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daffodil gifts when winter is overWhen Daffodils begin to emerge in March with their cheerful yellow blooms, you can be sure that it’s time to say goodbye to winter. No wonder these charming heralds of spring are the March birth flowers. Meaning – if you need a gift at this time of the year, daffodil themed gifts are one of the best choices! Here is why

Different flowers have different meanings and messages. And if a red Rose means love (does it?), then what does the Daffodil stand for?

daffodil symbolic meaning

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What’s Your Message with Daffodil Gifts? (or what does Daffodil mean in general?)

According to Wikipedia, Floriography is the language of flowers. The idea was first encouraged in England in 1716 and later, in Victorian times, it grew. Flowers (and flower arrangements) were used to send hidden messages to allow people to express feelings they dared not speak. Daffodil gifts stand for:

  • friendship
  • a new beginning and rebirth
  • eternal life
  • hope
  • inspiration
  • endless love 

Some of their other meanings are creativity, vitality, admiration,  forgiveness, positive attitude, affection, and sympathy.

Wikipedia, actually, suggests that Daffodil are associated with “Regard” but there is also an association with “Uncertainty”, “Chivalry” “Respect”, “Unrequited love”, or even “Deceit”. Yep, you can notice the duality in Daffodil’s meaning. And you may find the reason for that in the legend about the daffodil flower.

Have you ever heard about the story about Echo and Narcissus (or how I met  it once When the Girl Who Talked Too Much Met the Boy Who Loved Himself. Love it!)

The Story of A Daffodil

daffodil gifts

Narcissus Legend – click HERE

The Daffodil’s botanical name is Narcissus. It comes from the Greek god Narcissus, who was blessed with eternal beauty.  The story tells that the wood nymph Echo was madly in love with Narcissus, but she couldn’t tell him as she could only echo his last words.

Sadly, she faded away until all that could be heard of her was an echo coming from the trees. As revenge, Narcissus was tricked by the Goddess of Punishment, Nemesis, to look at his reflection in a lake. But he fell in love with it.  He then returned every day trying to catch a glimpse of the spirit in the water, not realizing it was his own reflection. He finally drowned himself trying to capture his own reflection. The Greek myth says he then became the flower, known today as a daffodil. A Beautiful, but sad story, huh?

The daffodils growing along stream banks soon became associated with Narcissus and took on his name, probably due to the beauty of their reflected image in the water. The drooping of the daffodil also symbolizes the image of Narcissus bowing his head to admire his reflection in the lake. The center of the daffodil represents a cup filled with his tears for not reaching the beloved image. Some people, therefore, believe the daffodil represents also vanity and eternal love.

A term Narcissism or a Narcissistic view was born out of this legend, for people who have an arrogant view of themselves and are constantly seeking attention and adulation.

Although the story isn’t that joyful as we might expect, and the flower itself is poisonous (florists know that ‘daffodil itch’ irritation to the skin), the positive symbolic message of Daffodils is spread along the world.

Daffodils in Different Cultures

The daffodil has similar uplifting meanings across cultures, probably because they flourish among the first spring buds, appearing in the first (still cold) days of March.

Daffodils are also called Jonquils (in Canada for example). The word ‘jonquil’ comes from ‘jonquillo’ which is a Spanish word for ‘rush’ as in a description of the leaves of the plant that are ‘rush-like.’

And in England, because of their long association with Christianity Lent time, they’re known as the “Lent Lily.” That’s why Daffodils are part of Easter decoration and bring the Easter spirit at home. Give Daffodil gifts for Easter and you’ll bring a smile on a friend’s face.

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There’s a superstition (in Wales) that if you spot the first daffodil of the season (or maybe in your area, wow!), your next 12 months will be filled with wealth. Daffodil is actually the National Flower of Wales.

Chinese people believe that Daffodils bring good luck to your home.  In fact, it is the official flower symbol of the Chinese New year.

In the United States, the Daffodil is the official symbol for the American Cancer Association, symbolizing people’s hope for a cancer cure. It is also the symbolic flower of the 10th wedding anniversary.

