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Feng Shui Good Luck Gifts | 7 Ideas with Nice Symbolism [part2]

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Wishing a luck is so easy when using Feng Shui symbolic items of animal.The following are a great example of Feng Shui good luck gifts.


# 2 Cat for Luck, Fortune & Protection 

feng shui catThe cat is especially suitable gift for a wife or family, since ancient times is known as the guardian of the home. Plastic cat brings good luck to the house, so is suitable for a wedding gift. When the cat is curled , it symbolizes eternity. The message of the cat is very positive and such a gift is always well received and understood.

One of the most typical Feng Shui objects is the Lucky cat statue, called also feng shui cat or good luck cat by feng shui. The waving cat has the meanings of good luck, prosperity and wealth. His upraised paw also offers protection. There are white cat statue, golden cat statue and cat piggy bank. Place one lucky cat at home or office to bring money luck.

curious feng shui factsDid you know? Despite being one of the most popular symbols of Chinese tourism, the lucky cat actually originated in Japan, known as the Maneki Neko or "beckoning cat" (because it is believed to beckon wealth and good fortune into your life). Maneki Neko has indeed become an object commonly used in Feng Shui. It is usually displayed in offices, shops, rather than in the home, so that it can beckon new clients and financial opportunities.

# 3 Frog gift for Wealth & Prosperity

feng shui frogDon’t be surprised; frog figure symbolically is a carrier of wealth and financial independence. There are special croaking frogs that are almost real musical instrument and "help" for the call of wealth. According to Feng Shui, you should use the figure as a money box and must put a coin. This makes the frog really powerful mascot.

curious feng shui factsDid you know? Another meaning of the frog figure is transformation. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not because of The Frog Prince, but for its unique growth cycle. That’s why frogs are great gifts for teenagers, as they are always struggling to transform from youths to adults).

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