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Creative Baby Shower Gifts – 7 Basic Useful Suggestions

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Sometimes it’s not easy to come up with an idea for creative baby shower gifts. You want to stand of the crowd, to avoid the teddy bear and the photo-frames and all the other usual baby gifts. Have a look at the list here and get an inspiration.

There were times when purchasing a gift for a baby shower meant going to the departmental store to stock up on baby diapers. Luckily those days are gone. Much for the relief of both parents and babies, a brand new era of creative baby shower gifts is here. But it’s essential that these fun gifts still need to sustain their usefulness.

Baby showers are occasions of enjoyment, as we help celebrating the arrival of new life which is on the way. So how can we surprise the future mom on the baby shower party?

# 1 A Little Baby Library

baby library baby shower gift

image source: 7-Million-Wonders

A shelf filled with classic baby’s books is a surprise guaranteed to win any parent’s heart. Having this as a theme and each guest can bring their best book with a note to little one tucked inside. Make sure to combine baby friendly board books alongwith the regular hardbound variety and this way newborns can definitely enjoy the sound and the flavor of the gift. Sure one of the best creative baby shower gifts.

 #2 “On-the-go” Baby Essentials

baby essentials baby shower gifts

Image Source: Disney Baby

It is practically not possible for parents to get out of the home without forgetting and leaving something behind. But it happens, often. Making a few steps outside and “oh, noooo, I forgot to put in the bag ….” This bag full of baby essentials as one the creative baby shower gifts can help the joyful new parents to stay away from any mishaps.

# 3 A Bunch of Baby Socks

creative baby shower gifts

Image Source: Amazon

 Yes, that’s right. The well-known boring gift idea for men – socks -is a great and useful creative baby shower gift. Why? Well. from mine experience I must say that sock are something that is used all the time. And when the little bundle of love becoma a toddler, the socks are changed quite frequently because of the sweating legs. SO, one of the most used type of wear for my kid are the socks. I change them at least 3 times per day. And since they are so small and tiny, I can say that the story with the missing daddy’s socks in the washing machine is repeating.

If you buy, let’s say at least 2 dozen pairs of socks (depending on your budget, but I will choose 52 pairs as more sensible), put them in a baby socks organizer, then in a beautiful box and gift-wrapping paper, you’ll have a simple, but high spirited and creative gift for a baby shower.

# 4 Baby Bath Gear

baby bath essentials

Image Source: Design for Mankind

A gift that is fun and useful is to grab a baby tub filled with all the necessary things the new parent would need to keep a newborn squeaky fresh and clean. You don’t know what to put in? I promise, you’ll have many ideas!

# 5 Baby Sleeping Kit

baby shower gift idea

Image Source: Aliexpress

A gift basket packed with things that make baby’s room more comforting at night might help a new parent endure those first couple of sleep deprived months. We can fill this sleep kit that has a soothing nightlight, a soft quilt, with tranquilizing music designed exclusively for babies.

#6 Newborn Activity Gym

Image Source: Amazon.com

Image Source: Amazon.com

Babies are mesmerized by their surroundings generally; we can make it much more exciting by having an activity gym which is a device that normally carries a cloth cushion and toys dangling from delicate arches. Easily transportable and light-weight, activity gyms are travel friendly, whether shuttling between the rooms or around the world. Ok! But why I’m mentioning the gym when talking about creative baby shower gifts? Maybe, you’ll say, this gym is not one the creative babyshower gifts. Well. yes, you are right in a way. But the reason is this: the best part here is that you can do a gym or a playing mat on your own, if you are handy enough. 🙂

#7 Gift Baskets

Option 1: A Mom and Dad Basket

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Traditional baby showers are gone by the wayside and showers which include both babies’ mom and dad are getting to be very popular. We can create a gift basket which is family-friendly for all involved in bringing the new life to the world. Shopping for gifts for the mom-to-be like nursing essentials, perfumed candles, moisturizer. etc., and for the Dad, look at a leather bound blank father’s journal with a great pen , hence he can put down his thoughts about his new role.

Option 2:”Grow with me” gift basket

This gift basket follows the newborn through its very first year. Beginning with a growth chart and adding things based on a theme we chose. I love this idea. It can be basket of socks, starting with new baby booties and increasing in the size up through a toddler or to include growing sizes of T-shirts, starting with the very small one and going through toddler’s size.

creative baby shower gifts

Image Source: I Heart Pears

The baby shower is an excellent time for soon-to-be parents to get the gifts they need to help them get ready for parenthood. All the above baby shower gifts though creative but will be the most loved ones as they combine both emotional value and usefulness. Don’t forget to follow us and learn more about the baby gifts.

These were only 7 of all the creative baby shower gifts every mom (and baby) will love! Stay tune to find the next besties!

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