Special Occasions for Daffodils Flowers & Daffodil Gifts

Daffodil gifts are a great choice for:

  • St.Patrick’s Day decoration,
  • welcoming a new baby,
  • retirement,
  • birthday,
  • new beginnings (like a new job, new relationship, new …whatever)
  • new home / housewarming,
housewarming daffodil gifts

Housewarming Daffodil Gifts: 1. Crystal Glass Lovely Flower Bouquet – click HERE  | 2. Daffodils Mailbox Makeover with Vinyl Magnetic Cover – click HERE  | 3. Cherished Teddies Johanna Bear With Daffodils – click HERE  | 4. Blooming Daffodil Stick Umbrella – click HERE

Daffodil Flowers Gift Etiquette

narcissus etiquetteBe careful with:

Always remember to present daffodils in a bunch – a single daffodil foretells a misfortune while a bunch of these cheerful flowers indicates joy and happiness.

People Who Love Daffodils

Those who love daffodils are artistic, caring and loving people who prefer calm and peaceful life. Although daffodil is a symbol of wealth and fortune, Daffodil lovers know that hard working leads to these. People who are drawn to this cheerful flower are often seen as workaholics who are dealing great with multitasking. Maybe because of the legend about Narcissus, they tend to love compliments and be a little vain.

Daffodil Gifts and Astrology

According to Flower Astrology, the bright daffodils are appropriate flowers for these 4 zodiac signs:

  • Pisces (Feb 19 to March 20) – the sensitive and emotional Pisceans feel comfortable with plants that grow naturally around water and send a message of joy, as daffodils actually do! (I’ve actually written a helpful post about gifts for the Pisces personality – you can read it HERE)
  • Gemini  (May 21 – June 20) – just like Pisces, and Daffodils, Gemini have a duality in nature.
  • Libra (September 23 – October 22)  – as they have a reputation for being perfectionists and vain (see more out Libras in this previous post)
  • Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) – The Zodiac Sign that corresponds to The Narcissus Flower Sign according to Flower Zodiac

Daffodil Color Meaning

Although most of the Daffodils are yellow, there are also varieties in Gold Yellow, White, and Green. But still, the main color associated with daffodils remains yellow.

Yellow flowers message may lack in romance, but the color itself relates with friendship and compassion. Along with daffodil’s symbolism, yellow daffodils (as all yellow flowers) make a nice gift to a coworker having a rough week or to show your appreciation for someone’s hard work.

Give a bright bunch of yellow daffodils to your babysitter to show your appreciation for his/her care to your kids. Or to your Mom (on Mother’s day) to express your undying appreciation and affection. Yellow also symbolize understanding and a willingness to renew broken relationships.

More About Daffodil Yellow Color

The color also stands for purity and intellect. The sunny optimistic yellow is an absolute attention getter. The curious fact is that scientific studies indicate writing on yellow tablets improves focusing and memory retention. Give yellow flowers to your friend in graduate school to help with study process or these cool bags wth printed daffodils.

Daffodil gifts for students

Daffodil gifts for students – 1. A Beautiful Daffodils Notebook on Amazon | 2. Yellow & White Daffodils Tech BackPack for Laptops & Tabletsclick HERE | 3. SuperStrong Messenger School, College or Work Bag for Laptops & Tablets up to 14.5″ with daffodils –click HERE

As a whole, joy is the overall feeling of yellow. So every touch of daffodil around the house will add that extra spring spirit. Then why not take advantage of these gorgeous refreshing decoration products this spring?

daffodil decoration gifts

Spring Shower Curtain – click HERE  | 2. Daffodils Wall Clock with Butterflies and Hummingbird – click HERE  | 3. Daffodil Paper Luncheon Napkins – click HERE | 4. Double Toggle Switch with Daffodils – click HERE  | Daffodils- Hand Painted Stemless Glasses with Yellow and White Flowers Daffodils – found on Etsy

Did you know? {some trivia}

Daffodils are grown commercially in Wales for the production of Galanthamine, an alkaloid used in Alzheimer’s drugs. Daffodil’s even used as payment on the Isles of Scilly, as annually one daffodil is given to the Prince of Wales as rent for any unattended land.

Do you like Daffodils? I find them really energizing flowers. If you do so, incorporate daffodils in your Easter home decoration – it will be so much like spring!daffodil gifts

Next is the Daisy flower month – April. Follow to read about Daisy symbolic meaning and awesome daisy gifts for your friends born in April.

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