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Apricot Gift Ideas | The Ultimate Gift Guide for The Apricot Addict

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ultimate gift guide for apricot loversultimate gift guide for apricot loversapricot themed gifts
apricot lovers gifts
apricot-themed gifts for people who celebrate birthday
ultimate gift guide for apricot lovers

Let the apricot addict in your life celebrates the National Apricot Day in style with these cool apricot gift ideas.

apricot gift ideasApricot lovers celebrate the special date of 9th January – it’s National Apricot Day. That means – fun apricot celebration! And time for apricot gift ideas. If you know someone who is celebrating a birthday on this date, then what better than incorporate the apricot theme in his gift?

It is thought that the word ‘apricot’ originated from Latin, meaning “precious”. And that’s what apricots are – precious by all means!

Apricot lovers know that a single cup of apricot halves is the perfect fruity, healthy, low-calorie and yummy snack in summer. Well, it is true, it is not the apricot season now, but still, you can enjoy a cup of dried apricots and be creative in celebration of the National Apricot Day (9th Jan)!

Not only apricots are delicious and beneficial to your health (read more about apricots health benefits here or download this free app from Amazon), but also bright and so colorful! (there’s officially a color named after them).

So I’ve got some awesome apricot gift ideas for people who love apricots for their taste and style. And you – if you are the ultimate apricot lover! (like me)

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**  This following post contains some affiliate links. Despite that, the written in here is honest and based on my own opinion or/and experience, research and wish to share my findings with you! More details here

# 1  Apricot Tea Gifts

apricot tea gifts

1. Apricot Decaf Tea  | 2. Ahmad Apricot Black Tea  | 3. Queen’s Royal Vintage Tea Set, Apricot Fine China Tableware

I love the delicacy of the Apricot tea. Ahmad apricot tea is a classic, but I would love to taste the decaf Apricot tea as a substitute for my usual tea infusion just before bed. The combination between the sweet flavor of ripe apricots, the smell that reminds me of summer and the tangy black tea taste is so elegant. If you’re crazy about vintage, the Apricot Fine China Tableware is perfect for your hot afternoon tea. (Have a look at other great gift ideas for tea lovers in this post). China porcelain is also the 20th wedding anniversary symbol so this Queen’s Royal Tea Set is a great meaningful gift for this special celebration.

# 2 Apricot Yummies

Apricots are one of the healthiest fruits for being full of beta-carotene, vitamins, and fiber (read more about Apricot benefits in my previous post ). These beautiful orange colored fruits are one of the first signs of summer. Luckily, dried and canned apricots are available year-round so we all have the chance to indulge from time to time.

Summer in a jar – that’s what comes to my mind when I see a jar of apricot jam. Look at the amazing warm color of this jam made of naturally grown and handpicked ripe apricots! (it can be found on IddellDewGardens Etsy shop)  Yummy! If you love different and more extravagant {sweet and spicy} flavors, try this – jalapenos, red peppers, dried apricots, local wildflower honey, tangerine pectin, lemon and pure cane sugar (check on SunchowdersEmporia Etsy shop). Mmmmm…

Dried apricots, nuts, and chocolate matches in an elegant and delicate way. A box of chocolate-apricot treats looks so beautiful. So next time you want to bring a box of chocolates on a special occasion, bet on assorted chocolate bites or chocolate covered dried apricots like these from BellaRoseChocolates Etsy shop.

A tip: Next time try adding some chopped dried apricots in your stew, fresh apricots in your green salad or apricot jam in your roast chicken marinade. 

