • Gift Baskets

No doubt, gift baskets are the original, fun (and delicious) way to say “thank you” to a person or a group of people. There is a huge variety of food or drink baskets – you just have to know a little bit more about the taste of the recipient/s. If not, just prepare a bigger bunch of almost everything you can think of – food, drink, small cosmetics or other useful items. Appreciation gift filled with cookies and other treats are the perfect way to show how much you care. Or a nice wine and cheese selection. Or elegantly covered in chocolate fresh fruits (strawberries are classic!). Or some spirits with nuts. The options are more than thousands. Because the size of the basket (respectively the numbers of the items included) might vary depending on your choice and budget. I definitely vote for this expression of gratitude (I choose it for my doctor after giving birth to my daughter). Different gift baskets for different tastes! It is definitely the answer of the question “how to say thank you” – with a gift basket!

  • Flowers

Sending a beautiful thank-you flower bouquet is a classic and conventional way to thank. Actually, flowers are never unwanted or redundant. Flowers say more than you think .You’ll never be wrong if you choose a decent bouquet. Only be careful with the choice – be aware of the flower etiquette (the type and the size, and the colors too) especially if you are sending them to a person you are not so close with.

  • Thank You Souvenirs

There might be a million different souvenirs on the market that you can buy. Cute thank-you figurines, angels, trees, something that will be placed on the shelf. Well. If you go to buy a thank you a souvenir, just pay attention to the following – not all of the people like these decorations. Some call them “dust-holders”. Moreover, you may not hit the person’s taste for small decoration and figurines. So the verdict – buy thank you souvenirs only if you are certain about the recipient’s taste for angels and birds and whatever you may find “soooo cute”. And if you fail to withhold the rushing to come impulse to buy that adorable 5.5″ tall statuette, at least, choose such souvenir gifts that actually get into some use (such as small jewelry box or stand for something).

  • PhotoFrames

Photo frames always come in use. And they are not engaging presents at all. But perfect to say a simple “thank you”. What I usually do is to place the handwritten thank-you note in the photo frame – it looks really decent. Try to choose not a complicated photo frame and NEVER (n-e-v-e-r) send a photo portrait of yourself with it (no matter placed in the frame or not; no matter you alone of together with the recipient). To me a nice way to say how much you thank someone is sending a thank-you photo frame, like this one:

  • Small Jewelry

The small jewelry is a perfect thank-you gift for mom, for a best friend, for someone, who is really really close to you. The jewelry is a gift itself but if you choose some small piece engraved with a simple “thank-you” text, it could be a nice way to send thanks. I personally would never send an expensive jewelry to say thank, even if I can afford it. The reason is to avoid the potential embarrassment that would feel the recipient. Cause I just want to say a simple “thank you”, not to show-off with a great taste and expensive trinket. In the same time, I don’t want to thank by some cheap crap. Find the balance – that’s the key for the perfect thank-you jewelry.

  • Say It with Music

 Questioning how to say thank you? The answer – with music! Yes, you can say everything with music! And yes, this could be a really interesting way to thank, especially for a person who is deep in your heart. There are plenty of appropriate songs and whole albums that would help you to send the proper message – “thank you”. If you make the selection of the songs on your own, you will definitely prove your sincere gratitude to that person. The albums of the queen Mariah Carey OR the one-of-a-kind Dido; ORor the extraordinary Alanis Morissette; OR the inspirational voice of Beverly Crawford; OR the beautiful vibes of the Michael Schenker’s guitar that need no words at all (I vote for it with both hands); OR the gospel group Roy & Revelation; OR the soothing tones and enjoyable upbeat of Bradd Marquis,… They all are so amazing, gentle, relaxing and full of tenderness. This music says it all! In the genre you exactly want!

 I can go on with the list.But these are my top 10 ideas how to say thank you – with or without giving something back.

I can choose also thank you glass tokens (really beautiful, but I can put them in the group of souvenirs….) or try these wooden letters and simply “write down” the “thank-you” label (luckily you will need only one package of A-Z letters)

 Which way would you choose this January? I’ll be happy to get more ideas from you!

And to whom you will thank? Nobody? I surely don’t believe. Follow me to see which persons (and not only) I wanna thank and what for- I guarantee that different names will start crossing your mind immediately!

Enjoy this gorgeous song of Dido

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