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Hello, Gift Lovers!

I am glad that you are here and want to learn more about me. Here I’ll list 50 random facts about me which, let’s say are not so well-known amongst all my fellows. And to tell you the truth, I am extremely honored that you’re interested in my personality. I decided to reveal a very big part of it coz if I was in your shoes, I would like to know what kind of person is standing on the other side, giving tips and ideas on gifts.

(First, let’s say that English is not my maternal language, so please forgivesome of my mistakes)

  1. Well, I am a mom of a 2 years-old sweet daughter, called Adriana.
  2. I am a professional accountant and funding projects consultant.3
  3. This place here is my oasis in the world of digits & accounts…
  4. …because buying, thinking of gift ideas and making gifts is one of my favorite things to do.  There’s no other hobby that makes me happier than finding (or making when I am able) the perfect gift for someone.
  5. I married at 28 years-old and then at 30 I gave birth to my child.
  6. I have a beautiful family to which I am so grateful.5
  7. My husband and I met on internet (remember ICQ?). It was so not-like-me to start conversations with unknown people on the net, but … It might be called coincidence, but actually I don’t believe in such stuff. After many mismatchings, we finally started dating 2 years after the first conversation. And we’ve got married in 2012.
  8. People are usually confused to know fact #7(“oh, wasn’t it dangerous to meet unknown guy in Internet?” Yes, probably, this is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done. Fortunately!)
  9. My very best friend is my elder sister. She is also my maid of honor and the Godmother of my child. We share everything although living far from each other.
  10. I have a niece who is only 3 months older than my own daughter. I adore them both 🙂
  11. I would love to grow old just like my mom – she is gorgeous at the age of 60 and everyone (including me) thinks that she looks really much younger.
  12. My dad is really cool person. I love him for being open-minded, with an amazing sense of humor.
  13. I think of my granny and grandpa every single day . They passed away the second half of last year. I miss them so much…
  14. I have a really bad habbit since my childhood – biting my nails. From time to time I have some manicure, but still… I am not used to that and it is teasing me to have longer nails.
  15. I am a real cat person. My lovely black cat stayed with my mum (and her own cat) when I left home before wedding.
  16. I am never bored, even when alone at home. (as a real introvert)
  17. I am not really talkative person and don’t like fudges and gossips. I prefer talking on important things, otherwise – it’s wasted time.2
  18. I love spring, maybe because I was born in spring time.
  19. I believe in Zodiac signs. (there are characteristics which are very common for people of a same zodiac sign- just have to notice and analyze them carefully)
  20. Talking about # 19, I am a teasing (oftenly) analyzer.  It’s hard for me to turn off my brain thinking and just go with the flow.
  21. In connection with the # 20, details mean everything to me. This makes me a little bit slower when completing tasks (but providing higher quality since I am a perfectionist).
  22. I love cooking, shopping and gadgets of all kind.
  23. As a real Taurus person, I love eating. Simple things or designed recipes – depending on the time and my mood. Actually my favorite food is….sandwiches! But when working, I really forget to eat (sometimes all day long)
  24. If you’re trowing a party – don’t forget me, I love parties 🙂
  25. Tweezing my eyebrows is such a relaxing activity for me . (well, I hate that word “plucking” since it recalls me of a chicken or something….)
  26. 1I love PowerPoint. I think it’s so cool making beautiful and highly useful presentations. For everything.
  27. My “best-work-friend” is Excel. I can’t imagine the world without it…
  28. The sound of scratching is driving me crazy.
  29. All flying insects are driving me crazy too  (maybe besides ladybirds and the colourful small butterflies…they look friendly).
  30. I am a Facebook addict.
  31. My hubby and I used to go latino dancing classes. Now it’s only me dancing 🙂 .
  32. Procrastination is my sin. I am trying to keep my NY2015 promise not to procrastinate (so much) and be more impulsive (no matter if talking about some work,  or just call a friend, or simply say something, or go somewhere…)
  33. I use a lot of different perfumes. When I choose which perfume to put today, I always match it with my mood, dress colors, season, occasion. I realize that some of these matchings are only in my brain and for other people are pure nonsense…
  34. As a typical night-bird, I am able to stay up to 3 a.m. blogging or working. But if I start watching a movie, I fall asleep in the first 30 minutes.
  35. I can’t live without my week organizer. I write down my appointments, my daily tasks (no matter for the household or work or my website). It’s my source of confidence, but stress too. ..
  36. I don’t like shopping with other people.  I like to dress and undress as many times as I need, and since shopping to me is really time-consuming, I can’t stand someone waiting for me. So I like to be alone and make decisions (even wrong ones) by myself.
  37. 4I love shoes. I have so many pairs of high-heels & stilettos!
  38. I love shopping baby clothes as well. My daughter has a wardrobe  bigger than mine.
  39. I can’t stand fitness. First, it’s boring to me and second, well, maybe I am too lazy for that. Instead I love dancing clsses, zumba and aerobics. (related to  #31)
  40. I am struggling with another of my bad habits – being late for appointments.   I can’t figure out how do I manage to be late even when start preparing enough time in advance. (if I am ready earlier, I find something to fill my time up to the appointment)
  41. I don’t like talking on the phone. It gets me nervous. I prefer writing or face-to-face meeting.
  42. Love shopping stationary – have no idea why
  43. Although living on the seashore, I don’t like sunbathing on the beach. Luckily, my husband too. I have very pale skin, so it’s annoying in summer when everyone asking me “Why  don’t you go sunbathing?”
  44. I hate the feel of body lotions on my skin, so as the hand creams. They are too oily for my taste.
  45. I love reading (I mean – real books(!) and interesting articles)
  46. The one thing that makes me sad is violence of all kind – especially cruelty to children, animals and women abuse.
  47. It’s hard for me to take care of a plant. But strangely, I love growing a plant from a seed (my husband sais that I prefer creating more than maintaining. Maybe he’s right…)

    avocado from seed

    My avocado, grown from seed

  48. I adore sunflowers.
  49. I believe in superstitions and conspiracy theories, but I am not paying too much attention on them. I find them curious. I also believe in faith. (and as I said in #8 – I don’t believe in coincidents)
  50. My greatest success is my lovely daughter.

Lastly, I believe that I will gain many new friends here and I will inspire many people to make amazing thoughtful gifts, making other people happy.  icon-adjust

Well, I must greet you for being so patient and curious (just like me) to read all these things (about me). Now you know me better than many other of my friends & acquaintanceс. I would love to learn some more about you! So feel free to share something about yourself – I am curious about you, who you are, what you love.

Because I know that every person is a separate story & a whole universe!


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