# 3 An Apricot Kiss  – Beauty Apricot Gift Ideas

Apricots are extremely popular in the beauty industry. It’s due to their health benefits, including skin benefits. The bonus is their sweet irresistible fragrance. One of the most popular skin care products is the apricot scrub. Grounded apricot kernels are used to exfoliate the skin (meaning to get rid of dead skin cells), allowing the skin renewal process. St.Ives apricot scrub is definitely the leader here, but why not try this handmade Apricot Face Scrub with Mango and Papaya. Apricots do miracles for the skin, really! Even only smashed fresh apricots with some olive oil, applied on the skin for 15 minutes, moisturize and refresh uniquely. Beautiful skin, kissed by summer apricots!

apricot beauty gifts

1. St. Ives Fresh Apricot Skin Scrub  | 2. The Honest Co. Face + Body Lotion Apricot Kiss  | 3. Beekman 1802 Body Lotion Apricot & Honey Tea |4. Eminence Apricot Body Oil  | 5. Vanilla Apricot Gift Set  Fragrance Mist, Body Lotion & Shower Gel   | 6. Apricot Oil Hair & Body

 (just a quick note about the apricot scrub:  you can’t “scrub away” your acne if you have such. Just CAN’T. Exfoliating cleans the skin. And the frequency depends on different factors. Your cosmetician may give you the correct advice for best results.) 

Apricot kernel oil is used in soaps, creams, lotions, ointments, shampoos, and conditioners. Unlike some oils that remain on the surface of the skin, apricot kernel oil is quickly absorbed without the greasy effect. It is nourishing and perfect for dry, itchy skin after bathing or showering, or using as a massage oil.

# 4 Apricot Relaxation

Our senses are incredibly powerful – they impact our feelings all the time. It’s just natural. And science-proved. For example, taking a whiff of an apricot scented candle or essential oil can make us happy and relaxed. Indeed, what does the apricot smell remind you of? Imagine a pile of ripe apricots. How do you feel about it? Hm, can you feel the summer? Or it’s just me…

Prepare a hot bath full of Apricot Bath Bombs (visit StayTrueBotanicals Etsy shop), pour a glass of wine, turn off your smartphone notifications, load some relaxing music playlist, turn off the lights and kindle a fragrant natural apricot candle (this one from HennyFaireCo looks so good!). Step into the tub, close your eyes, relax and let your senses indulge all that bliss. Heavenly, right?

An additional note about the music featured here:

 Apricots of Eden is part of the  Djivan Gasparyan’s discography. Is the name my only reason to include Apricots of Eden album in my Ultimate Apricot Lover Gift Guide? Of course not. First, the apricot’s scientific name Prunus armeniaca is derived from Armenia, where it is believed to have originated. Second, Djivan Gasparyan is an Armenian musician and composer, aka the Master of the duduk. And third, duduk is an ancient double-reed woodwind flute (or sort of) made of apricot wood (woohoo!). It is indigenous to Armenia.

If this music is quite new for you, there are 2 plots when you hear Gasparyan’s masterpieces for the first time – hate it (or just consider totally not understandable) or love it (for being outstanding and almost heavenly). No matter how duduk’s sound would make you feel, listening to the samples (click on the link here) would’ve at least opened your ears for a different kind of music. Revealing new musical horizons. Great gift for world music lovers, though!

# 5 Gentle Apricot Fragrances

If you are sweet fragrances lover, the apricot fragrance may soon become one of your favorite ones. This absolutely fruity scent fits perfectly in perfumes, body lotions (or mousses), body washes, hand creams. The maximum recommended usage percentage in perfumes and lotions is only 5%. It’s difficult to find pure apricot perfume, as it usually goes with vanilla or almond (yes, almonds are very closely related to apricots). And these make wonderful aroma compounds (like Laurence Dumont’s, or Bronnley’s Apricot & Almond,  Abricot Bergeron by Yves Rocher). Oh, sweet days!

# 6 Apricot Jewelry Gift Ideas

By apricot jewelry I mean 3 options:

  • apricot-themed pendants or earrings (who apricot fan wouldn’t love these cute pendants with a clear glass cabochon found on SleepyCatPendants Etsy shop)
  •  apricot color jewelry
  • and Apricot Agate gemstone treasures.

