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Creative Gift Wrapping Using A Walnut – Simply Adorable

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The creative gift wrapping, especially when handmade, is a simple but elegant way to  show respect, love and affection. Making your wrapping as special as the gift itself calls for more than some astonishing wrapping paper and a ribbon. Here is one of the most adorable ideas I’ve recently tried – using a simple walnut. Wow!

But except for their culinary, medical and artistic values, there is one more reason to love them so much! The walnuts could be also used as a lovely way to present your tiny charming gift. Just imagine the surprise when cracking the small nut, wrapped with a beautiful ribbon and the great surprise hidden inside. Adorable and creative gift wrapping idea! You can hide anything, since it’s small enough to go in the inner space of the walnut shell (around 1 1/2″)


I admit that this is not my idea, but since I saw it, I am so thrilled, that cannot resist of sharing with you.

So, how to use this creative gift wrapping?
Here’s what you need:

• Walnut (take more of them, because the most important thing is to crack the walnut in a perfect way as shown on the picture below. So maybe you’ll need some more tries…I’ve succeeded with the 4ht)
• Nutcracker (optional)
• Glue (for wood will be best) & tiny brush
• Glitter (for a festive look on the inner side)
• Nail polish
• Thin ribbon
• Felt
• A tiny little present

Start this creative gift wrapping walnut project

by carefully split into two the walnut kernel and take out the nut.


If struggling with the walnut opening ( a nutcracker might be enough), then simply place walnuts on a parchment paper (cookies paper) and bake at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes (not more!) . Let them cool down slightly and try open with a butter knife. It should be easier this way.

Apply a small layer of the glue (using a brush) on the inner surface of the shell and sprinkle with the glitter so that the whole inside basis of the walnut become shiny. Once the glitter dries, paint with the nail polish to make the surface more resistant.
So the main preparations are done. Now it’s time to cut a piece of felt to fit the shell as a stand for the loveliest tiny little gift you have chosen.


Another option is to use a lace – it’s even more beautiful!

What you will put inside it’s up to you. To me, it’s a great way to “wrap” a charming jewelry such as small necklace(with the chain hidden behind the felt pad), or a ring, or a tiny figurine, or a gemstone, pearl, a seed of love, etc.

Just mind the size. Moreover, this idea really rocks for an engagement ring wrapping!


Perfect hide for an engagement ring – she simply can’t say no!

After placing the gift inside, close the walnut. To help keep the walnut really closed, put a very little blob of beeswax or glue between the walnut halves. Tie the ribbon as much beautiful as you can.


Isn’t it magical, unique and creative gift wrapping idea for someone special?

Inspired by CurlyBirds

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