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Feng Shui Gifts for Men | 7 Ideas with Nice Symbolism [part3]

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Maybe you think that Feng Shui is something nice for women only. But you're wrong. There is a great way to cherish show respect and recognition to a man with these symbolic Feng Shui Gifts for men: 

# 4 Horse for Success, Bravery & Masculine power

feng shui horseThe sculpture of a horse symbolizes success, progress, appetite for life and freedom. And also - bravery and glory nice. According to Feng Shui, placed in the home, the horse brings positive changes. The horse is a noble animal and it is a compliment when you receive such a gift.

curious feng shui factsDid you know? Horses are strong symbols for sex and sexual expression and you can find many materials on Freud’s perspective on dream analysis. In some cultures, a bachelor person is wrapped with a horse to transfer the sexual power of horse to the individual.

# 5 Tiger for Strength & Protection

feng shui white tigerAccording to the Chinese mythology and culture tigers are among one of the 12 zodiac animals. The Chinese art and martial arts consider tiger as an Earth symbol. Such a figure of a tiger gift symbolizes strength and prosperity. If you want to wish someone good luck, give him a sculpture of a tiger. It is considered to bring positive energy placed both at home and in the office. The Tiger has also power to expel diseases and gives confidence. Usually inside a building or at home, a tiger painting is hung on the wall facing the entrance, so that this way the “demons” are scared away and cannot enter.

For Eastern Asia culture tiger is a symbol of royalty, fearlessness and anger. Tigers are always admired for their strength, ferocity and royalty. One can easily see tiger statutes at the entrance of temples and palaces.

Image Source Chinesehoroscop-e

Image Source Chinesehoroscop-e

curious feng shui factsDid you know? The pattern on the tiger’s forehead is very similar to the Chinese character “Wang” which means King, therefore the Chinese believe that people who born in the year of the tiger are natural-born leaders.

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