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Good Valentines Day Gifts for Guys- The Ultimate Recipe [part4]

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What is the secret & ultimate recipe for good valentines day gifts for our guys?

I will not get tired saying that the key to the perfect gift is to find something that corresponds to the nature of the man for whom it is intended – what are his interests, what are his obsessions and freaks, which are his dominant character traits, what he likes doing in his spare time, what are his views of the world around him and for other important life issues.

And I believe this is true not only for men.

Even if you do not know him well, and meet from recently, there are signs that you might notice, to determine to which of the 16 types your man belongs to?
Is he a Crafty Guy, or
The Geek, The Adventurer, The Sporty, The FanThe Boyish Charm, The Romantic Guy, or The (Sexy) Liberal?

It is just so easy to find read the article and you’ll have a full access to the secret recipe (It’s proven and guaranteed!) You will surely learn something useful.
Or maybe your lovely man is the 18th type, who knows 🙂

(I’ll be glad to know if so!)

Here are the next (and last) 8 types of men’s nature that you should know if prompt for good valentines day gifts for guys:

# 9 The Intellectual One

If you he’s not playing chess in his free time, he’s certainly exploring the Internet space, or kicking a pile of books, or watching the Discovery or History Channel. He loves discussing the recent political developments and economic situation. He considered wasted each day that has not read a book or magazine or missed any of the news feed.

You can try to attract his attention with an appropriate encyclopedia or book, related to his interests or a luxury chess set. Actually, a book by his favorite author (why not make efforts to find the first edition of his favorite book?) will reach his heart. Valentine’s presents for him should not be trashy and worthless. The most important for him is to know that you appreciate the authors he likes, the matters he’s interested in and you respect his hunger for knowledge. Express that you care enough to want to learn about the things he reads and the subjects that he finds curious. Now that there are gadgets that let you read e-books, you can consider getting him a Kindle which can store up to 200 books. To me, that’s the perfect gift for our Intellectual one.

# 10 The Creative Thinker

His lifestyle reflects his creative spirit. These types of men love to shoot home videos or meticulously arranged music and photo collections. These are men who love to invent new things or to make happen all their geeky or not so crazy ideas. For such a man buying video equipment, an organizer for CD and DVDs or other tools and gadgets are cool ideas. Or probably a book like “How to realize our ideas” or just help him finishing one of his tasks assigned.

#11 The Practical

This is the guy who values REALLY useful gifts. And I don’t mean to rush for all the gadgets that you can find on the market. First consider carefully what his needs are at this moment. Second, consider whether the gift you liked for his is effective. Third, assure yourself if the gift really saves efforts and time. If yes, bravely go on with the purchase.

You can find practical gifts with flair to cater to his needs. If he needs some tools, give him a special multi-tool with a flashlight (like Bear Gryll’s multi-tool) or a stainless steel multi-function pocket or a knife in flashy red wrapping paper. Or a massage seat for home or his car.

# 12 The Social Climber

He is the man who’s used o have everything and being always on top, to be the best in everything. In his life, from kindergarten to the last job, he never gave up the first place. He is extremely ambitious, pushy person, who plays hard and puts work in the first place. He’s resting while making studies for his new business project or reading the financial pages of the newspaper, with a lit cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other.

Show him how successful man he is. Give him the opportunity to show the world his success. Choose your gift for him wisely, as he loves luxury items and hate cheap trinkets. Honored him with a luxurious, stylish and elegant pen, even engraved with his own initials. Opt for one of the mandatory accessories of every businessman -cufflinks,tie and/or tie pin, or a stylish leather wallet or business card holder.

 # 13 Devoted Daddy

The man of this type is entirely devoted to family and children. He is engaged 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks a year only with his family responsibilities. His home is his castle. He is constantly repairing something at home or in the garden, helping children, playing with them, caring for the comfort and tranquility of your family.

This type of man would be delighted to a gift related to his home and family and the comfort of his favorite creatures. Prompt for a subject that he will use in his everyday life. A case wheel, an unusual hanger, a barbecue kit, a smart device for home – all practical and appropriate for him items.

# 14 The Hippie

Hippie years have gone long ago. But he is the kind of people from whom the spirit of the 60s and 70s could not be banished. He lives in his own world, filled with art, music, love. He is a child of freedom; he worships the Woodstock festival and love everything connected with the hippie era – from the colors thru the music. He will appreciate sharing his mania with you, watching to Hair or listening to The Beatles, John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Jimmie Hendrix and many many other hippie icons.

As the perfect gift for him you can choose a unique oriental hookah in his favorite colors, or a great hippie music selection (done by you or a ready-to-buy suggestion) or a  hippie-era encyclopedia, or a book about the secret life of a hippie, or an autograph by one of his hippie music idols, a rare poster or a “Best of” album.

  #15 The Gourmand

He is dedicated to home comfort; he prefers to cook a virtuoso dish instead of drinking and going wild with his friends. He always finds a reason for celebration, making an awesome table full of delicate dishes and quality drinks.

If not a kitchen gadget that every grand master chef must have, you could choose a wine stand, a box of rare wines, full wine accessories, which are supplemented with a bottle of vintage wine, a gift basket with some of the finest delicacies on the market. All these gift ideas will hit his weak spot. And certainly will win a further invitation for dinner.

#16 The Metrosexual

He definitely has a style and he is not afraid to show it. His taste for the exquisite, luxurious, fine and beauty is infallible. He always stands out in the crowd with his sense of design and fashion. Sometimes you’re wondering how does he find time enough to look like this – always shaved (even his legs!), ironed, neat and tidy. His eyebrows are perfectly shaped. He always smells so clean (oooh, this lovely smell…)

Since this man loves to take care of yourself, you can rejoice him with a gift with which to pamper his body and ego – such as male manicure kit or a spa gift basket; why not a stylish leather case for laptop (stay away from the cheap one) of a brand new briefcase with his own initials.

№ 17 The Joker

He is the one that is always the soul of the company, always telling jokes, making fun of himself or the other people, laughing loudly. He likes the spicy and funny jokes and gives a great importance of the sense of humor. Even in serious situations, he is trying to laugh over the difficulties and escape with a huge smile.

He is the one who will value the funny kind of gifts – mugs with labels,  some cool party stuff, who will keep laughing him over and over again.

The recipe for a perfect gift for men is simple – follow his needs as you would like to have a gift that matches you best. If not useful staff, at least, your man will love the way you try to know his interests and need, because this means that you respect him as a personality. Make your choice in a smart way – never too pushy, depending on the deep your relationship. Mind how long, you guys, have been together. And remember that a very expensive gift doesn’t make it the most special one, keep it simple but select it thru his type and nature. He’ll appreciate that most!

Happy Valentine’s day! Make love and respect each other!

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