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Wine lovers gift ideas

Real wine lovers don’t need a special day to drink wine, true, ah?  But why not pamper them with a special gift dedicated to their passion? Not only for the Drink Wine Day but for any other occasion!

** This following post contains some affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my findings with you! 

For the drink lovers, there are 2 main groups of presents – something to drink and something that can help drinking. So if a person loves wine, give him wine or something related to wine. It’s so simple to pleasure the wine lovers! And I don’t mean only those special tools and openers (as he probably already has some of them).

Check these following cool & funny gift ideas for wine lovers.

  1. Foldable Wine Bottle – Always on the Go

foldable wine bottle on the go

Foldable Wine Bottle – click HERE to shop for it

No glass, no worries when going to a picnic, camping trip or wherever you go to outdoor events. You can even bring your own wine (if you have such). Note that this flask is suitable for any other liquids.  Just mind that it is not for storing wine for long as this might spoil the quality of the wine.

2. Funny Wine Glasses – Love These

1. Funny Wine Glass “My Therapy” - click here http://amzn.to/1PDM1JG 2. Funny Wine Glass: I don't need THERAPY – click here http://amzn.to/1QjM6Wr

1. Funny Wine Glass “My Therapy” – click HERE
2. Funny Wine Glass: I don’t need THERAPY – click HERE 

These are cool gifts for any wine enthusiasts and any occasion.They are funny, usable, but most important – state one the simple truths in life.  We all joke about how we’ve had a hard day at work but just a glass (or bottle) of good wine will fix everything. These both gift suggestions pretty much sums it up. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy your “therapy”!

3. Extra Funny Drinking Wine

funny wine glasses

1. Glass Funny – It’s not really drinking … – click HERE 
2. Funny Wine Glass – I DO YOGA – Just Kidding – click HERE

These are super cute and will make the wine lover  smile every time he/she will pour a glass of Chardonnay.

4. For the next wine party 

wine gift ideas

1. Wine Glass Markers – click HERE
2. Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Charms – click HERE

Simple ingenious items which are, actually, suitable for all kind of glasses (not wine glasses only). The markers let your guests find their own glass again without dragging out another one. Kids also enjoy the glass markers and believe me – they will find so many other usages of them. So keep the Swarovski is not being stolen by your kids! )

5. These awesome wine doormats – letting the world know the “open door” policy of the house

wine gift ideas

1. Forgot Wine Coco Door Mat – click HERE
2. Open Policy Wine – click HERE 
3. Expensive Wine Doormat – click HERE

For someone with a sense of humor, loving wine, these doormats make a good gift. A funny doormat always makes it easy for new friends to find your place. And it doesn’t hurt that it encourages people to show up with wine on their next visit, either. You can always say that it’s a joke (people know that there’s a percent of true in every joke, right?)

6. Enriching the home interior with some wine themed items – perfect for the kitchen

gifts for wine lovers

1. Wood Plaque Sign – click HERE
2. Wine Coasters – click HERE 
3. Funny Coffee Mug – click HERE
4. Wood Box Sign –click HERE

These are all excellent accents in every wine lover’s kitchen. Definitely a conversation starter between cocktails, fun, and friends.

7. Something for the real wine lover’s needs …

gift ideas for wine lovers

1. The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass – click HERE
2. XL Extra Large Wine Glass – click HERE

XL wine glass for XL wine needs.  Each holds a whole bottle of wine.

8. For the classy wine lady

gift ideas for woman

1. Classy, Sassy and Smart-Assy Wine Glass –click HERE 
2. Peace, Love & Wine – click HERE  
3. Wine Wipes – click HERE 
4. Red Wine Stain Emergency Kit – click HERE

Know anyone these both glasses fit? Or a self-conscious after drinking red wine lady who is always worried about the teeth wine strains? In addition, everyone must have the wine emergency kit.It is great for travel or a night out where something can be splashed or spilled and ruin your precious outfit (lol!). It can be carried in pocket or purse, excellent recommendations and costs not more than $12

9. No wine at home – is this possible?

wine gift

1. Novinophobia Wine Glass – click HERE
2. Wine Soaps – click HERE

Just imagine there are people who are frightened of wine (?!) or simply hatred this tasty drink for some reason (which I can’t simply think of). This fear is called Oenophobia. If that’s not you, then you might be afraid of running out of wine. And this glass is just for you, to remind you of this awesome word “novinophobia”. In case your fear comes true and for some reason you left with not a single bottle of chardonnay, at least, you could smell these soaps that are made of …wine. Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, and Zinfandel – just imagine!

10. Wine glass for every mood

wine gift ideas

1. Cool Wine Glass – click HERE 
2. LOL-OMG-WTF Funny Wine Glass – click HERE 

Don’t know about you, but I must have these!

11. Shine bright – as if you just had a large glass of wine

wine jewelry

1. Wine Bottle Stopper with Swarovski – click HERE 
2. Merlot Wine Glass Wire Earrings with Swarovski – click HERE
3. Wine Glass Charm – click HERE

12. Something handy for the collection of small kitchen gadgets

wine ideas

2 Vacuum Wine Stoppers– Best wine gifts accessories, keep your wine fresh & add a personalized wine bottle touch with funny bottle cap art – click HERE

13. Educational stuff about wine

wine gift ideas

1. Wine Around the World Tin Sign – click HERE 
2. Wine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes – click HERE
3. Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine – click HERE 
4. ALL IN ONE WINE APP – Wine Secretary – click HERE

14. Reused Wine Bottles

reusing wine bottles

1. Wine Bottle Wall Clock – click HERE 
2. All You Need is Wine! Melted Wine Bottle Bowl – click HERE 
3. Divided Serving Platter – click HERE

15.  Something for the free time – crafting with wine bottles

Confess, you have plenty of them!

16. A special place to store your treasure 

wine gift ideas

1. Ashley Heights Home Bar Wine Cabinet – click HERE 
2. Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar – click HERE
3. Corner Wine Cabinet – click HERE

17. Fine selection of rare or special wines

wine gifts

White Burgundy Mix Pack 3 – click HERE

You’ve been eyeing off that wine bottle like for ages. But never dare to spend so much on wine. Don’t you think it time to have it, pour in a “wine therapy”, sit on the sofa, swirl the wine, close your eyes, take a small sip, let the taste burst into your mouth, sip, relax, sip again….. no, it’s not meditation. It could be real, really!

Be honest – if you’ve been searching for a gift for a wine lover, you’ve just chosen at least 2 things that you would want for yourself. Why not just share this post in Facebook and tag someone’s name – as a small innocent notification and see the power of the social network 🙂

Enjoy your wine 😉 

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