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Book Themed Baby Shower – A Great Alternative for a Higher Level Party

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The celebration of a coming new baby on Earth has moved up to a higher level – with a book themed baby shower!

A baby shower has usually been an event for the mother-to-be. with friends and family where whacky games are played, cake is eaten, and lots of baby gifts are given. But now, with our everyday changing world, many expectant families are opting to try a different version of the baby shower. There are several trends in baby showers that are emerging. And one of the best topics recently appeared is the book themed baby shower.

Why book themed baby shower?

Well, there are several reasons for that.

First, books will always remain the man’s informational and creativity best friend. And their role for the baby raising is unconditional. Reading aloud to your baby stimulates senses, builds listening, memory and vocabulary skills. The added value is that reading to your baby is so wonderful shared activity that can be continued for years to come!

Second, the earlier parents introduce books to their babies, the earlier they will develop good reading (and listening) habits.

Third, there are thousands and thousands of books – some classics, some modern, interactive books, nursery rhymes – these are all valuable for each stage of the baby development and then to the small baby & kid’s library.

And when talking about library, here comes my fourth reason – investing in a baby’s library could cost too much, but it’s something highly recommended. Don’t be stingy/ scrudge when talking about byuing bok for your child. And a great way to help yourself is to organize a book themed baby shower and let your friends know what you actually want for your sweet little bundle. After all, with the book themed baby shower , the collection of books will be enough to make a mini-library for the kid. (A very good start indeed.)

And my fifth reason – well, books are treasure, everlasting treasure; educational and entertaining way to grow our children.

book baby shower

The book is one of the best gifts for any baby shower!

No wonder that bring-a-book themed baby shower is a great alternative to the traditional baby shower. I love showering the new mom with all the things she’ll need for her baby, especially if arranged in a charming diaper cake. But I just adore the simplicity and usefulness of a book shower! And it could be so so funny!

What to expect of a book themed baby shower?

Of course many books! What could be better than this?  Every guest can find an interesting and attractive book to bring. And not even any book, but books that they have loved when they were little kids. Books for infants to introduce concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun way, books for toddlers to feature animals and body parts, books with enchanting stories about fairies and castles, coloring books to spend hours in combining different colors, books that introduce lovely characters to the children of all times like Benjamin Bunny, Peter Pan, Snow White, Alladin, Sleeping Princess, and many more.

Different Ages, Different Stages – book themed baby shower combines it all

Now when my “baby” is 2 years old, I can honestly say that from 6th months-old my daughter  has been playing mostly with books. Her small library (it’s a pity I didn’t come up with this idea at the time of my baby shower….) is one of the most interesting things that completely takes over her attention.

Of course books are quite different for each stage of the babyhood, with different purposes. So be sure that no matter what book will be brought for your baby, it will be appreciated one day – sooner or later.

Young babies usually focus on pictures with faces, bright colors, and contrasting patterns. So the book should contain beautiful but not intense illustrations. Books with lullabies and nursery rhymes will be higly appreciated – it is so intimate that moment when cuddling your baby and singing a lulliby, seeing how the baby stares at your mouth, amazed by the sounds, relaxed by the warmth of the mommy’s hug.

Usually between 4 – 6 months, baby may begin to show more interest in books – as items that should be chewed, holded, dropped (it’s kind of game for the baby). So choosing tough vinyl,  cloth books or board books with bright colors and repetitive or rhyming text is the best choice for this stage. (Board books make page turning easier for infants and vinyl or cloth books can go everywhere — even the tub.)

Between 6 – 12 months, little child is beginning to understand that pictures represent objects, will respond while you read by making sounds. By 12 months will turn pages (with some help from you), point objects on a page, and repeat your sounds. Find simple stories about daily routines like walking, bedtime, bathtime or the potty training.

For the time when the child starts talking, choose books that invite babies to repeat simple words or phrases. Books with mirrors and different textures (furry, soft, scratchy, prickly) are also great for this age group. Other type is the fold-out book that can be propped up, or book with flaps that opens for a surprise. Great choice!

Also – babies of any age like photo albums with pictures of people they know and love. And every baby should have a collection of nursery rhymes!

(By the way, I love the concept of the so called  “quiet books”, which are called “quiet” because usually babies spend hours in turning pages, “playing” with the elements, staring at the objects ALONE – just what a tired mommy needs….)

After that is easy – there are classic books with stories which are known world wide. Have your kid FIRST READ before watching them on Disney Channel or on DVDs!  Please!!!

51E5pc-taNLbooks baby best friend

So which are the essentials for the book themed baby shower?

(…to be continued)

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