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Halloween Pet Costumes – Funny Way To Celebrate With Your Pooh

by Annie@BestGiftIdea
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Autumn cold wind and the falling leaves tell us that Halloween is fast approaching, and soon monsters and ghosties will walk our neighborhoods and homes looking for tricks or treats. And you think I am talking about cute costumed kids? Well, not this time. Who said that Halloween is only a human celebration? It’s Halloween for your pets too, guys. Not that your dog or cat isn’t cute enough already.  But just imagine the lovely four-legged member of your family in one of the special…
scary halloween makeup

Scary Halloween Makeup – 15 Inspirational Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Annie@BestGiftIdea
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To frighten or to dazzle you friends at this year 31st October party? Want to look creepy or charming? Well, these scary Halloween makeup ideas might help you… and blow your mind…! Still remember what Halloween was all about? Yes, it was all about scaring and warding the evil spirits off. While children like to dress up in the scariest costumes and masks they can think of, their parents generally prefer to have more fancy attitude and count on superheroes outfit. Therefore, many of…
celebrities halloween costumes

Celebrities Halloween Costumes – Get Inspired by The Best!

by Annie@BestGiftIdea
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 If you haven’t already chosen your perfect desired Halloween look, then you have enough time to make a decision. As an inspiration, have a look at 13 celebrities Halloween costumes. Hollywood’s biggest names have always known how to be glamorous even in such ghostly and wacky outfits. And one thing is sure – THEY KNOW HOW TO ENJOY HALLOWEEN and show off with their Halloween costumes. Why not just “steal” their images for this year Halloween party? I personally love…