Starting backward, Apricot Agate is a semi-precious stone, a variation of Agate. Corresponds to the Gemini zodiac sign (therefore it is a good gift for your Gemini friend). It is thought that Apricot Agate balances yin and yang energies and brings peace and calmness. It is especially protective for children – it is said to help strengthen the bond between Mother and a child. Thus, Apricot agate jewelry or simple amulets make meaningful gifts for momAlternatively, from mother to her child. Also, when you feel lost and helpless, in a desperate situation out of your control, Apricot agate may help you relief and smooth out the stress. Moreover, the apricot color is amazingly relaxing and definitely matches the year of the Rooster rules for well-being.

There are actually two main variations of the color apricot – Light (Crayola) and Mellow. Although looking somewhat orangish-yellowish, the apricot color, as a color name since 1851, is slightly lighter than the original color of the fruit. Anyway, still beautiful and radiant.

# 7 Apricot Mood Gift Ideas

These book’s titles attracted my attention immediately. While Apricot’s Revenge is a detective story in China and The Apricot Colonel is a classic murder mystery in Canberra (I didn’t really get from the reviews what’s the deal with the apricots), the other 2 are something like a recipe for romance. Apricot Kisses and Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots (my personal choice) are romantic novels that interweave love, good food (of course, apricots) and new cultures.

‘In Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots we see how food sustains not just our bodies, but our hopes as well. Bukra fil mish mish, the Arabic saying goes. Tomorrow, apricots may bloom.’

Although all 4 are written in different genres, they have something uncommon in common – apricots. Moreover, each one has a Kindle version. So a new Kindle cover (of course apricot-themed) would fit perfectly into the apricot mood. Great gift for the book lover as well!

# 8 Apricot Gift Ideas for Foodies

Foodies love giving a try to new tastes, flavors, delicious cooking techniques and of course – recipes. When talking about apricots, I assure you – it’s not all about apricot jam and dark chocolate-dipped dried apricots (no matter how yummy they are!).  This Easy Apricot Cookbook gives 50 simple but very unique Apricot recipes that focus on the different methods to include apricots in your everyday menu. Fruity Glaze for Roasting, Tilapia, Parsi Style Chicken Curry, Fresh Summer Salsa are just some of the recipes. Give an apricot foodie this cookbook and add a bottle of this special apricot barbecue sauce or apricot flavored toothpicks (or both) – impressing foodie gift, for sure!

# 9 Apricot Art

Apricots can be noticed in art. The most popular apricot featuring in art is definitely the well-known Flowering Orchards series of paintings which Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh executed in Arles, Southern France in the spring of 1888, appreciating the symbolism of rebirth. Apricot Trees in Blossom (click on the link here to see it ) was made in April and it is now held in a private collection (not for sale). Anyway,  Delft Teapot And Apricots painting by Mark Pettit is available on Amazon. An exceptional gift for art connoisseur! But pretty expensive, though.

Apricot Art

Apricot Art for $8,500.00 – Delft Teapot And Apricots by Mark Pettit, 2002 – find on Amazon

Apricots are mentioned in the remarkable William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s DreamIt’s a comedy of errors that worth reading. While the plot is not centered on apricots, this appearance was due to the ancient belief of the Europeans that apricots are aphrodisiacs.

Oberon (the king of the fairies) puts a spell on Titania (the queen of the fairies) to make her fall in love with the first creature she sees when she awakes. Of course, to be funny, this first living being is Nick Bottom who has been magically given the head of a donkey. You can read the whole story here or check Shakespeare’s book here.

You’ve probably noticed that I am sort of apricot freak. And definitely, celebrate Jan 9th – National Apricot Day. I hope you found these apricot gift ideas curious and adorable! Which one is your favorite?

I am so thrilled of sharing with you these awesome findings! If you liked them, please share this article, pin it or follow me on Pinterest!

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Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!


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    Beautiful selections! Apricot is on of my fave scents. (Thank you for featuring HENNY FAIRE Co’s Apricot & Tea Rose candle 🙂 I’ll share this on my social media network.

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      February 9, 2017

      Thank you! <3 Trying to find the bests

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