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Feng Shui Gifts for Good Health | 7 Ideas with Nice Symbolism [last part 4]

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I believe that health and love are the 2 most significant virtues that figures out the whole picture of life. Choosing one of these following Feng Shui gifts for good health and love is a great way to show how much you care for a person.  

# 6 Tortoise gift for good health, longevity, wisdom (& protection)

feng shui tortoise The Tortoise is one of the four Celestial Animals, or Guardians of the good energy in Feng Shui. The first feng shui use of turtles, or tortoises in Feng Shui, is as a protection and energy strengthening cure. For this purpose the best Feng Shui placement of the tortoise is in the back of the house. There is no better way to wish long healthy life than giving a gorgeous little statue, figurine or other small piece of furniture of a tortoise.

Since the turtles live to a great age, they are also a prevailing symbol of immortality and longevity. This makes the figures of tortoises/turtles great Feng Shui gifts for health, suitable for parents, anniversaries and retirements.

curious feng shui factsDid you know? The Chinese believed that the markings on turtle's shell were patterns of the structure of the Cosmos. The turtle was also considered to be the mediator between the earth and heaven or a symbol of the entire universe.

# 7 Bird for health, love & victory

feng shui birdWhether it is an elegant heron, pelican or exotic duck made of different materials, such a gift symbolizes success and happiness. The ability of the birds to fly and soar high up in the sky is closely associated in Feng Shui with the ability to be near heavens, as well as the ability to serve as messengers from heavens. According to Feng Shui, birds’ intense energy is able to “lift” the holder and help him in his new endeavors. It is therefore a good idea to give away to a person who starts a new business or opens a new office.

There is no need to point that birds are also a symbol of love. No wonder (most of the birds in nature live with only one partner for lifetime, imagine!) A simple portrait of two birds enhances love among couples, and it also brings in good fortune for unmarried girls. Just should be kept it in the South-West direction of the living bedroom or living room.

Some of the separate bird species have their own meanings: Owl for wisdom and longevity; Eagle - strength and victory; Crane – health, Peacock - abundance and good luck, geese - fidelity.

feng shui flying bird Did you know? According to Feng Shui training techniques, if you want your lover to return or something to “attract”, such as a new job or a new car, draw a picture of a bird with a string in its mouth or attach a picture of your lover or whatever you want, attached to the string. Make the bird appear to be flying INTO the house. (And don’t forget to share if this has any results. I will try myself! )

Sometimes when choosing a gift for a dear friend or relative, we pick up objects that simply attract our attention, unconsciously, by intuition or by our own taste. But it much more worth it if we know the meaning of these objects. Because although there are no scientific proves of the Feng Shui techniques (for those who don’t believe), it’s not a bad idea to weave the specific message and meaning of the Feng Shui gifts objects– just in case it’s working! ;-)



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