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Family Gift Ideas (and not only for Christmas) -it’s so easy ! [PART 1]

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family gift ideasSometimes, it is a real challenge to choose a Christmas gift for some of your friends – those who are families and to whom you need to think about family gift ideas. Those you share problems with, visit each other, let the kids play and raise together, exchange experience, solve difficulties, etc.

So, I started thinking of proper Christmas gifts for some of our (mine and my husband’s) family friends –separate gifts for the lady, for her husband, and for the kids too. Well, it’s not that easy task. First of all, the hard decision of choosing between a useful gift (like something for the household) or something that will gather dust on the shelves (such as souvenir or small piece of furniture) is always on my mind. Second, calculating the proper budget, if I buy separate gifts for all the members of all friend-families we have, then for sure my own family will be broken soon after Christmas. Sounds familiar?

I find the solution – I’ll gather every single small gift in one– a family-friendly game. Imagine your friends having а  special night together, having fun, maybe calling you to join and spending some hours in a happy challenge. Yes, I will definitely buy a family board game that will bring my friends together –mommy, daddy, and kids. Probably this will be the beginning of a new tradition. Who knows?

Here are my 9 Christmas family gift ideas for the entire family – classic board games solutions that need no technical appliances, just the players around, a floor to sit and mood for fun:

# 1 CoMotion

comotion family game

Comotion family gift game – hurry up! – there’s only 1 left

CoMotion is The Game. This is an exciting, fast-paced game that can be played by both adults and kids, by all age and size groups, by as many players as you can bring around. Funny, creative, and educational too. It’s said that nothing new is actually invented, just reinvented. The game CoMotion is a reinvented and refreshed version of the party classic Charades with modern design and updated accessories. Includes dice, a deck of cards and game tokens. CoMotion has spaces on its colored game board that direct players to act out a noun, a verb, a phrase, or a combination of related words. If you land on an extended-play space, you get extra time. The real commotion ensues when 2 players act out different words at the same time. During the acting-out, no talking is allowed, but tricks and gestures are always welcome. Players usually are acting absolutely crazy to help their team win. Can you imagine someone acting out “ants in your pants”? How about 3 different people from 3 different teams acting it out at the same time? Well, it’s quite a CoMotion! It’s such an entertainment that even the shyest or the most games-reserved person will join and give up to the fun.

This game is fun for the entire family because it’s easy to learn from small children and enjoyable enough for teenagers and adults at all ages. It is great for rainy days or cold winter nights or summer outdoors. It’s appropriate for a traditional game night, birthday party or a wild family reunion. It’s more fun than Charades and takes less time to play than Monopoly. Every time the family or friends get together playing CoMotion, they will laugh hard! Buy it as a gift, nobody will be disappointed!

# 2 Charades Party Game

chrades party game

Charades – celebrities love it! – check DISCOUNT HERE

This is a favorite game of all time! It is a classic acting game in which one player acts out a word or phrase, often by miming similar-sounding words, and the other players guess the word or phrase. Of course, guessing phrases is the real challenge. The idea is to use physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning. In the United Kingdom and some parts of the USA, the game is traditionally played at Christmas and on New Year’s Eve.

It becomes popular and favorite for many celebrities – watch how Scarlett Johansson is playing charades at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It will be a delightful surprise for your friends since the game is suitable for Thanksgiving nights together, camping out, holidays, or simply family-nights. Actually, one of the best family gift ideas that I may represent you and every single family should have it.

# 3 Party Game – What?

family gift games

WHAT? – the classic game – check DISCOUNT HERE

WHAT? is actually a question-based hilarious party game. Players have to decide who-said-what. Everyone is asked to write the possible answers to some funny questions and situations and then the other player must guess who gave the answer. Of course, to raise the fun, there is no need to be honest; there is no need to be decent – just as silly and funny as possible. The player doesn’t want people to guess it was he who wrote your answer.

party game ideas

What? Deluxe Edition – Save 25% – click HERE

So, he “disguises” his answer as someone else’s, or otherwise describes something he’d never do. In a matter of fact, this game must involve players willing to use their imagination. If they stick to their known character, the fun is not guaranteed.

WHAT? is highly recommended for the creative types, and for those who need a little help opening up their inhibitions. As long as children can read and write, it is extremely fun for them, too. It’s also great for people who love making stuff up and telling tales. The game runs very fast and the players spend hours together with funny stuff, writing and reading their outrageous responses. Buy WHAT – it is well worth the money for a great Christmas gift.


# 4 Twister – a Blast from the Past

twister game

Classic Twister – buy from HERE

I really love this game! Soon after Twister-game release in 1966, it becomes extremely popular when Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor played it on The Tonight Show. Some people think that it’s a silly game, others –that it’s provocative and inappropriate. And I really think that all families must have such a funny game – at least for the children.

family gift ideas games

Twister Game New Release with 2 New Moves – check the DISCOUNT HERE

The game has a simple concept, BUT a great source of hilarity. The idea is (if someone for some reason does not know or maybe just woke up from a 50 -years-long-sleep) to place a different body part on a vacant circle on a plastic mat. Of course, it’s not that easy because everyone has 2 legs and 2 arms, there are 4 different colors and up to 4 players. Imagine what a ‘body-knot’ is going to happen. Players become increasingly entangled, until someone fall and cannot follow the directions. The last player is the winner, but usually this is a huge challenge for him to stay on his limbs (whatsoever). If this doesn’t bring a family closer together, I really doubt that something else will do! A classic fun for years ahead. And it’s really good enough to be mentioned as one the recommended family gift ideas.

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