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Halloween Pet Costumes – Funny Way To Celebrate With Your Pooh

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Autumn cold wind and the falling leaves tell us that Halloween is fast approaching, and soon monsters and ghosties will walk our neighborhoods and homes looking for tricks or treats. And you think I am talking about cute costumed kids? Well, not this time.

Who said that Halloween is only a human celebration? It’s Halloween for your pets too, guys.

Not that your dog or cat isn’t cute enough already.  But just imagine the lovely four-legged member of your family in one of the special Halloween pet costumes! Wouldn’t it be even more cute? I promise, your pampered pooh will be the star of this Helloween celebration.

Don’t afraid that it would look silly! After all, your pet is important part of your everyday life, so why would Halloween be any different? Please, don’t leave your dog or cat out of the party! Costumes are a great way to have fun with your pets too!

Of course, dressing pets up could be difficult since most of the times this act it against their will. But it’s so hard to resist to their cuteness and hilarity!  (as you can see from the pictures below).  Remember that as long as the costumes aren’t too confining, many pets will proudly dress up and have fun with you. Especially if you show them how special they are,being in the limelight (they just love attention, right?).

The following cat and dog Halloween pet costumes cover a huge range of festive themes – from heroes (such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) and villains (maybe your dogie has been a little naughty…) to wild animals and dinosaurus and Halloween icons (like pumpkins and skeletons).

Simply unleash your pet’s inner superhero, dinosaur and more with these Halloween pet costumes (and don’t forget to enjoy).


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Halloween can be an overwhelming time for pets whether they stay indoors to greet trick-or-treaters or go out with you into the neighborhood. All the new costumes, strange smells, loud noises, strangely looking kids everwhere could easily stress out your furry friend. Ensure that the costume doesn’t restrict your pets from moving, breathing, hearing or making noise. A good tip is to try the costume on the night before, and see how your dog or cat responds to it- the last thing you want is an emergency veterinary visit due to a Helloween pet costume.

p.s. Halloween could be fun, but beware for your dogs and cats. First, leave the candies for the kids and don’t be tempted to give sweets to your pets. Chocolate in all forms-especially dark, candies and sugar are dangerous for dogs and cats. Stay tuned for more pets & Halloween tips.

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